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And he never spoke a word again...

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  1. oh dang

    1. His last word was please…..
      I thought for sure it was gonna be something like, “@$$hole!!!”
      or something like that, you know?

      1. was also the last thing his mom said before her presumable death, and also what meela said when he was about to kill her by accident and made him stop. I’m sure if he could remember any of that stuff (though we don’t really know just how much feral knows either) he’d probably twitch at the word by now, poor guy.

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          I think “please” is a fairly common last word. If someone is going to kill you, you are probably going to beg. Or if you are dying and you have a last wish, you will probably say “please” to whoever you are asking the last wish of.

        2. Or like, “M-m-muffins! Urrk!”. Muffins would be a swell last word I think. And it spells Sniff’um backwards, which is a great thing to do with freshly baked muffins. So it’s like, doubly awesome.

        3. East – “Hataraku Maou-sama!” would be up your alley :P

        4. Not Me – Yep, you’re absolutely right. Just took a look at it lol

        5. Or, maybe, according to Red vs. Blue, “Hurk, Blaaaargh.”

  2. So that’s how he became mute o.o

  3. this is epic !!!!! :D cant wait for the next page

  4. *CRUNCH*
    *munch munch munch*
    -Is eating a big ass bag of DoritNOs-

    1. That is so wrong yet so funny! :D

  5. “Insert thing to say about Strays.”

    1. “Insert witty reply and correct prediction.”

      1. “Insert reply to previous reply in a comical way”

      2. *insert insightful expansion on correct prediction*

        1. Insert popular ‘random’ word such as ‘duck’ or ‘cheese’.

        2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          *insert agreement to correct prediction*

        3. *insert humorous adoration for all of the above conversation*

        4. *insert passive acceptance of conversation thus far, followed by humorous reference to another webcomic*

      3. *insert butthurt reply that starts a flame war*

  6. ;_; ….

  7. Damn. Poor Feral. Gotta say, I love Mal’s wolf form though; I think it reflects his viscous and wild personality :)

    1. Vicious, maybe? He moves too quickly to be viscous :)

      1. Well played. XD

      2. :L Sorry, I have terrible spelling. I mean’t vicious though xD

  8. I love how good Mal is drawn, it shows your talent! It is a little bit hard thou to see what happens. The collours are so similar, it would work better if, for example, the panel borders wasn’t black but a lighter brown or beige, or if the background was more distinct from Mals fur. Since the entire page is dark, my eyes are draw to Ferals arms (very, very nice arms) and it took me a second or two to focus on the wolf and realise that it was one panel not two. Also, the borders around the words may benefit from a light colour in this dark setting.
    And I have this urgent need to cosplay Jujaku…

    1. Check the settings on your monitor. It may be set to dark or with low contrast. I’m not seeing any of the issues you describe.

  9. I wonder, is that how Jyaku got those weird rune tattoos on his arm? And what is the dark energy coming from Mal doing to Yuen, why is he screaming? Poor thing, he only meant the best for his friend. I wonder how they will be merged.

    1. Feral just had his throat bitten. Even if nothing else happened, I’d be trying to scream, too. >_>

      The dark energy is running out of control and is, I expect, what will cause the merge, though we’ll have to wait for another page or two to see just why that happened.

      1. (An aside, I expect the merge was truly painful for all involved, so screams are unsurprising.)

  10. Oh gods…

  11. And this also explains the scar on his eye

  12. Ah, that explains it. Finally some closure :P

  13. DD: < oh my…that *CRUNCH* really got me….. :(( < *ac eats her cream puffs freverently*

    1. Okay Nepeta, Didn’t know you read this comic.

  14. *Huddles In corner and hands out plushie’s with a bag of candy* AFC Meeting!

    1. *Invites myself into your house to sit in the corner too* … I brings Pinata’s filled with candy that look like Mal :|

      1. A brilliant idea, I must say. Make sure you have spiked clubs for everyone!

        1. Got the spiked clubs!! I made them extra spikey!
          (sniffles) Ferals pain hurts my heart, can I whack Mal piniata now?

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Have ice cream of all conceivable flavors!

      1. ::plops down on a pillow and cries while stroking extra spikey clubs:: Y… u… w… e… n…

    3. I have spiced chai tea, and macaroons! Poor Feral…

    4. i bring double fudge brownies

      1. I think my heart just gave out for a second…*unleashes a box of fluffy kittens and puppies*

  15. JEBUS. I thought AFC meetings were gonna be over for a while, but NOOOOO… Feral HAD to go and get his throat bit open. *sits down angrily with my popcorn and slushie*

    1. Well, at least the feels are in beautiful pictures.

      1. Do you have an extra slushie? i’ll trade it for a cookie dough blizzard, and i’ll have plenty more blizzards for everyone else too… :)

        1. :00< I will be happy to trade something like a cream puff or some hivemade triple chocolate cake…WhiteWolf can I have some of that tea though? :33< it sounds good to my parched tounge, it screams in misery….

