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    (or she?)

    1. Ummm The main reason why I think it’s a dude possibly is look at the neck. Anatomy wise a man’s neck is thicker than a woman’s and Jyaku does seem to be somewhat masculine in appearance to me. Oh well! I guess we’ll see >u>

      1. I’m a female (15 years going to 16 soon) yet I have a man-like thickness to my throat/neck. But technically, ya. A man is supposed to have a thicker neck than women :3

        1. i’m getting the man vibe too – but mostly b/c of the antlers.

        2. Also he has antlers and If I’m not mistaken, he has antlers in deer form, and in only a couple of species of deer do females have antlers. I’m pretty sure this character is male. look at the structure in the vote incentive.

        3. But sometimes looking at it it could be a very muscular female…maybe we’ll see~

    2. Ladies and gentlemen – the invention of Twitter. :O


    1. I looove the detail on that guy! but wait this wasn’t the same page you blocked out…hmmmm.I confused xD;

      1. It’s the page before, they’re about a page ahead :D

  3. whoa who’s that guy, and excellent work by the way :)

  4. Cool, now we finally see what that jingling was about. Is he another bounty hunter? I bet hes a from a bird clan, considering he had to understand bird to get Holand’s message

    1. But he also seems to have antlers. :3

      1. I think that’s just his headress.

        1. His head dress is rather deer-esk, maybe we’re looking at a deer-changling clan type person? :)

        2. He’s a deer person – in the character list, it says he’s “Cervian” which I strongly suspect, given the authors’ habit of using names derived from latin [e.g. Piper is a “Vulpian” which comes from the word “Vulpes” and Meela and Feral are “Luipians” which comes from the word “Lupus”] is derived from the word “Cervidae” or “Cervine” which mean “of the deer family”. Plus, he has antlers.

          However, it’s worth noting that Holland, as a “Lyrian” breaks this pattern – my guess is the word is based on the word “lyric” which actually derives from ancient Greek song and poetry – I assume their reason is that, you know, birds sing and stuff.

          I had to look up the genus for deer however, because I didn’t recognise that one. :)

  5. OAO Huh?

  6. first reaction: AHHHH! RUN HOLLAND!

    1. Willow the Clever

      Ditto. XD

  7. *A* Maybe he’ll help with Meela’s wolf form? Idk, I’m probably way off.

  8. How do you pronounce Jyaku? Before I get the wrong pronunciation stuck permanently in my head :)

    1. Jee-ya-ku, the Jee is shorter in sound though.

      1. oooooh i though it was ji-a-koo

  9. I feel like I’ve missed something….

    1. Haha, same!

    2. same as well/ lol

    3. thelightedDarkness

      Yeah, me too

    4. Yah. Were there jingles before this page?


    1. Ok, anyone else get a Stalker vibe from this guy who some how knows where Holland is?

  11. I WANNAA wear it!!

  12. It looks like you could say that Jyaku got Holland’s tweet. XD

    1. LOL!!!! Good one. :)

  13. lol, Holland. <3 "YOU GOT MY BURD."

  14. That. Is an awesome outfit. I love the mask and all the details on it. May I ask what animals inspired the design of the mask, or would that give away future plot points? [My guess is bison/deer, but I’m curious.] As much as I am digging the cloak, I want to strip it off so I can see the full splendor of the outfit beneath. Speaking of the cloak, the branch shadows creeping over it add a neat effect.

    Superb update! Love the new character already, so much so I want to make fan art of them. <3 Looking forward to the next page!

  15. I’ll be honest I haven’t read the comic yet, but this page has really got me impressed. Superb!

  16. Hmmm, looking at his ear gives me the feeling that he/she is a lupian, too…

  17. My guess–this is a she. Because webcomics are like that. If this person isn`t a woman, then sorry for doubting your manliness, dude. XD

  18. Whoa, it’s the jingle~!

  19. looks kind of like a shaman.

  20. “You got my bird” lol Holland
    Oooo awesome-looking jingle man/women!

    i think i have seen those legs before! :O
    and if Im correct on where i have seen him then… >u> hehehhe

    1. I had the same reaction! Loved the shoes when I first saw them, so I got happy to see them again. XD

    2. Where had you seen the boots?

      1. voting incentive ;)
        IF my intuition is correct

  22. Lolwut?

  23. Looks like a LITTLE BIRDY told Jyaku where Holland was!
    LOLOLOLO -Shot.-

  24. He looks awesome. O 3 O

  25. Looks like Holland wandered into a different webcomic xD

  26. O_= *squints* umm…. pretty sure that’s a guy but could be wrong. He looks like a buffallo tweeter to me.

  27. Da heck!? :V

  28. Oh. Hello, random person with really epic mask.

    1. Nice one!

  29. hm…. friend or foe? friend or foe?

  30. THAT’S what the jingling was! I was wondering if they forgot about it or if it was really something!!!

  31. Ok my first impression was “Ahh… creepy dude.” My second impression was “Oh, cool dude.” But now a closer look at the eyes has me wondering… cool woman?

