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He tried.

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  1. No words… The amount of feels on this page…

    1. Here comes the Feels Train ALL ABOARD!

      1. Choo Choo! :'(

        1. Lollipopfromhell


  2. Poor Feral :( I’m guessing that this is where he lost his voice.

    1. Oh gosh i completly forgot about that. Might be

    2. Probably, I’m guessing the power hit his throat and then he couldn’t speak.

      1. *sobs*

  3. Fu-sion-ha!

    1. LOL That’s totally what I thought XD;

    2. BEST comment in history XD

  4. So THAT’S why he has the mark on the opposite hand.

  5. So…that’s how the mark was transferred. And now there can be no question at all as to Feral’s past identity. Not that there was much of a question, but I like to see solid proof before I decide to believe something, just because I’ve been plot twisted way too many times before.

  6. Someone pick up the phone.

    1. I’ve never heard that one before. I like it.

      1. team four star reference

    2. (French Accent) I was not aware that Lord Cooler was interested in such webcomics.

  7. I was always a little bit confused if Feral REALLY was Yuen, but this page clears up a lot for me.

    1. Oh i KNEW he was Yuen, otherwise why did Yuen and Feral look so alike? The only other explanation would be there’re twins, which their not… but yup, plot twist do happen, so it’s hard to be sure.

      1. And also they had the exact same journal

        1. Well, that too…

      2. xD I’m just not a very attentive reader, so I never really noticed the tiny similarities between Yuen and Feral.

  8. Hee… I like Mal’s puffed up tail. Imma try to hug it. <3

    1. Then you end up like Feral, Oohh, PLOT-TWIST!

      1. Yay! My very own tail ta hug~! *hugs*


    1. I have bacon and cheese puffs! And pillows to make a pillow fort! Let’s rock this corner!

    2. I have Ovaltine and Bacon-Its!

      1. i read that as bacon-tits >_< lol

    3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’ll bring Cheez-its!

      1. Oooooo yum I love cheese its :)

    4. I’ve got sparkling juice!

      1. I have fresh baked cookies and various ice cream flavors for create your own ice cream sandwhiches!

  10. So THAT’s why the hand is different!

    1. I’m surprised no one else pointed that out yet…

  11. I KNEW this happened! :O Oh my gosh, it’s like seeing my predictions come true :O I had not anticipated the feels though… ._.

  12. AFC MEETING! Everyone have game consoles, and everything to be distracted in till next friday…

    1. Yes, and since this may be one of our final meetings (at least for a while) I bring the gift of milkshakes and kitty cats.

      1. ::plops down and ‘distracts’ the kitties with a laser pointer in the shape of Mal’s face::

        Get em’ kitties! ::brought popcorn -shares::

      2. Yay! Kitty snuggle time! thanks-thanks! i bring a cheese fountain and a chocolate fountain! And mariokart and an X-box, i know it’s old, but X-box’s are cool plus their part of my growing up/childhood!

        1. I prefer Wii but x box will do

      3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Kitties!!! I will snuggle with them!
        I’ll bring Cheez-its!

    2. We saw this coming. Prepare the pillow fort!!!!!! I have brought Christmas lights to decorate!!

    3. I got my xbox and minecraft!!!! And puppies and……. Wait… Is Yuen crying in panel five? Hmmmm… Or is it sweat?

      1. It’s sweat, if it was tears it would be in his eyes too. but yeah, let’s play video games for a week straight! i bring cotton candy in addition to my other stuff.

        1. I bring catnip for our furry friends, and tissue and glow sticks, just in case. I’m scared for Yuen/Feral. this is gonna hurt me as much as him! (dives for cover under pillows!)

        2. Puppies and kitties!!!

          I am estatic!… till I look at the comic >_< poor Yuen!

          ::Socks Nancy with a pillow :: En garde!

        3. B33< *drives a car full of cream puffs and souffles through a wall, steps out with a pair if rediculous sunglasses on, and pulls them off only to reveal another pair of highly rediculous glasses on* am I late?

        4. (turns to face Green Cat) Not Me, lets get him!! (Pillow Fight Commences!)

        5. (turns to face Green Cat) Your Late! Lets get him Not Me! (socks him with pillow!)

      2. Just make sure the cats and dogs separate, angry kittens aren’t as fun to cuddle

        1. >:00 < so it must be this way? :33< *pulls out pillow cannon and steps in, taking aim at Not Me and Nancy* :33< it's on meowtherpoopers

        2. *runs into the fray of pillow fight with sock em boppers* MORE FUN THEN A PILLOW FIGHT!

