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  1. Aw! she need a hug :)

  2. *hugs Meela* It’s okay Meela! You’re both going on an epic adevnture staring tomorrow morning. TT^TT

  3. Teary eyes…skinny to the brim… wind could show undergarmets…she must want me to rape her!

    ^ thought process of any OTHER guy than Mr. Assassin here.

    1. Wow. That is so not funny, Dr. Krest.

      1. I dunno, I thought it was an interesting comment :3

        1. UltimateShadow-Fan

          U kinda nuts to say so -_-*

        2. That comment… all I have to say is WTF?

    2. Hahaha xDDD agreed.

    3. Really dude… Just.. Really… I mean come on. REALLY?

    4. Dats creepy. All I gotta say

    5. Honestly wtf, she’s 12 you creeper, and trust me thats not any other guy, that’s only YOU!

      1. Maybe it isn’t him though.
        Maybe it is just the prevailing culture of the time (and place).

    6. That’s just disgusting. You’re the only one who would think that, by the way.


    8. Well that’s certainly interesting

  4. Poor Meela…
    Feral! You are SO mean!

  5. You really gotta feel sorry for Meela, poor kid lost her brother to some psycho now big bad wolves are knocking her house down, killing her flame, using her as a weapon and making her cry.

    Poor little Meela

  6. Poor unnamed gray haired guy… Your name shall be Steven!!!! >:D

  7. Feral, you jerk!!! YOu made Meela cry!

  8. Good job meela. Make feral feel guilty!!

  9. What are you crying about? Just rebuild your fire and shelter, it’s not that big of a deal.

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