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Deep thoughts are deep. And jeez, Holland just cannot go for too long without smiling.

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  1. Wow this page is full of emotions, wonderful job guys. Now Feral what will you do: teach Meela how to fight or will you find her a new home?

    So much suspense!

    1. He better not find her a new home!!!!!! lol she’s good for him. XD

    2. He’ll probably teach her how to fight- Considering the Chapter’s title illustration.

    3. I’m just going to wait and see where the story takes me. ^^

  2. Ohhh getting good. Hollan’ds my favorite but I have a lingering suspicion about him. oh well…>u>

    1. He seems a little dodgy at times – almost definitely hiding something.

  3. ;A: Waaah don’t leave her!

  4. ugh holland… make up your mind!

    1. aw, Feral broke his sword…

      1. lol yea seems to have over used it just a tad too much…

        1. Haha. guess so.

      2. maybe if he didn’t hate trees it wouldn’t have broke

  5. Nothing to think about here Feral! Leaving Meela behind NEVER works, just save yourself the trouble and train the girl. :)

    1. yes Feral liston…. you already tried to ditch her… how many times now?

      1. I wholeheartedly agree!!

        1. she will track you down, and show up just in time to possibly save your life but also inadvertently screw up whatever you were doing, and maybe even get herself hurted.
          you gotta keep her outta trouble

  6. Man she’s gonna be so BEAST if Feral trains her! Anyone would be beast if trained by him!

    1. Except Holland…
      He may not be beast… but he is AWESOME
      (all those faces prove my point) XD

  7. This page inspired some super fast fanart hehe~!
    “Lets go Feral! Train me, I’m ready! What are we going to start with first!? Hunting? Fighting!?! C’mon Feral! I’m ready!”

    I can, SEE IT NOW man hehe aaah! I really do love this comic~! Since page one!

    1. This is so great. Thank you xD

    2. LOL I LOVE that picture! XD Awesomeness!!

    3. Super cute and funny picture! It made me laugh, which I totally needed. :)

    4. Haha that’s great!

    5. Heehee. I can totally understand how Feral training Meela will end up:

      Meela: Am I doing it right? Huh?
      Feral: …
      Meela: YAYZ IMZ doingz it rite!
      Feral: *FACEPALM*

    6. love it!!!

  8. Feral: Don’t you dare get rid of Meela! It probably wouldn’t work anyway, but still!
    I reckon Meela would make an epic little fighter xD

  9. aww feral broke his sword

  10. NAWW!!!
    I wonder what he is gonna pick to do!
    Though I have a feeling I know…
    NEH! We shall see! <..>!!!

    Great comic, can’t wait till next weeks update. :D!!!

  11. I can’t wait to see Meela and Feral when they reunite!! CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!

  12. i just wanna know if visral is going to get meela before feral comes back
    OHHHHH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh you’re right…. forgot about kittty guy there for a bit

      1. Alvara how could you forget about the guy who looks like Shiva? :p

  13. Feral: “Me? Training a pup? Maybe I should just stab myself…”

    1. LOL!!!!

      Blast it all, those thoughts instantly transform the last panel into something unintentionally hilarious. :)

      1. Reads this. Cocks head. Scrolls up. Roflmao!

        1. I did the same thing! lolz. I already loved his expression in the last panel: now it’s even better!

  14. lol Those blades could use a brake too! XD

  15. I love that even how angry Feral was at Holland the previous night with what happened to Meela, he doesn’t seem to be holding it against him right now. :) It’s too often that people have their characters too angry for too long.
    Can’t wait for the next update!

  16. I’m shure Meela will be kidnapped. It’s just too beatiful to let them meet so fast.
    But I want them to meet :C

  17. Hehe the speach bubble in the first panel makes it look like the leaf is talking. Besides that I can’t wait for the next page!

    1. Yes you’re right it does!

      1. *snicker* talking leaves

  18. You know, the “…” doesn’t have the same effect when you remember that Feral is mute. XD

  19. I wonder how her hunting training will go. She was crying just eating a rabbit in the beginning. XD I can’t see her killing one.

  20. Woah, just love this page. You can just feel Feral’s indecision.

  21. One of the things I love about Strays is how expressive you can make someone who can’t speak. Sure, Feral can communicate just fine through writing, but he often doesn’t NEED to.

  22. ahh, knife if broken, sad face :(

  23. Nooooooo Feral dont leave herrrr

  24. Wow Holland looks so cute when he’s not smiling!


    DUN DO IT. *flails*

  26. wow…..intense……..San want more!

