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  1. Yay, new page! :D
    Poor Meela though… she’s so confused… :c
    And Jyaku, Mr. Exposition personified.

    1. Don’t you just wanna hug her right now?

      1. I wanna hug her, yea… then I kinda wanna hug Jyaku too for um other reasons. Don’t Judge!

        1. We’ve been thinking of Jyaku in certain ways, but… what if he’s married?

    2. Nah, Mr. Exposition is Tedd’s dad in El Goonish Shive.

      1. LoL that is so true.

      2. Yay! EGS reference!

      3. Oh yeah…theres people on there I shouldn’t ship…np is killing me.

  2. Of all the things that startle me about Malkar is the mullet.
    Was that always there? I don’t remember it.

    1. You can see parts of it on page 300.

    2. Lol I know right? Same here!

  3. I wonder if it’s awkward for a “prey race” to talk to a “predatory race”, and vice versa.

    1. I don’t think so. Holland would technically fall into the prey category too, and there hasn’t been any awkwardness that I’ve seen. (well, not racial anyways)

  4. meela’s so confused
    i wonder why feral has to have malkar sealed within him can not wait next week

    1. i have a theory based off of a theory someone else made, but i don’t remember who. so credit goes to whoever that person was, please come and accept a cookie. and anyways, on to my theory:

      While Mal was fighting Jyaku, he realized he needed more power and tried to take Yuen’s energy. As Yuen layed dying Jyaku was all “I need your help.” and they made a deal, and he sealed mal inside of him. I know it would be better if i put in a lot more detail, but that’s a bit too big of a comment for me. So that’s the jest of my theory.

      1. I like the idea, I never thought that mal might have purposely tried to absorb yuen

      2. …Actually- Mal trying to absorb Yuen makes perfect sense. Remember back in chapter VIII Dangerous Games, page 193, in order to take Visrial out after attacking Meela, Feral used the demon mark on his hand and attacked him via the neck, thus absorbing his dark energy from there… If Mal tried to absorb Yuen, then it would make perfect sense if he did so the same way except turning out in a much more violent manner considering how Yuan probably has no demon energy on him to begin with… Which then leads to probably why Feral can’t talk anymore.

      3. I think you mean my post from last page. this is what i posted

        webcomic reader
        September 19, 2014 at 9:23 pm | # | Reply

        i really enjoy this webcomic. great story and artwork. I spent the past few weeks reading it and notice how it all comes together in this chapter.
        Feral can be seen as having 3 personalities in 1 body. Feral’s personality is what was produce when Yuen and Malkar merged after fighting Jyaku ( pg. 300 ) the body belongs to Yuen, but his personality is suppressed, and Malkar personality comes out when there is a someone which is loaded with power. the demon mark on Malkar ( pg. 268 ) is on the left hand but is on the right hand of Feral. i think that during the fight with Jyaku, Malkar was dying and Yuen used his right hand to grasp Malkar’s left hand and the demon mark was transferred into him. that is when Jyaku had to use extreme measures on Yuen ( now Feral ) and left him with the scars ( eye and throat) and no memory of his and Malkar past when he suppressed the demon.
        The eye colors are never shown in the dreams. but i think after the merger Feral’s eyes showed Mal’s red eye on the right side ( same as the demon mark) and yuen’s on the left side.

        1. IrondragonMetals

          oh hey! Yes, you! webcomic reader, i wanted to give you credit but didn’t know who you were n’stuff. here’s your cookie.

          *gives cookie*

  5. I’ve heard about friends sharing everything, but sharing one body takes it a bit too far.

    1. Can I have a like button? That’s awesome.

  6. What, you’re saying it’s getting better? :D Now that’s something.

  7. I have a question! Since your fans are with you every page of the way, are you ever creatively influenced by our feedback? Like, do we ask questions that you hadn’t thought to address that then becomes important to the story, do you drop some things and expound on others based on comments you’ve gotten? Or have you stayed pretty true to your overall scheme? Just curious! I know we yak and speculate a lot, so I was wondering if that does anything.

  8. Oh, and way glad to finally get the truth behind Feral’s past! Great page, unfortunate haircut and all!

  9. Interesting this chapter has really answered a lot of questions, and brought up a lot of interesting possibilities.

  10. Damn. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  11. Huh, I never noticed Mal’s longer hair the last time we saw him in dream sequence.

    Despite being a power hungry guy bad guy, gotta love the hair.

  12. Poor holland he really is missing out lol

  13. :33< poor meela looks like she honestly can't handle what's going on right now, or is it just me?

    :33< (and if anyone decides the meeting of the ACF corner, my cream puffs are ready)

    1. I have tofu!!! and books!!! (anyone up for city of bones?)

      1. Lordie, I am so there! I bring the gift of popcorn (and cheeseballs for those with teh braces). If there’s city of bones, I am going to be your best friend for the next two and a half weeks.

