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Just what have you been up to, Holland... *eye squint*

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  1. Ah! Now I wana know more!!!!

    1. I just realized, the burst flew away ;( bye bye birdy

  2. double agent Holland? dun dun dun…

  3. Oh man…. please don’t make me hate Holland…. ‘cuz it’ll be the most unforgivable sort of hate……
    & I’m guessing masked person is either also a bounty hunter…. or a member of Meela’s old clan in disguise?….

    1. Nah, can’t be lupian. The eyes don’t have the markings around them and the ears aren’t pointed. Neat idea, though.

      1. The masked person has horns… could it be that he is another race??? deer-like…

        1. I think the horns are part of his mask.

        2. I think the horns are real, and just the black ones are fake, I mean look at the styles the mask has bright mainly unnatural colors while the second set are realistic… I think ><

    2. No its Mel :)

  4. …I’m thinkin’ it’s a lady under dere… but I really can’t be sure. D: It’s fun to try and figure it out, though.

    On another note, vat is dis dat Hollad ish doing here…? >> <>

    1. It’s a guy, look at the hand. Celesse has various styles of her hand’s. However fruity Holland seems, his hands still hold a masculine touch, Meela and Piper’s hands are feminine, these hands aren’t XD

    2. haha when somebody’s wearing that much stuff, we like to imagine :3

  5. Even if Holland turns out to be… not such a good guy – this twist makes me like him all the more for the added layer to his character. This story is too great!

    1. Very interesting, we never found out what happened to Feral’s friend, now, did we? also the stuff Holland is handing over doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this “mission” Jyaku (is that right?) is talking about, very interesting……next update, y u no here?!!

  6. Posting again

    Jyaku=Mal? It make sence right?

    1. Everyone thinks everyone is Mal these days! XD

    2. I was also thinking it could be Mal… I figure; the guy (girl) has lupian-esk ears for one, and (s)he is asking about Feral, not about Meela.

      1. I thought Jyaku was in the Vote Incentive involving Holland’s childhood (the pair of legs in the foreground.) The skin under the mask is pretty tan, too…

      2. Finally someone who agrees with me theory! Thank you!

    3. If you look back, Mal seems to have light colored eyes, while Jyaku has brown eyes.

      1. Exactly. As I see it, the chances of it being him are extremely low…people are just eager to point the finger simply because Mal is mysterious and so is this guy (who might very well turn out to not be a guy at all). XD

        1. May I remind you, some eyes change color, and in this world it seems quiet easy to get a tan.

    4. No it is not Mal.
      Mal is a lupian so he has the lupian ‘eye liner’ eye, while if you look at jyaku he has “human” looking eyes. My guess is that he is a different type of animals thing. Exactly what, im not sure.

      1. Jyaku has an “eyeliner” look… It’s just we’re looking at…. them from the side so it’s hard to tell. Then again they’re(not naming male or female, I’m content to wait right now) wearing that awesome mask so it’s hard to tell.

        1. If you look on the page before, you’ll see that Jyaku has human eyes.

  7. D:….Holland……what’re you….

  8. Whats with these people and their gloves missing two fingers?!

    1. Fashion statement?…

    2. It could be that they’re a variant of archer’s gloves. The cloth over the thumb and forefinger would protect the archer from the bowstring if they use those fingers to draw the bow. Why the little finger is covered though is anyone’s guess.

      1. You draw a bow with your first 2 or 3 fingers, so that wouldn’t work.

        1. Index and Ring, I was taught.

    3. I had the same thought with the belly-tunic fad that seems to be occurring. As BladeDancer says, it could be archer’s gloves… No idea though. I’m thinking a fashion statement.

  9. OMG… What what are you doing dude!?

  10. D: Please dont make me hate Holland… I should of known better lol Every time i really like a character they end up a bad guy or dead. Every time.

    Sooo is it next friday yet? XD

  11. Hmm, the person has brown hair and… feminine eyes..<3 It's a she! (I believe x3)

  12. when I read jyaku’s sentences I imagine a dark voice for some reason QvQ ooh how I hope he has connections with Meela, she need’s more love QnQ

  13. Cuz fingerless gloves are a +5 in cool factor.
    GAH more suspense! Holland hadn’t better be working for the shady people or something like that. And Feral, go see Meela already. You got some communication to do between yas both (since talking to doesn’t really work for him). Meela’s got some ‘splaining to do herself, like why is she hiding/running from bounty hunters? And what’s with that man telling her to get away from him for?

  14. I think masked person is a girl. Great work as always- lovely colors.

  15. I think the masked person is a guy. Totally those are dude hands.

  16. HeissandCommander

    Jyaku is a dude. I’m sure.

    I was so excited for this page to come out, cause I thought just maybe he’d take his mask off… But that was a crazy thought, because you guys love suspense (as do I). Thanks for making such a brilliant comic! I love this page and I can’t wait for next week. :) -Max

  17. Suspicious Holland is suspicious, and a mysterious package doesn’t help much, either. I’m looking forward to future pages.

