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Jeez, Holland, you won't let Feral get a word in edge-wise. Oh wait...

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  1. :3 Meela will become even more epic.

    1. Can Meela become a Magical Girl? Please? :D

      1. that would be so cool :O

      2. XDDDDDD

      3. But being Meguca is suffering…

        1. ಥ___ಥ

      4. XD Depending on where you’re drawing that inspiration from, that would be most epic. Most epic indeed.

    2. Hey what’s your fav magical girl mine is ultimate madoka

  2. Man I wish we could know what he’s thinking…

    1. From the look on his face he seems pretty upset and guilty. Same goes for the status of all the trees and rocks…dude feels real bad.

      1. He doesn’t really LOOK all that guilty or upset to me. I’m certain he feels that way to a degree, but his expression seems more thoughtful than anything. Like he’s considering Hollands words.

    2. He’s probably thinking, “I didn’t even ask her to come along!! She just FOLLOWED me!!” :P

      1. Yeah — but where else can she go?

  3. Looks like we’re going to be seeing some rather interesting updates in the near future. Holland’s got the right idea. I just wish someone had thought of it sooner :\

  4. Master Feral or Feral-sensei lol. yes I said it.

    1. Master Feral-sensei

    2. Master Feral-sensei Sir!

      1. Agreed to all of the above ^^^^

      2. Master Feral-sensei-sempai-sama-taichou-sama-senpai-KUN~!!

        Free cookies to those who get the reference!!!

        1. 8U Naruto abridged?

    3. Mister Assassin Master Feral-sensei Sir!!! XD

      1. That one too ^

    4. Seifu Feral

      1. STOP IT! (Lol! XD)

    5. Nii-san <3

  5. Oh snickerdoodles, YES. Feral-mentor time sounds absolutely fantastic. I applaud Holland’s straightforwardness and approach to the situation.

    Bring on more awesomeness, I welcome it.

  6. Come on Holland, now you’re making it sound like this was all Feral’s fault for not training her sooner. >:
    Feral. don’t beat yourself up buddy!

  7. Yay! Learning time, for Meela! :D

  8. The first thing I notice is that Feral isn’t disagreeing about Meela tagging along anymore. Of course Feral has become attached to her so it’s not surprising. If he hadn’t become so attached he wouldn’t have acted so rashly to save her.

    Also, Feral seriously has sexy arms in the last panel, not that he doesn’t normally, just really obvious there.

    1. Is it bad that I thought that too? Dem muscles.

  9. Man it’d be cool if this dream connection Meela seems to have about Feral, could somehow help him communicate to her.. ~ I wonder what the first things he would say- if he could finally say them.. XD Probably nothing too nice though haha :3

    1. I think he would say only two words “I’m Sorry” and I don’t mean for just what happened to her on the roof with that poison.

    2. That would seriously make my life. Like legit. o.o

  10. will Feral teach meela how to use her wolf form???
    wonder what feral wants to say…

    if meela doesn’t even want to hurt a bunny how do u think she learns to fight ? ~.~

    somehow it seems like holland is teaching feral now :P ~dont know why…

    1. Well she did stab Visrial in the leg. So I don’t think she has much reservation about that. :D

  11. Yes! Kudos to Holland for pointing out the important things. If we didn’t know Visrial was was hunting them, I could see a training montage in there very soon. :)

    Judging by the cover of the new chapter, I think that yes, Feral will teach Meela how to go into her wolf form–can’t wait!

  12. Mother Hen Holland is scolding Papa Feral, eheheh. This makes me excited! Cue the training montage! -shot- Oh, but I really am excited to see progress in this! :D

    1. I’m actually kinda hoping for a montage too! :3 (yeah, I’m crazy…)
      Can’t wait for the next update!

  13. Geeze, Holland xD

  14. Aww! Holland really is such a good guy! He’s super worried about her.

  15. I really hope that Ferral teach Meela how to fight like an Assassin or something really cool!!!

  16. Soooh excited for the next page! 0.0

  17. Oh good, this is the better choice of the two possibilities I predicted…either that Feral has to teach Meela to NOT do something stupid like she did last, or that Feral kicks her out on her own so that she won’t be in danger from his job anymore.