        1. I just now saw there already was an ACF meeting! I was about to start my own… *Smack forehead* Well, anyway i bring bacon and expensive chocolate that we can’t figure out what flavor it is. *Crawls into corner*

        2. I’ve got fresh homeade chocolate chip cookies! And The Princess Bride! *snuggles into corner* least hollands still sleeping… I’ve dislocated and broken my arm (not at the same time) and they both hurt…. Omgosh, imagining cOmbined pain makes me shiver.

        3. I’m back! Who likes snicker doodles???? Would anybody mind if I stole their body? I hate being a bodyless being…(╥﹏╥)

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’m bringing Oreos and hot chocolate!

      1. My friend makes great pie (like the very best ever) I’ll bring some and also has any one read the rangers apprentice series its really good I’ll bring all the books

        1. Oh yum! What kind? And I’ve read the first 7 or so. I’m actually going to reread them and then catch up!

    3. I’m bringing abazaba’s, whatchamacallit’s and beanbag chairs!! – we can pillow fight later ;) – ::snuggles next to Green Arrow::

    4. i got plushies but i’m taking the demon meela plushie

    5. I have beef jerky, and the book Through Wolf’s Eyes. Green-Cat, may I have a cream puff? *passes over jerky*

      1. :33< Why of course you can have one, there is aplenty! If anyone wants I am quite gifted at making French toast as well!

        1. …French Toast Crepes? :D

        2. :33< oh heck yeah!!!!!!! *ac pulls out pan and gets out powdered sugar, fruit, and syrup for who evfur wants any*

        3. Nom… nom… nom… (burp) ::smiles:: thank you!

      2. Will someone pass the chocolate

    6. Am I late O.O? I brought homemade Magic Cookie Bars, Fudge, Cherry Cordials, some homemade enchiladas, both cheese and chicken, some have olive some don’t, also there’s baked mac and cheese and… -looks through items- Mystery gifts for everyone that magically have your favorite character in their form of your choice, very soft, very cuddly~

      1. Oooooooo. I want a Holland plushy

        1. It would be really cool to have a Holland plushy that some how you would turn it inside out and it would be his bird form

    7. No! I’m late! Stupid School! Anyway…! I brought the DS, all kinds. And some gameboys. *Moves in to corner next to EveryoneYOUknow, and grabs Fudge* Nom…Nom…Nom…

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      1. Yes! Yes! *Shoves you in* Anyone can join! *Shoves lots of food and plushies into your arms*

      2. I’m pretty sure a lot of people here are under age for alcohol and any ways its gross

        1. I set vodka on fire.

        2. Eh, I don’t like beer either. I bring it to parties to watch other people get drunk. That’s my entertainment as the perpetual designated driver. :3

    9. I GOT ANIME.

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Oooh! Which ones? I hope Vampire Knight and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Also Death Note and Wolf’s Rain!
        (Holland reminds me of Fai from Tsubasa)

        1. Y’know, I was thinking that when I first saw him but I couldn’t place the name at first. Also, Tsubasa’s an anime too? o.O I only ever read the manga, and even then I only got like halfway through D:

        2. You need to finish it!! Omigosh, the end of the Tsubasa manga will blow your mind! Though I recommend refreshing yourself on what you’ve already read; that way the details won’t slip past you.

    10. I was rereading the comic and looking at comments. Literally, the readers are one of my favorite things about this webcomic. It’s brought some awesome people together. Do you know what the AFC stands for? I’m guessing C = corner, and F likely is feels.
      Also, if you like cream puffs, you should watch the Carmilla web series. The fandom is great, and the actors are basically the leaders of the fandom, getting just as emotionally engaged in all the ships as we are.


  15. He was gathering too much darkness,
    so you put him in Feral’s eye.
    Jyaku, if you don’t mind me asking one simple question:


    1. I don’t think he put Mal in, as much as out the lock/cage/seal/what-have-you after Mal got in.

      My thoughts (for the moment) Mal decided to fight Jyaku because of his crazy power wanting (get some power, got to use it to get MORE) but Jyaku is too strong for him to beat. Now, there are a few ways it could go.

      1: a stray strike/projectile/something hits Yuen, causing him to be so grievously injured that somehow Mal needs to fuse (for lack of a better word) with him to save him, resulting in Feral (could explain the scar) the personalities can’t handle being together in full, Jyaku pits up the seal.