  18. Oh Man, please Holland…don’t do anything evil. D: I like you!

  19. HOLLAND! You have so many fangirls! Don’t make us hate you!!! Dx

    1. These once-a-week updates are going to be the death of me! xD I want moooore!

  20. GAH! i hate/love masks….. they make carriess so mysterious but right now this one is KILlING ME. X_X

    Holland is a new suspect =_= *peers at Holland*

  21. I’ve never completely trusted Holland, but I still love him. I will probably continue to love him even if he turns out to be a double agent. And gosh mysterious dude/dudette you are killing me!

    1. You’re not alone…I’ve never completely trusted him, either. Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot, but it occurred to me more than once that he seemed just a little TOO easy to like–so I couldn’t help but entertain the thought (as sacrilegious as it might be in the eyes of the fanbase, but hey, these things happen…XD).

    2. 3rd here, ive didn’t trust him that much either, but it will be interesting to see a twist of who holland is:) and i would like this character more

  22. Now I’m not sure what to make of Holland…enemy or friend? (-_o)

    1. Frienemy…

  23. What are Holland’s connections?

  24. Jyaku’s ear sure is chewed up looking. It makes me wonder…

  25. That Jyaku looks like a deer guy to me O.o

  26. Holland can’t be a traitor D:



      You have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now. Satire FTW. :)


  28. I have a feeling the mask dude is someone from Mellas past. Or Ferals.

    1. i have also have that same feeling.. hmmmmm who is that person?

  29. I still trust Holland, even if he is being a little shady at the moment. I mean, how could someone that cute be evil?

    1. I hear that! xD

  30. That guy (or girl) dont seems to have the same ears that Feral or Meela…
    Maybe not a wolf…
    The deer is behind Meela!! …Im sure of it ¬¬

  31. No. NO. If Holland is a bad guy, this comic will break my heart. D8 Noooooooo.
    But then again, he seemed too genuinely concerned about Meela earlier (when she was poisoned) to be truly evil or anything. I guess it’s possible that he’s not on their side, but surely he can’t be really malicious deep down. I mean, anyone can fake a cute and cheerful disposition when everything’s going according to plan, but when moments of panic like that break out, people’s true natures have a way of showing themselves. If Holland turns out to be a bad guy later on, I’d say the comic itself was inconsistent.

  32. What if that’s Meela’s OTHER brother?! There was something mentioned about her and her brother having another older sibling in previous pages…

    1. Sorry, we see Connor in the intro (his dead body is shown…) And his hair was grey.

  33. Actually… whoever the masked one is must be some kind of bird, maybe part of the royal family? Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to understand the bird messenger.

    Don’t think wolves speak bird all that well. Unless it’s inside a stew.

  34. Holland…Chu better not be a bad guy… Your too good for that.. TOO GOOD!

    1. Also… Didn’t we see Feral pull out that packet thing Holland is handing to Jyaku on page 210?

      e-e Wut could eet all meeaaann??

      1. *201

        1. They’re just the documents he stole from Mithrennon, as I recall.

  35. It’s definitiely NOT Mal.


  36. Ya it’s a dude, check out the man hand in the final panel.
    Mystery solved, your welcome.

  37. Celesse, what font do you guys use for your chat-bubbles, if you don’t mind me asking? :] It looks to me like Comic Sans, yet a little not… ;o

    1. It’s called Anime Ace

      1. Thank you! :3

  38. No, Holland! Don’t you be bad! D:
    I don’t think he is though…. He’s too nice, and has been too genuinely concerned for Meela, though it’s hard not to love Meela!

  39. Holland…. just WHAT are you planning??? =_= —–> *stares maniacally*

  40. I’ve been waiting for Holland to do something like this, he is always… idk… too happy, always smilling he had to be up to something. (also is the color missing in the 3rd pannel for the ear rings of Jyaku)

  41. thelightedDarkness

    Jyaku’s earrings arent coloured? anyway, What are you planning to do with those papers holland?????

  42. uuuhhh holland?whats up with the papers?u spying…

  43. oh no I hope Holland’s not a bad guy :/

  44. To bad that the storys in a time when natural habits for males and females were different or the earrings might have given away the gender of our new mystery man or woman which brings up what could be a good question or some may call it a stupid one, which time period is it? Because the have guns, but the primary weapon is still swords which cold put it in industrial age when fire arms were becoming more popular. All in all it’s an amazing webcomic

  45. …so I’m pretty sure that guy is a deer.

  46. I’m so worried that Holland is evil D:
    I hope not >~<
    GAH I wish it was next Friday for two reasons and this comic is the main reason!!!
    <3 <3 <3 I love it by the way! <3 <3 <3

  47. I hope Holland isn’t evil
    GAH I wish it was next Friday for two reasons and this comic is the main reason!!!

  48. Holland what are you doing… Hmm slightly suspicious

  49. Conspiracy theory – that is totally Meela’s bro back from the dead.

    1. Um, Meela’s brother had grey hair.

  50. I actually think Jyaku is looking for Meela, though. Holland says “You’re right, he is traveling with a pup” as though Jyaku had found out first and asked Holland to go check. Then he (she?) asks about the nature of their relationship, so Jyaku really didn’t seem to be asking after Feral per se. Maybe Meela is important to the royal family, which may relate to why hers was killed.

