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Holland's got the moves!

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  1. Feral looks so young on this page!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      1. I don’t think it’s only on this page but on this chapter, maybe the clothes do that to him? :)

        1. It is so definitely the hair. His hair is shorter and smoother than it used to be.

        2. And maybe it’s also because that his eyes are drawn a bitt bigger with comparision to his face, and they are more… oval?

    2. It’s probably because he isn’t glaring.

      1. Sounds about right! He tends to glare quite a lot, doesn’t he? (Probably because of Meela XD)

    3. I’ve noticed that too. He used to be draw with much sharper features in the beginning of the comic, but I think the ladies have changed their style a bit, which is to be expected. :)

      1. not to mention his eyes are bigger and he looks a little guilty for throwing that thing at Holland

      2. I’d say it’s a little of both. An artistic shift as well as a difference with his facial expression. If you compare how he looks on the cover of Volume 1 ( to here, the glare and sharper eyes definitely have an effect on his overall appearance.

    4. plus his hair is laid out a bit differently on his face. I know that can cause a bit of change in their appearence at times.

    5. I just realized that by the last panel, went back, and he does the whole page. XD And no earrings.

      1. no earrings? I can see some… XDD they are little but still are >>

    6. Oh my God. Holland’s face. His eyes. So freaking funny. Now go see Meela <3

    7. omg yes!!!

    8. He did look unintentionally young in the last panel. I went back and adjusted it a bit, but part of it is because he isn’t scowling like usual. It tends to make him look older.

    9. Willow the Clever

      I think that the change is less in physical change and more in spiritual change. How long do you think it’s been since he’s worried about someone other than himself? He has someone he really cares about now; someone he feels like he needs to protect, and that’s changed him.
      Before he seemed like a hardened criminal, now he’s got some older-brotherly traits.

  2. Totally called it in the Livestream. :P He was working off that energy he drained. \ o / +1

  3. They really need to learn to not sneak up on feral…

    Lol his face XD

    1. does anyone else wonder what happened to the other sword?

      1. He’s probably holding the both of them in his right hand so he could help Holland up.

  4. Oh my god. XD Oh Holland, leave it to you to give both Feral and yourself a heart attack. XD

  5. Lol at Holland’s face on the third panel XD


      1. I would by it to!!!

      2. I third that motion!

      3. I would torture small bunnies to get that button!

        I’m kidding, bunnies are too cute for that. Like Holland’s facial expression. :D

      4. I WANT THAT BUTTON O_______________________O

    2. OMG! i love Hollands Face!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i laughed so loud and so long lol ^_^

      1. in shourt i would soo love a button of that face lol ^_^

    3. His face is soooo LOL i couldn’t stop laughing, hilarious!!! X3

  6. Feral does look young in this page… perhaps the worry lifting from him? :’) Plus that “dark energy” Holland’s talkin’ about can add years to your face. *nods wisely*
    Awesome page!

  7. Holland
    the man with many faces.

    1. I know! I think I love him specially because of that factor and because he is just plain awesome!

  8. lol Holland’s face xD rofl and I want the next page so badly!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T Dx

  9. The next vote incentive… can it be a wallpaper of Holland’s mad moves? xD I can’t get enough of his facial expression here. The scream makes it even more comical.

    One thing: I didn’t notice it in the Livestream, but I think the last panel corner creates an odd tangent with Feral’s shoulder. I think it’s due to how Feral’s shirt lines up to it. Maybe widening his shoulder a bit could help?

    1. I second the idea for the vote incentive!

      1. I also agree for this idea! O∏O

        1. Emergency_fan_51

          Same here! :D

  10. I still call Holland!! -shot- . He’s my favorite! XD

  11. Kyooot!

  12. I can just hear Holland screaming like a little girl. BWAHAHAHAHAH!

    I think Feral’s shoulders are a bit thinner than normal. It makes him look younger on this page.