    Teaching is much better I think >>;


  18. And Feral’s thinking that at this point an orphanage isn’t looking so terrible.

  19. I can’t wait to see how their lessons go :)
    Feral already “taught” Meela how to fish, so thats a good start rite?

  20. Uh-oh. Why does my brain tell me Feral might abandon her to avoid getting her into trouble?

    1. That’s what I thought…

    2. That does seem like one of two possible options….either he trains her so she can stay, or he makes her leave/abandons her so she won’t be in trouble with his line of work.


  21. O-O’ Holland has no eyes at the last slide!XDDDDDD

    1. Because his eyes in the fourth panel are so gorgeous, he didn’t need them. :)

      1. ROFL. XDD

  22. Have I mentioned yet how much I love Holland? :3

  23. me thinks… several things…=D
    1. they’ll be attacked by that panther
    2. feral would most definitely become meela’s mentor
    3. meela will discovers feral’s secret to being mute (well won’t happen probably till next chapter)
    4. feral would get a commision in capturing meela as a bountyhunter (well won’t happen probably till next chapter)

    conclusion and that’s where things would get interesting!!!! =D rock on!

    1. I misread #2 as: “feral would most definitely become meela’s MOTHER”–ha!

      1. thelightedDarkness

        So did i! XD

  24. And how to morph into a wolf, Holland, don’t forget that one! Though he’s probably as uninformed as she is.

  25. Cool, I feel that we’ll get some very incredible scenes in the future.

  26. aaaahhh a quick lesson in parenthood. Is Feral up for THAT challenge? >D

  27. This is exactly what just went through my mind after reading this.

    Feral: “Yes Mother Goose I’ll teach her everything you want!”
    Holland: “Good and while you’re at it you can teach her…. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TO ME!?”
    Feral: ……


  28. It’s not really Friday until Strays updates. :D Made my morning a lot better.

  29. I didn’t really expect Holland to say this, but I’m glad he did. Feral really needed to realize this. ^^

  30. What if he…doesn’t…intend to let her stay… He’s tried to pawn her off on people where he knows she’ll be safe like three times already…
    Also, I wonder what will happen when she calls him by his real name!

  31. :D GO HOLLAND! I think this is great! I also think Meela is totally up to the challenge! Also, I think he will let her stay(seeing as she’s so damn hard to get rid of xD) because I think he’s become attached to her :P


    1. Hmm.. Also, are belly-tunics the style in this world? No I’m not letting this go xD

      1. Holland likes them and I think Feral just lost a button. XD

        1. I was actually wondering about that little split in the front for a while now.

  32. Yes, teach her to be useful and less irritating.

  33. Teaching without being able to talk is going to be difficult. Especially since Meela talks so much.

  34. XD Feral getting a word in edgewise… that’s funny…

  35. Holland:Now that I’ve lectured you, what is your personal past with meela??? She’s had a bad meetings with you bounty hunters, so Wat the heck?!?!?

    Me: yeah really!!!!!! Teeeeeell meeeeeee! >:c

  36. AWWWW. <3 When Holland said, "That life is no place for a pup," I thought he was going to guilt Feral into giving Meela up. But instead he's persuading Feral to not only keep her, but give her awesome skills! ^____^ Holland, you are the best. Never change.

    1. Yeah, I thought Holland would try to make Feral ditch her too. Happy that he didn’t. I think Holland likes her too much to leave her somewhere.

  37. They’re all going to become one big screwed up metaphorical family. I can just tell.

    1. Feral will be the dad, Piper will be the mom, Meela will be the daughter…

      …and Holland will be Child Protective Services. XD

      1. I love this comment.

  38. this is a great page, i reckon feral was trying to decide whether he should let her go or something, holland might just have saved her :) holland is awesome :)

  39. Holland is a Lupin, right? I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t have a tail…

    1. Holland isn’t a Lupian (they turn into wolves). Holland is a Lyrian and turns into a swan instead, which is why he is tail-less :) As seen here:


  40. HOLY CRUD!!!!
    Is Holland a comment reader?!?!? I posted that (similar) thing on the LAST page! O.O

    … I’m psychic or something XD nah, JK :P

    1. We know Holland is a spoiled princeling – who’s telling what sorts of goodies he keeps in his satchel? Strays Volume I, Volume II.. he may own and have read the entire series already.