  51. I think Jakyu’s a bird man like Holland. Otherwise, how did he understand Holland’s little songbird messenger?

    1. That could be true seeing as the have the same eye shape and that he could understand the bird. But then again he could be some kind of power that allows him to understand the bird… like a shaman.

  52. This is an interesting conversation. It is in Holland’s character description that he is always hiding something. So if this is some sort of plan that Holland has come up with then I wouldn’t be surprised.

  53. Y’know, I don’t think we can necessarily draw a line for Holland as “bad guy” or “good guy.” I mean, he’s a prince, which means he’ll be the king aka leader someday. Leaders are people that have to make hard choices that aren’t supposed to be popular, but ultimately for the good of the masses. So if what he does impacts negatively on Feral and Meela, but benefits the people he rules over, I don’t think we could call him a “bad” guy.

  54. This hardly is damning evidence for Holland, I mean, where are these “bad guy” conclusions even coming from??

    1. I know right?! You people go waaaaaay to into things.

      And for one thing, bad guys don’t tweet

  55. Love this page <3

    But one thing, in the third panel, shouldn't his earrings be colored green (like in the second last panel)? C;

    1. Yes I forgot to. We’ll fix it as soon as we’re back and rejuvenated from the convention. :)

  56. I like this Jyaku person’s head-mask-face thing. I want one.

  57. i like this guy hes mysterious, but ughh i hate people in masks i wanna know who they are D:

    You should totally make merchandise for this guy x3

  58. hey so everytime i put in the main url for the site — — it pulls up a SITE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE page.

    i can still get in if i google it and go through the archives page, but i thought you’d like to know, unless no one else is having this problem and my internet is just stupid

    1. Nah, I got that problem, too.
      Though, it seems to be fine now.

      1. i still have it :(

  59. I love how so many people think Holland is a shady evil character now. A guy cant meet a mysterious looking person in the woods and talk about his friends behind their backs without being a shady character? I mean for all we know Jyaku could just be a friend of Holland and Ferals and he/she was just interested in what Feral had been up to. See, this whole meeting could be so innocent, we really dont know that much about their pasts so its possible. So yeah, theres my crazy theory, no matter how unlikely it is, haha.

  60. Hmmmmmm. I dont trust Holland anymore.

  61. Sneaky Holland. .-. I wonder if he can be trusted?
    And that person has such pretty eyes..
    Ah, you two are just so good at making characters interesting, not only through words and story, but also design-wise! ;^;

  62. Noooooo Holland! Don’t make me hate you! Your too adorable!

  63. And so it comes to this… Hmmmmmmmmm

  64. I don’t think, that Holland or that Deer-guy do bad things or something.
    Maybe they wanna help or they need Ferals help. ^^

  65. Is Holland a trader? Oh and the “Deer-like guy” Isn’t a deer! The horns are a part of his mask. Also…. He look’s familiar I just cant put my finger on him……

  66. First it was Twitter… Now it’s referencing Facebook! Relationship status: It’s complicated.

    1. lolz XD you have a point!

  67. just another troll


  68. Wonderful! I love it. I can’t wait for more.

  69. O_O I can’t be sure… but does that mysterious man/woman have antlers?! O_O LOOK! XD Plus, human ears! WITH PIERCINGS!! Holland… who is this mysterious cool person? :3

  70. Lol, I kept clicking for that next page … Q-Q *is a new reader that just reached up to date in a day*

  71. I KNEW IT!!! there was something odd about holland, his back story seems to neutral and not enough is said of what happen to him after he seprated with feral. hmmmmm he will either be a good-bad person or has a “lil secretive thing”that he does as in part of some group that he and Jyaku are in, and i never expected someone is keeping an eye on feral *O*
    has holland been watching feral even before they met up again?

  72. Given the masculine appearance of the mask, I’m going to go ahead and theorize that our new mysterious friend is in fact a girl. I’m unsure as to what Holland’s up to, and whether or not he’s indeed a double agent or just a well-meaning, Dumbledore-esque secretive person by nature. Only time will tell.

    Fun tidbit, though: I noticed Mask face has brown hair and somewhat prominent eyelashes. Food for thought.

  73. I can assure you that this “Jyaku”character is not a deer-like race,becuase if you look closely at the third panel,he is not only wearing a colorful mask,but also the skin of a deer on his head. and,his hair is seperate from them both.

  74. Rereading the comic there is a theory that has come to my mind. Is there anyway that this new character has been following Meela and Feral this whole time? It is alittle hard to tell whither this new character is mire concerned about one or the other because the sentence could apply for both. Howelse could this person had known or wondered that Feral was traveling with Meela or the vise versa unless (s)he was following them? This person maybe related to one or both of them and that is his (her) reason for the concern.

  75. He says that like a facebook status update. “It’s complicated” XD

  76. who the hell is that guy?

  77. The nature of their relationship is that of an older brother and much younger sister (not that complicated.).

    1. It’s much more complicated than that, actually.

  78. I’ve always been very suspicious of Holland.


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