          (Love to those who are old enough to know about this)

  13. Dude, Feral/Yuen is such a good friend :c why couldn’t you heard him, Mal?

  14. This just breaks my heart N__N

  15. This answers all suspicions i had lol. Ah poor feral.

  16. I just started this whole series last night and the next thing I knew, I’m utterly hooked and waiting for page 338 with the rest of you.
    What the heck? I haven’t been this fixated on a web-comic since fricken Homestuck!

    1. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? ;D

      1. :33< yet so horrible with the ships that keep getting sunk :<<

        1. :00< Homestuck I mean :pp

  17. Poor Yuen/Feral! D: But now we know how the mark came to switch hands. Cool beans.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful page! :D

  18. I know I’m a little late on this, but I wonder why Feral’s voice doesn’t work…? Ah well, probs gonna get explained next week.

  19. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    AHHH! We were so right about this stuff! Super excited for all the answers we will be getting….
    Poor Yuen/Feral… I just want everything to be all right for him in the end. And I want to know how Holland plays into this equation! He comes into the picture not long after this event, I think.

  20. *rolls around flailing*

  21. I feel like Jyaku would sound like Mufasa.

    1. Feral…remember…who you are….

      1. XDDDDD That was too perfect! Please take your unofficial Like! ^_^b

  22. I’d had a feeling that Feral and Yuen were one and the same and this stroy is about to get real wild and crazy epic

  23. *hops on to the feels train* Screw Dis Shit All Hail FERAL


  25. *jumps on bed and rolls all over the floor then punches computer* DIE YOU WORTHLESS SONMOF A BITCH DIE MAL DIEEEE

  26. erm I’m sorry for my childish behaviuor

  27. Feral you had one job

    1. I find this funnier cuz the person who posted it thier name lable is meela

  28. Feral is such a good lupine why him?

  29. YES! I thought they would be merged facing each other, since Feral’s mark is on the opposite hand of Mal’s.

  30. I remember Holland said he was a scrawny teenager… is this before or after the first time he meets holland?

    1. This is after Holland said it had already happened when he found feral and he was already mute

      1. Sorry he I said that didn’t make sense this is after it happened we know that because Holland said he found feral after it happened

        1. Uhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! keep on saying it wrong. anyways Holland met him after it happened

  31. Also I’m glad this flash back is in full color unlike the others

    1. No doubt that’s because it’s Jyaku reciting the story rather than Meela dreaming it. But yes, it’s nice to see what the colours really looked like. :)

  32. Malkar looks like he’s got a pinecone for a tail.
    His new name is Conebutt. Bow down to Conebutt.

    1. Conebutt the destroyer?

  33. Aww… I wonder what his voice sounded like?


  34. Feral with a voice O.o so innocent, his facial expressions compared to now: from warm to cold, kinda sniff

  35. *cough cough* feralark shipping *cough cough*

    So does anyone have any cracks as to maybe why Feral lost his voice?

    1. His ‘buddy’ got mad? Or got caught in cross fire?

    2. Maybe Mal flipped out and mauled Feral in his wolf form? But I have a feeling they’re going to be merged very soon so not sure if there’s time for it.

      Maybe when they merge Mal takes over and attacks Jyaku? idk

    3. I agree with Flyteck. My bet is that they fuse with Mal becoming dominant. He then attacks Jyaku who is forced to fight back, causing the injuries to Feral.

      I also suspect the merge itself is quite damaging.

  36. Wonder what’s going to happen when it’s all over.

  37. Anybody else notice how poofy Mal’s tail is on this page? Even going crazy-evil, he has a few cute traits left. XD

    1. He is Conebutt the destroyer.

      1. *facepalm* XD

  38. Self sacrifice for a friend long gone, Dear Feral <3 You're good people

  39. *sniffle* Feral was such a good guy… TT-TT

  40. Everyone should go vote STRAYS for best webcomic!!!! :3

  41. OH NOOOOO!!! FERAL – I-I mean, YUUEEEEENN!!!

  42. Reading this while studying medical terminology and have come to notice Malkar’s nickname, Mal, is also a prefix meaning “bad” in the medical field xD

    1. dat latin. :3

    2. It also means bad in french. I think it means bad in a few languages actually.

  43. Hey probably an odd time to ask but how do we pronounce Yuen? Is it Yu-en or a quick one syllable “Ywen” or maybe like a Spanish “Juan” but with an “e”? I feel like a enunciation-challenged panda reading this in my head differently every time it comes up…

    1. Yu-en. :)
      Mal like ‘pal’
      ‘Jee-ya-koo’ for Jyaku

  44. The first time I read this I read this in a hurry… I didn’t look at the facial expressions all that closely… I just did. Oh God! Feral! *sobs*

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