  27. TEACH! TEACH! TEACH! You can do it, Feral! …how you can teach her without talking, though… that’ll be difficult…

  28. I wasn’t too sure about Holland at first, but I think by now he’s one of my favorite characters–as mischievous as he was earlier, he’s talking a lot of sense here.

    Are we going to have more development of his background–like those family issues that made him run away when he was younger, and I hear he has a younger sister…? If not, I understand, if it’s Meela and Feral’s story (they’re both great characters too.) :)

    1. I think there will at least be some more backstory to Feral and Holland’s friendship (and in turn, possibly more backstory to Holland’s past); the “vote incentive” a few incentives ago was a “flashback” of the pair of them.

  29. I think Feral likes Meela too much to get her a new home. She’s his family! :D

  30. He’s most likely gonna teach her to fight because Meela wont let him give her away, right? Right?!

  31. thelightedDarkness

    Yay! Now you need new swords Feral.

  32. I feel like he’s going to try to find her a new home, but she’s going to end up just leaving and going to find Feral again. She’s pretty attached to him, after all. Donno, maybe I’m waaaay off.

  33. He’s going to find her a new home… and then she’s gonna run away and find him again… and most likely need to be rescued…

  34. Even if Feral DOES try to ditch her, she won’t stay put. She’d just find him again. But somehow I don’t think he’ll try to leave her behind somewhere. He cares for her too much, and I think he realizes it would be futile, as well as possibly even more dangerous to leave her somewhere than take her with him, trained.

  35. Sometimes not being able to talk can come in handy… Feral doesn’t have to tell anybody what he’s thinking. But yeah, if you don’t decide to teach her, Feral, you’re going to be in trouble with the fangirls!

  36. Feral needs a new knife, these just cant sustain the power of his attacks.

  37. Why did the dagger broke? O.o

    1. I think because all the non-stop magic he’s been blasting from them have taken a serious toll.

    2. Because feral hates trees

      1. Also viable option

  38. just another troll

    ' *chnk*

  39. ~Theory Time~ I wonder if Feral was afraid of teaching Meela how to survive on her own because he didn’t want her to leave.

  40. Feral is going to have a hard time training Meela when he can’t even talk! maybe he can write down the instructions or something….

    1. but he writes in a werid ancient language remember

      1. but he also writes in the not-weird ancient language. He can write normally as well.

  41. Oh Feral, you’re secretly a softie deep down…

    Also, there something extraordinary about a man who can steal your heart without saying a single word.

  42. Feral really does care, you can see it in his face, much like a parent’s face when their child is wounded or in need of attention. If that wasn’t the plan, please elaborate your ruse.

  43. Water washing away a scent is a actually a myth. Rain intensifies smells. Nice page though, despite that!

    1. *is actually

      Ah, cursed by typos.

  44. Wow. I bet Meela is going to be a bit slow in learning on how to be kick ass. I can’t wait though till she is good at fighting and kicks someones ass. Mainly Feral’s. Bwa ha ha ha.

  45. Holland said it washed away their trail, not their scent. He’s most likely referring to their tracks.

  46. I love feral and meela can’t wait till Friday :3

  47. My prediction for the next page (after seeing the livestream for it a few weeks back) is that we’re finally going to meet the new character (who is supposedly tall). S/he is probably the source of the mysterious “jingle” too. Or I’m entirely wrong :)

    1. Or your partially right and it’s visseral that was being hidden from us in the live stream

      1. Yeah that’s what I said. I think Holland has the potential to be bad. Oh well he’s still my favorite little flamboyant prissy prince. <3

    2. A wild name appears

      what “jingle”?

        1. A wild name appears

          Thanks, i totally forgot about that. it was FOREVER ago.

  48. So much good news! :I

  49. I can see a page that has feral is trying to teach meela something and she screws it up, it’s gotta happen

  50. i wont lie i love this comic!

  51. I can see this being a WONDERFUL animated series…possibly adapted for television by the same team who created Avatar: The Last Airbender and the new Avatar: Legend of Korra!!! They’d be GREAT!!! =D

  52. Why.. Are there so many leaves fallin’?
    Oh well… Tis it must be getting closer to autumn. Lol.. I dunno I’m just rambling at this point.
    Can’t wait to see the latest update :3 I’m sure we will find out the person/animal who made the jingling noises. >:D
    Or, we see that Feral desides to take Meela under his wing. :)
    I sure hope he does.

    1. Oh, and you were right! Jingle, jingle…

  53. Lolz, I love the bit of Feral’s blade that falls off in the last panel. His expression is hilarious!

  54. NUUUU!!!!! The site is buggy!!! D: I have no strays to read!!!!!

  55. Last panel: Feral: Aw I damaged my knife.

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