  13. Haha I love his Hollands face!! Totally priceless :3 And Feral has muscles!! Holy parc xD

  14. I was right! He was getting rid of Visrial’s energy!

    Love Hollands face and pose when Feral nearly hits him :)

  15. Omg!!! You have to make a print of Holland’s Heart attack face!
    Do it plz!!!

  16. Holland’s got the moves and a scream like a little girl. XD Made me laugh.
    May I once again applaud you for your brilliance at facial expressions? Feral’s face in the second-to-last panel is one we’ve not seen on anyone before and it’s so sincere and just so well done. You are honestly and inspiration. Not to sound sappy and insincere, but it’s true. C:

  17. LOL! Love it….wish these pages came out faster, but I’m just being greedy.

    1. I think we’re all greedy as far as the pages are concerened xD


  19. The was the funniest panel EVER! But yeah, this is the second time Feral’s reflexively almost killed someone. I love his concerned expression there. :)

  20. Lol epic face… This page just made my day~

  21. MeEstaSpeakSPANGLISH

    These boys have an issue with showing off their belly buttons XD 4th panel. I love the page though… but I have a worry in the back of my mind. Only crazy fox lady is watching Meela (I know fox lady’s real name, I just prefer what I dubbed her as x) and Visreal’s on the loose! O.o

  22. I failed my driving exam yesterday (agaaain…), but when I saw this page and Hollands face I started to laugh a lot XD Thank you for cheering me up! <33

    Anyway- now I can see two small scars on Ferals arm, but I didn't nocited them earlier. Is that something new? o_ó

  23. I love Holland’s expression in the third panel!

  24. Feral on fifth panel<3 :DD

  25. Lol Holland’s face.

  26. AHAHAH!! HOLLAND’S FACE!! Aww, Feral is so cuuute! :3 I want to huggle him!!

  27. My prediction was almost spot on, though Feral seems a bit more concerned than he usually is. Something I didn’t think I’d see, he’s usually more serious than that.

  28. BWAHAHAHA!! God, I love Holland! Can I keep him? =3

  29. Erg, I know I should be laughing over Holland’s face in the third panel, but I just can’t get over the terrified look on Feral’s face. I know terrified probably isn’t the right word, but I just mean the whole omigawd-I-almost-killed-my-best-friend kind of look ^.^

    1. I’m sure it’s happened before xD

  30. His eyes are so big and cute in the second to last panel…and the last panel… <3<3<3 You girls are so good at facial expressions!

  31. Holland, you are so graceful in your fear. XD

  32. Please!!!! make a button of that face on Holland! it is so perfect!!!

  33. lol that face holland made when he almost got hit. Sooo funny.

  34. LOLyes I knew it! XD

  35. They should totally put Holland’s face on a button!

  36. Called it!
    Oh, so he took Visrial’s energy? I didn’t think of that part.
    And OH my gosh Feral actually looks like HE wants to give someone a hug. That’s a first.

  37. “AAIIEEEEEE!” Wow that has got to be my favorite panel ever. Holland, that was classy and graceful as always. =laughs=
    Lovely page as always!

  38. pfft Holland… why so manly? XD

  39. I think that is he single most glorious face I’ve even seen Holland create XD

  40. Now I can’t stop singing “Moves like Jagger” in my head to Holland jumping out of the way… thanks Celesse!!! But, I can’t wait for Feral to go and see Meela. I hope more lovely plot unfolds… but I have a feeling Visrial will find them before that happens. Oh or maybe there will be wonderful “girl time” with auntie Piper? :’D

  41. LOL Too much time drawing younger looking lupian aka Meela…and now Feral looks younger. His eyes are bigger and his face is smaller, looks like a teenager.

  42. Aw, finally Feral cares about Meela!!! I can’t wait for their reunion!!!

    1. Willow the Clever

      I think that he’s cared about her for quite a while now, actually. You don’t realize things like that until you almost lose it.

