Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have assembled a collection of the questions we get asked most often. If you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

1. How many artist work on this comic? What are their roles?
Two artists collaborate on Strays, Samantha Whitten (AKA Celesse) and Stacey Pefferkorn (AKA Algy). Celesse writes the script with support from Algy when needed, and both artists work on drawing the pages.

2. What is your process for creating the comic pages?
Celesse sketches the page, then passes it to Algy who inks, color flats and shades it. Algy then passes it back to Celesse to do the backgrounds, make adjustments, do final touches and add the text.

3. What programs do you use?
Celesse uses Easy Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS5. Algy uses Painter 12.

4. What is a lupian?
A lupian is basically a wolf person. They have pointed ears and fluffy tails in their humanoid forms, and they can transform into a full wolf form at will.

5. What other races exist in Meoley?
The dominant race is elves, but the comic focuses on the lupians. Humans also form a portion of the population, as well as vulpians (fox people) and lyrians (bird people). There are also minorities that are very small in numbers, like cervians (deer people), felinians (cat people) and lepharians(rabbit/hare people).

6. Why is Feral a mute? What happened to Meela’s family?
Those are spoilers and will eventually be explained in the comic. Be patient!

7. How long will Strays be?
We are planning on three volumes, but it’s subject to change.

8. I have a great idea for a comic! Will you draw it for me?
I’m afraid we’re completely tied up with Strays on top of our day jobs and other ventures, so we do not have time for additional projects. Sorry!

9. Can I cosplay your characters? Can I draw fan art of them?
Yes and yes! And please send us pictures! We would love to see any cosplays or fan art!

10. How did you make your website?
The domain and hosting is provided by Dreamhost. We are using TOOCHEKE as the theme.

11. Can the races of Meoley breed with others?
Only Elves and Humans can interbreed, but none of the others can (like Lupians to Vulpians). Animal-type races are genetically designed to breed only with their own. However, all races can interbreed with demons, be it their humanoid or animal form. the appearance of their offspring can vary greatly.

12. Can I write a fanfiction?
Sure! You may write a fanfiction based in the world of Meoley on the information that is currently available. We simply ask that you not use the main characters of Strays in sex, non-canon relationships, serious violence or creating characters that are related to the existing ones. We understand there is not a whole lot of information about Meoley and the happenings in it. If you do, please leave credit and proper notice to those that read it, as well as a link back to our Webcomic. Please respect our wishes.