      2: fight commences, Mal is at the disadvantage, and actively goes after Yuen for energy/healing/whatever he gets from absorbing people so he can best Jyaku. Now we see where scar comes from, Mal gets beaten anyway, and using his last bit of power puts himself in Yuen to preserve what he can of himself. Jyaku puts up seal to prevent hijacking, but can’t remove Mal because “fused souls” or some other condition type.

      3: Yuen gets fed up with Mal being a power crazy crazy-pants, puts himself into the fight/in the way of whatever attack from my first thought extrapolation. Mal gets “the feels” after injuring his friend, Jyaku takes opening to subdue him, then things happen very quickly (exactly what is a anyone’s guess)

      4: All 3 of them are ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON! Multiple personalities mixed with magic/illusions causing others to see/hear/feel what’s being magicked up (huh, autocorrect threw that K in there…I’m going with it)

      1. Huh.
        I never even thought of those possibilities, that’s actually brilliant.

        I had my own theory that goes:
        Yuen gets worried that Mal is either gonna absorb YET ANOTHER innocent bystander or get killed himself so he finally tries to stop him from fighting Jyaku.
        Have you noticed that the mark on Mal’s left palm is mirrored on Feral’s right palm?
        Just where you would expect a mark to end up if you look straight at at person and grab their hands.

        Also, maybe Mal’s power works like a Muramasa blade: it cant be deactivated unless it absorbs enough energy (which explains why it was going funky before, because the person Mal absorbed was not enough.) So, if Mal was about to absorb Jyaku but Yuen got in the way, Mal would have tried to shut it off, getting his own accumulated power absorbed in Jyaku’s place. And then the backlash imprinted the mark onto Yuen’s right hand and damaged his memory.

        *but that’s just my theory.*

    2. I’m just gonna let Jyaku answer that. I just wanted to say:

      You’re a poet and you didn’t know it! :D

  16. Oh my gosh, next week cannot come soon enough! We’re soooooo close to the truth!

  17. I already knew it was Mal, next week: the backstory unfolds!
    I just started reading this comic a few weeks ago, and it is the best web comic i have ever read! I do kinda wish for updates… But once a week is still okay! :3 Also, LOVE the ACF meeting! I can’t remember what it stands for though…

    I bring cookies and bacon and milkshakes! (Oh my!) YAy! :3 *Sits alone in corner, because no one else came…* Hmm…

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Association of the Corner of the Feels.

      1. THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS!!! Omg, I’ve been wondering since I first saw it while reading the comments, but I’ve been going anyway and been too afraid to ask what it stands for XD

        1. Alliance. Alliance of the Corner of the Feels. :)

        2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Oops! Sorry. :/
          Alliance of the Corner of the Feels.

  18. about time we got this backstory. i’ve been eagerly awaiting it!

  19. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I’m super excited to finally get this backstory and some actual INFORMATION about what the heck is going on.

  20. Thanks for steering me in the right direction last week. I think I took The conversation under the tree the wrong way. All I can say for myself, is that I have four daughters, maybe I’m to quick to jump into protection mode.
    I am looking forward to Jyaku’s explanation, I wish my NEXT button was working now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ::hugs nancy:: Come to the ACF meeting?

      1. I’m making yummy brownies as I type. Thanks for the invite, I’ll be in the corner with sugar treats fir all!!!

  21. I almost forgot, I’m giving Meela hugs and support!!

  22. So that’s it then, Mal is Malkar? That’s what has been going on…but why Meela was seeing him in the dreams is still a mystery

    1. Well… Jyaku said she might be a dreamcatcher… But I doubt that that’s the reason. Could it be linked to the fact that they both have those magic crackly darkness powers?


  23. Lol, she pictures Mal as a handsome pose

  24. WHAT!!!! So the one with the girl is Feral. I thought the other one was Feral.

  25. Leave the poor girl alone she’s petrified comfort now talk later!

  26. Oh poor Mella. She’s still crying.
    It’s okay Mella. : ) I’m here for ya.

  27. yussss the old drawing style is baacckk

    And Mal lookin swag in that third panel <3

  28. Can you imagine how powerful Jyaku must be though

  29. “In your dreams” Am I the only one who finds that creepy? D:

    1. It kinda reminds me of like a stalker

  30. Oh wait!! You mean Yuen’s friend Mal!!! Hehehehe he was kind of creepy even as a kid…

  31. Nitroxy Wildspirit


  32. That is some hair you got there Mal

  33. Last panel he has that perv smile


    this is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read I love it to bits and pieces you are a goddess and it’s so BEAUTIFUL and the LORE and the STORY and the CHARACTERS AAAA

    1. That’s how us felt too.


    On another note I think I’ve subsequently started shipping
    feralland ÔvÔ
    Piperal ŪvÛ

    1. It’s like hitting a brick wall, isn’t it? I do that with fanfictions all the time, too. It sucks.

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