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  1. The problem of Meela is about to be solved

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s face in the first panel is awesome.
    “I’m bored.”

    1. Reminds me of one of Roy Mustangs faces in FMA.

  3. I love the second panel, it makes me laugh everytime I see it.

  4. ok first pannel
    Feral: I can’t believe this
    yes that pannel and the second one are a few of the best ones.

  5. Skeeva da Argoniin

    Feral’s face in the first panel ish priceless. LOL.

  6. feral i dont think thats good for the material and now meela’s going to be traumatized for life…..

  7. Meela: of course I’m a girl you old crackpot!
    Feral: this is so boring

  8. Meela remember what happened when you punched Feral? Exactly.

  9. Camolot the Creator


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