      1. my god.. YOU’RE (probably) RIGHT!!! ,(OoO),

  41. Holland’s younger than Feral. :P (the page ends up being a little funny when I think about that)

  42. I love how even though Feral can’t talk, his expressions speak their own words x3 plus maybe this is the time when Meela will learn to change into a wolf xD

  43. Love it! Huge fan!

  44. -jumps up and down fangirlishly- more please :D

  45. Anyone else curious with how Meela will adjust to Feral kind of replacing her brother? Just saying….

    1. OMG, I didn’t even think of that! …here comes the angst….

  46. Aww.. Meela’s two daddies are having a discussion about her upbringing.

    The next page:
    Lesson #1: How to Kick Someone in the Head

    1. will Feral be teaching or Piper? we all know Holland has to teach Lesson 2: The Princely Faces of Awesome :)

  47. I just hope Piper doesn’t jump on this. >>

    I can only imagine how she would try to sneak things in with poor Meela. :C

  48. So…. now Feral is showing off his bellybutton….
    Go Holland! I love him, so much. But I love Feral more…. He must feel SO bad about how things turned out…. He went on the mission against his better judgement (I think, it seemed like he didn’t want to at first).

  49. Feral, you’re gonna have to start being a real dad now and teach your pup

  50. Hahaha, I was thinking the author comment exactly.

  51. Tell him Holland! TELL HIM! I guess this is going to lead to him teacher her how to transform?

  52. Part of me really wants a time jump after a training montage. Imagine grown up (sexy~) Meela and Feral being partner assassins.

  53. Ohmygosh! I’m loving it so far!! I love the way you guys draw their expressions, it’s so adorable! You have me hooked. I am absolutely in love with your comic now. (: I can’t wait to read more! <3

  54. and so it begins.

  55. I’m am such a sap for leading character pair ups, so the thought of Meela and Feral seemed so darn cute. (Of course not NOW, that would just be wrong…and illegal in 171 counties) I’m itching to know what Meela will be like as an adult and the whole Avela being a lot younger than Terin gave me that little tingle of hope~ Then I read the Bio page and saw the age gap TxT. Awh well. I shall forever cling to the thought.

  56. Holand has the right idea, training is what best at times when you have to survive. If you don’t have a base training of what’s out there, you might end up in a tighter situation.

    I discovered this comic this morning.
    me gusta.

    QQ now I have to wait like all the others sadface.

  58. So if Mal was suppose ot be a demon… did Yuan get an eye transplant from Mal to get the demon eye and he forgot who he was and became Ferel?

  59. “Jeez, Holland, you won’t let Feral get a word in edge-wise. Oh wait…”


  60. thelightedDarkness

    Feral, you beat up your knives from your affairs with the trees….. -_____________- whale is not pleased.

  61. Sorry I am french .
    I very like this stories but I can’t enderstand everything because it is in English.
    Exists t-il a translation of Strays in French? And if yes where to find it ?
    ps:It is not my e-mail

  62. perfect fight music for meela

  63. It’s really funny to see how Feral’s face has changed from the beginning of the comic to now. I love seeing art evolve. 83

  64. Oohh… Feral got in trouble! >:3

  65. Piper has got to end up playing a role in all of this somehow. XD

  66. Feral looks so guilty…

  67. i love this comic!! i’m sooo glad my friend showed me this XXD

  68. OMW!! i just saw the streaming of the page making! The computer background was that picture of Zack Fair and the white feather from Final Fantasy!!! AWESOMENESS!!!

  69. I love Feral and meela!! Also I can’t wait till’ friday

  70. I feel for Feral. I’m sure hes beating himself up over the whole thing and blames himself for what has happened to Meela. Such a great work on the comic so far; I do hope you end up making over 20 chapters :)

  71. So did Feral get a hair cut or did the style just change?

  72. I’ve always wished that Feral could talk. I’m trying so hard to figure out what he thinks of Meela and whether or not he still considers her a bother but it’s hard to tell.

  73. I thought he was going to tell Feral about Meela’s history.

  74. I feel sorry for Meela, Feral will be a strict teacher

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