  16. Random-Fan-With-No-Purpose-Here

    *Runs to the attic to get emergency AFC supplies* Goddammit Feral, WHY!!!
    *Proceeds to sit and devour supplies*

  17. Wow, this wolf is the coolest-looking so far!

  18. That wolf reminds me of Meela’s demon form :c Did Holland hide her demon side from Feral because of this incident? D:

    1. He hid it because Feral is a professional bounty hunter and would be obligated to kill a half-demon like Meela. Of course, they were hoping to get things to the point where Meela could reveal the truth without fear, but neither she nor Holland had that confidence yet when she first transformed.

  19. Man, this makes me hate Mal even more- he attacked his own friend, permanently maiming him (not to mention the mark-transfer) and then he has the gall to complain and whine about how he has a right to CONTROL FERAL’S BODY at times to Jyaku? Ugh.

    1. Pretty much. But, as Jyaku said, he had been driven insane by all the dark energy he’d absorbed. Don’t mess with the insane. :( It’s just too bad for Feral that he didn’t recognize the signs of insanity fully before foolishly putting himself in harm’s way like that. He had the best of intentions, of course, but he didn’t understand just how serious Mal’s condition was.

      1. Mal is still an asshat xD

        1. I second and third this statement!!
          Anyone else want to weigh in?

        2. Oh, I definitely third that. XD I mean, even when perfectly sane, Mal did a lot of stupid stuff that put both him and Yuen in danger, so.

        3. I agree with the motion!

    2. I guess you could say then, that Mal strayed from the proper path

      1. *insert Sofy’s Gravatar here*

        (I actually love puns. Thank you for the laugh. XD)

  20. And this is the dude he was best friends with since he was a kid? Suckage. He seemed like such a fun-loving little scamp.

    1. A fun-loving scamp with a warped idea of “fun.” Things like being mauled by demons counted, for example.

  21. god ;n;
    I called this on the last page, but holy shit it a bit more painful looking then I thought it would be.

    And Mal is HUGE

    1. Ayyyy Flyteck

  22. Much as I’m sure we all hate Mal right now, his wolf form is indeed impressive. I think a full pic of him in wolf form (preferably not attacking his best friend, or anyone else) should be the next vote incentive. Who’s with me? :D

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I agree!!!

    2. hear hear

    3. I second that!

  23. *wimper*

  24. (sniffs) I can feel Ferals pain, For his injuries and the loss of a dear friend.

  25. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh man, this page makes my neck and throat hurt…. Sympathy pain sucks!!!
    Poor, poor, poor Feral/Yuen….
    I’m so, so sorry…. :( This is awful.
    But the page is beautiful, even with all the horror happening on it. Mal is very large… And I agree that I would love to see some artwork of Mal’s wolf form when he is NOT attacking our beloved Feral. :)

    1. I’m thinking maybe that’s why Feral’s wolf form is so big? It’s not as big as Mal’s, but Meela already said his wolf form is huge.

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Could be. I wonder if Mal’s wolf form was always this large or if it’s a side-effect of the dark magic he’s meddling in. Because Meela’s original wolf form was pretty small, but her demon wolf form is MUCH larger….

        1. A very good point! All of these races have animal forms that are larger than normal animals, but it does seem as if they get even larger when demon/dark magic is involved. I agree that it’s probably a side effect, or perhaps just a natural result of boosting their inate magical power with demon energy (since the transformation is clearly magical in nature).

  26. Oh Feral, my poor sweet loyal baby. I can’t imagine the fear and betrayal.

  27. Mal’s wolf form is both beautiful and terrifying! With his large ears and dark muzzle, he looks a bit like a hyena to me. Bet his laugh is terrifying too.

    1. Agread he looks amazingly awsome he is also very spiky

  28. I feel sorry for feral

    1. I also feel sorry for his girl friend because if he doesn’t remember any of his past he wouldn’t remember her so he would never come back and she would never know why

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I know! I think about her a lot…. She’s just gets left behind. I think the worst part for her is just not knowing. No answers, no closure. That would be so hard. :( Poor girl.

        1. yeah… ::whimper::

      2. what’s even worse is the fact that even if he did remember her, he would probably be too ashamed of his condition or of being away for so long to go back and find her. And even if he did she would probably have moved on by now.

  29. See what I tell you Mal would get mad at Feral that’s how he went mute!

  30. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I love in the first panel how Feral/Yuen still has his hands pressed against Mal’s paws. And in the third panel how Jyaku is reaching out to catch Feral/Yuen and maybe try to protect/save him. Tough situation to find yourself in. Crazy guy is going to take your energy/power, crazy guy’s friend steps in to save you, crazy guy goes for his friend’s jugular. What do you do in that situation?!?! Yikes!

  31. So now i wonder who nicknamed him feral

  32. D8 <–my face for this whole page

  33. Hope you don’t mind a small critique! I think you forgot to shade inside of Mal’s ear, in the fourth panel. It looks more like a rabbit ear than an elongated wolf ear without the depth to make it look well-furred inside like a real wolf ear, even with the unusual sort of German Shepherd shape. The top panel is awesome! = )

  34. dat wolf form, kinda looks like meela’s demon wolf mode

  35. Mal’s wolf form looks a lot like Meelas?

  36. So is Mal in the process of becoming a demon wolf? He looks so much like Mela’s form minus the awesome markings, spine spikes and horns. Definitely not a normal wolf here.

