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11 thoughts on “Page 62

  1. I love how he pins her up to the tree!

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Third panel, *don’t go there*

  3. meela’s :I face in the second frame is precious

  4. Is that supposed to be a map? Kosher, you draw like a four year old…

  5. lolz yea that’s funny Wolf Tears.


  6. talk to the hand coz listening I’m not.

  7. Kosher:How in the world you get stuck whit a pup?
    Feral:Don’t ask please….

  8. So…

  9. Oh no, I really hope that strap isn’t going to be broken.. Then that would be ruining her only shirt.

  10. Nothing communicates “Stay here and shut up!” like being pinned to a tree with a sharp implement.

  11. dang rereading this after a long while. i forgot what Kosher originally said before they changed the dialog. i think it was just simply “his wife died in a fire 7 years ago and he fled when suspicion fell on him.” its a too bad they ended it the way they did :T i wouldve love to know what actually happened between the old guy and how he came to know Meela.

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