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  1. Something about Feral in panel one doesn’t feel quite right… I want to say his arms, but I’m not sure…

    1. I think his elbow needs to go out, not in. If it’s not, his arms look REALLY short hahaha.

      1. Or his chest rather broad.

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela in panel two… She just has some GREAT expressions early on here.
    In response to Meela: well, what is he supposed to do? Stay there until he wakes up (unless he’s dead, which I think might be the case, and then: point made) or go tell the “police” that he just kicked a guy in the head and walked away with a document he was carrying??

  3. Attatued Meela.

  4. Last three panels remind me of Toboe and Tsume from Wolf’s Rain…. hmmm..

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