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  1. FALCON PUN- fail

    1. she had to jump and she still failed the ultimate punch

    2. My favorite kind of pun… the FaLCON PUN! SHOW ME Ya MOVES!!

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    You jerk! You’re such a jerk! LOLZ

  3. Ferals expression…pffft *Trying not to laugh.*

    1. Actually, I think he’s wondering if that punch was supposed to hurt or not

      1. Agreed. The look on his face was like: “Did she just try to punch me? Because if she did, that didn’t hurt.”

  4. Silly Meela, you should know better then to hit a random guy who you just saw beat the crap out of another guy.

  5. love the “POW!” in the first pannel

  6. Is she left handed or is that just a left hook?

  7. I love this scene! xD

  8. I’m absolutely hopeless i mean i laughed so hard i had a bout of coughing. I was already sick but OMG Ferals face!

  9. In da FACE!! :D

  10. Feral: was that supposed to hurt of something?
    Meela: ow my hand you jerk!!

  11. I just noticed in Panel 2, Meela’s somehow stuck to Feral’s face. xD

  12. She didn’t even stick the landing. :)

  13. KORYUKEN!!


    [Note:Not a typo.]

  14. ….In the two times I have read this already, I never once noticed that Meela actually jumped to punch him. Second panel, her legs are in the air XDD Those small details are what make this comic the best!

  15. Le sound effects

  16. you… JERRRR- OHW..

    almost had em’ there Meela.

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