  32. what jingle WHAT JINGLE? D:
    I feel like I really missed something…

    1. Back right before the party, Meela heard a jingle coming from the woods that was never explained, until now.

  33. My guess: A Holland’s vassel. You know, servant of the prince kinda thing?

  34. NEW CHARACTER. How exciting!

    1. Totally! That is, assuming he/she really IS a new character…after all, he/she does wear a mask, and there can only be so many possible reasons for that. XD

  35. Pretty sure it’s going to be a ‘She’. >>

  36. dundundun, indeed :P

    this guy looks like he can take good care of Meela. XD but we all know she’s staying with Feral

  37. At first I was like WTF but now I’m loving his mask <3
    Amazing page, guys, keep up the incredible work.

  38. Definitely one of my favourite pages so far.

  39. yet another character appearance…sweet


  41. I wonder how much fun it would be to cosplay that guy. lol

  42. Why do I sense that this character may be a pain in the butt to draw multiple times? But u guys r great artists, u’ll pull it off!

  43. Woah! Back the F up! *hides* Srsly, deer man is freaking me out.

  44. On my search for previous jingles I discovered Jyaku is from Holland’s home? The questions blaze like fire!

  45. Okay, so this is the jingle person, but we’ve seen those feet before!! In one of the vote incentives, the picture of young Holland and Feral, there was a person in the foreground from mid-thigh down! THIS IS THE SAME PERSON!! :D

    1. You are SO right! Wow, didn’t catch that!
      I did catch the jingles, however.

      1. me too, i thought that the jingle would be some kind of assassin or something like that, glad to be wrong!

  46. I feel like I totally missed some kind of special jingling somewhere…

    What’s everyone talking about?

    1. Right before the party, when Meela and Holland are walking up to the door, Meela hears a jingling coming from the woods behind them. It wasn’t explained until now.

  47. *A* Tribal looking stuff! I LOVE THAT. So pretty!

  48. Mysterious character! Yay!

  49. This is absolutely beautiful! What amazing and intricate detail!

  50. jingle discovered.

    1. I also have this feeling that “he” is sctually a she. I could be wrong, but…

  51. My sister and I think the mask looks like a mandrill.

    1. a mandrill mixed with a bull or something…

  52. oh. That was unexpected.
    I was surprised when he (jyaku) was the jingle sound “source”
    seem that Holland knows him… hmm… jyaku … funny name ^.^

  53. i think those might be a man’s eyes….
    also where can i get a bird? they seem to be quicker than texting :)

  54. Ok, crazy speculation… Has anyone else gotten the feeling that Holland… -isn’t- one of the good guys? I know that having many secrets doesn’t make someone a bad guy, but there’s something “off” about him that is starting to make me question his motives. What better person to hide darker motivations than one everyone instinctively trusts? Then again, he could be hiding other motivations entirely, that aren’t of a darker nature.

    1. And there’s this from the Characters page:

      Despite his endearing personality, he often seems to be blatantly hiding things, glossing over them with a smile and a change of subject. One has to wonder if his true motives are as they seem or well-hidden behind a playful grin.

      1. there’s something to be considered in what you say….i will scrutinize Holland more closely from now on

    2. but if Holland was a bad guy, why would Feral allow for him to tag along rather then kill him? They’ve obviously known each other for a while.

    3. I’ve got the feeling still. But he’s still one of my favorite characters. lol
      wait. IS my favorite character!

    4. Nah, he’s too smiley to be a bad guy. (And too adorable :D)

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Thats what they want you to think…………….

  55. *twitch* Nnh.. the suspense!! *drool* nead moar! Friday! Y u no come faster??

    1. why indeed!!!

  56. nyeh I need more! Is it possible to become addicted to online comics? -sigh- D:

  57. I can’t open up this page on my IPod nor my laptop. Am I the only one?

  58. There’s no image or thumbnail.

    1. Same here, if u read my previous post. :/

      1. Same :/ *sigh* I’ll just check back later in the week…

  59. Does anyone automatically hear the jingle like the Blue Spirit’s jingle from Avatar? That’s what I hear lol.

    1. thelightedDarkness

      I do!

  60. I can’t see the page D: Is this because of the recent attack?

  61. WAHHH i cant see the page! :( i cant see alot of pages actually. WATS GOIN ON!

  62. I can’t see the page either :(

  63. NYA!

    The page ish gone! D:

  64. me thinks no one can see the pages
    maybe technicall stuff ups

  65. YAY the pages are fixed!

    … you know what I think of when I see this page?
    Harry Potter Puppet Pals- The mysterious ticking noise! Only the Mysterious Jingling Noise!
    …yeah that’s my brain for ya.

  66. I still can’t get to the home page…it says “Site Temporarily Unavailable.”….

  67. i totally had a dream with jyaku in it. it was real weird, lol

  68. Well.. Because of the Antlers, I’d have to say it’s a female. (considering they are normal deer antlers and not impala or reindeer) and the name, Jyaku is a male name.

  69. something tells me he’s a guy, especially the name

  70. hm… all those clothes tell me he’s either REALLY ugly… or REALLY supermegafoxyawesomehot!

  71. Yeah, i’m sure he’s a guy, why would they suddenly bring a buff girl into the comic?, its just weird, and doesn’t make sense, its obviously a guy, and look how they draw male, and female legs, the female legs are skinnier and more sexy, where as the male legs are more muscly and thick c:

  72. I love Jyaku’s design
    He’s so cool looking!


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