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  1. Until this page came out, I had always thought Meela was a boy with girlish attitude. It was like a “OH!”moment for me on the last panel.

    1. same here XDDDDDDDD

      1. lolz failier

    2. totes thought he was a sassy little boy too… ah well i see it now! ^^

    3. …I always thought she was a girl, way to pretty to be a boy xD

    4. Obvious girl is obvious.

      1. Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine?

  2. LOOLOLOLOL panel 3 is my faaaaav

  3. Boy?! Wait, so you mean she’s NOT a girl???

  4. lol panel three = priceless!! x3

  5. 3P1CW1N

  6. “The name’s Kosher” like the pickle.

    1. Lol or like the salt!

    2. The name’s Kosher Pickle, First name Kosher, Last name Pickle. I’m the tastiest crunch you’ve ever heard.
      (XDXD I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

  7. what Is THAT?

    loves that part…

  8. did anyone else think about Toph form avatar the last airbender when she was like BOY?!…i feel like toph gets asked that a lot…… or when she is like WHAT?! when ever someone says something that she is insulted by or doesn’t understand…

    1. i thought that to.

    2. YES.

      I need to rewatch that…

    3. Lee of Team Avatar

      Look atmy nickname. Do youinreally think I could not have noticed? :-)

  9. I love Kosher already. xDD

  10. Meela’s just a very boyish little girl

  11. “What is THAT?” XD

    …He’d nvr seen a kid b4?

  12. I am loving the transitions between chibi and normal. :D Very smooth. ;)

  13. Dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    1. -though

  15. I was blessed with four girls. When they hit about 8and9, they were total tomboys into there teens. The twins liked the ease of short hair too.

  16. She’s still going with this mentor thing…

  17. Meela: T R I G G E R E D

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