  37. *lifting up fake glasses and wiping tear*
    Just.. Just ‘scuse me for a second…

  38. Okay, this kind of makes me wonder about Feral’s reaction now after seeing Meela’s “victim”:

    Wonder if he was triggered—even without knowing it.

    Also, his face in the fourth panel of this strip:

    Total foreshadowing!

  39. The third panel <3 I love the emotion in it. Jyaku screaming and trying to push Mal off Feral, while also trying to catch him. I think that reveals a ton about his character in that panel alone!
    Also even though Mal is being a d-bag at the moment, his wolf form is gorgeous 83

  40. Yuen’s last spoken word was “please.” That– that is beautiful… in a heart-wrenching way.

    This page is super-intense. The dark effects and lettering, along with the expressions and fierce Mal-wolf really spiked my pulse! *proceeds to roll into a ball and weep over Feral/Yuen*

  41. realistically, how many chapters do you guys think are left? I read something about supposedly the series had been made to end sooner but that was hearsay at best. now that we’ve had a lot of big reveals I’m left wondering what then will be the climax to this story? We know meela and feral’s past now, and korin and kitty are dead. The only big thing left now is, where is Meela’s mom? and is feral’s mom truly dead, for that matter.

    1. There are two chapters left after this one (which is almost over). The story has been shortened slightly, though mainly just narrowed to focus on resolving the main character’s stories. The final conflict will be revealed in due time.

      1. That explains why the story is moving so fast, but i still love your work and i can’t wait for whats is coming next.

        1. Only two chapters left NNNNNNOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so sad I’m going on to cry when this ends best web comic ever

      2. aaah the sound so short but when I counted pages that actually is almost another year of updates! I look forward to it, I’ve been watching you guys do this since the beginning and it’s really one of the best webcomics I’ve read. You guys put in so much attention to detail, consistency, and even correct mistakes or confusing things. you guys truly care and put so much time in. Coming here for updates is always a highlight of my week, I love all these characters

  42. I came to love Feral so much. Poor one! I am with you.

  43. It’s all so painful!!! T.T I am so excited for more pages, I just hope that Feral Meela and Holland get to know everything about each other and got to stay together!!! (〃 ̄д ̄)八(  ̄д ̄ )八( ̄д ̄〃)

  44. Feral baby, nooooooooooooo

  45. It makes sense now why he became a bounty hunter

  46. hmmm… makes sense. Though this is getting complicated…

    1. O_o It wasn’t complicated before?
      Did you write the script for “Upstairs downstairs”, “Clue”, or “Oscar”??

  47. Please, please, PLEASE may there be realistic angst between Feral and Meela when all is said and done. None of this, “Thought about how sad your story is and so I forgive you for murdering my family.” SOBHUG I have high hopes for some serious long-term awkwardness!

  48. So Feral is Yuen. Then he combined with Malkar, and now he’s feral and his muteness comes from Malkar biting his neck in that battle. Whaoh whoah whoah, wait just a minute!!!!! So where does the name Feral come in!?!?!? Does the deer dude name him that, does he lose his memories and call himself that? Does holland call him a “feral” when he meets him and that just becomes his name??? And on other matter, does he lose his memories or is he hiding them??? And if the first option, why?

  49. I can’t believe you guys are shortening the story!!!!! I mean I can understand why and I REALLY want to see the ending….. But I’ve followed this web comic so long and waited in joyous anticipation every week for the next artistic and adventure filled update,…. And well, it’s hard to believe it actually ends. TnT so very sad!!!!! Joins the corner and sobs with all the other fans.

    Dear makers of strays,
    If you guys ever want to do another web comic and explore more into the world of strays ( there’s so much about the strays world we haven’t learned ) could you make a spin off series following them in their later years, or their children’s or a minor character’s life, or a distant relation, or a prequel of that old man, or a prequel of the other characters in back stories, etc. if you could, that would be EPIC. Please and thank you, LastPage

    1. It wasn’t shortened significantly, only a little. And no solid or important ideas were cut out. It’s more like we had a ton of ideas that we could possibly explore, or secondary characters we could delve deeper into, but they aren’t necessarily essential to the story.

      We’re very glad that you have enjoyed the story so far, but we’re ready to finish up this project and explore new ones. Maybe you’ll enjoy our new projects just as much, or more :)

      We have about a year of updates left, possibly longer. So we’re not leaving any time soon! And we’re going to leave enough things open that we could return to explore the world further if we ever decide to return to it in the future!

      1. Sequels and/or side stories would be wonderful, Celesse! To be sure, I expect to enjoy your upcoming projects regardless, but it’s always fun for us fans to have at least references to old works. Kinda like in The Phoenix Requiem. It is in no way connected to the author’s first webcomic, Inverloch, but one of the children in TPR has a doll of Inverloch’s main character, Acheron and there are wolf-like animals that resemble Acheron’s race. As a reader of both, I really got a kick out of that. :)

  50. The sespens is KILLING ME!!!!!

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