  43. instant ‘innocence’ clicks back on >DD Feral is so moody!

  44. I know everyone else is saying this too, but, Feral *does* look a bit off on this page… Can’t tell if it’s the clothing or the hair, but he looks too young and innocent compared to his usual grouchy self.

    1. Willow the Clever

      I’m pretty sure that it’s on purpose.

  45. Called the almosthitholland move. Oh, and Holland’s FAAAAAACE….!

  46. That Face!!! hahaha!!!

  47. I agree with Jae. He doesn’t look right…….

  48. I just came to tell you that meela is going to be alright. But now *seriously dark expression* tell me why he’s scared of BOUNTYHUNTERS.

    1. Willow the Clever

      I think that you mean ‘SHE’S scared of bounty hunters.’ XD

  49. Lol I meant she.

    1. Willow the Clever

      Oh. Sorry, didn’t see that. XP

      1. Willow the Clever

        Try clicking the ‘Reply’ button next to your comment if you want to add to it or whatever. ^u^

  50. LOL oh Holland <3 And yeah Feral does look a bit off, but his guilty face is so cute :) Love this page.

  51. Dude! Did anyone see how big Holland’s eyes got when he nearly got hit with that purple magig stuff? I laughed my butt off when I saw his eyes. XD

  52. Feral’s look of apology/concern/guilt in the 5th panel is win!

  53. Aw, Feral looks really cute in the second-to-last panel. He has big, innocent-looking eyes.
    hmm… how exactly did Holand escape that? It looked like it was practically touching him right before, and it isn’t shown what happened to it. Did Feral make it disappear before it hit, or did Holand duck just in time?

  54. Oh, for the others who noticed Feral looking younger/more innocent/whatever… I wonder if it could have something to do with Meela’s dream. I mean, Little Feral revealed himself to her, so maybe it kind’a lightened his load or something.
    Either that, or, Feral’s always pretty expressive, so for a page filled with surprise and concern, he would express those things with wide eyes and concerned eyes.

    1. Willow the Clever

      I don’t think that he did that on purpose. He doesn’t even know that Meela knows anything more about him. As far as he’s concerned, she’s been dreaming about bunnies and lollipops.

      1. I didn’t mean to imply that he knows about any of it, I meant more like subconsciously. The dreams have to come from somewhere, right? Else, Meela would just be making it up.

  55. I can’t help but think how great this would look animated. The dialogue, the movements, the elaborate setting…the character expressions…perfect!

    1. To have this turned into an animated series would be an awesome dream-come-true. ;^;

      1. I can only imagine how much that would mean to you. And trust me, we would be behind you ALL THE WAY. Oh, someone ought to take this to Nickelodeon…8D

        1. I did some research and found two ways to do it. First we could have someone register here and post the suggestion to make Strays comic into a tv show.

          Who ever posts must make their age under 18 years of age and they can’t link direct to the Strays website (Unfortunate, but it’s in their rules). Then the rest of us make accounts there too and show MAJOR support for the idea. Or Algy and Celesse can do it the way found here:

          I’ll quote from the site: “Show Ideas

          I have an idea for a show. Whom can I contact about it?

          If you have a programming idea, you must have a licensed agent or attorney contact Nickelodeon Development in writing at:

          1515 Broadway
          New York, New York 10036
          to request a “Submission Release” form. The proposal must be accompanied by the signed submission release for review. If not, the proposal will not be considered.”

          So! I think if they started a donation drive, they could get enough cash to hire a lawer to help them out! I think if we do both, they’ll at least realize Strays is a worthy show with the following it has. I mean, lately Nickelodeon’s shows have been all…junk sense Avatar ended.

        2. Shinjite Florana

          I’m in. Come on fans, let’s pring the THUNDER! Xb

        3. Willow the Clever

          Oh my gosh, that would be totally epic! But why do you have to say that you’re under eighteen? /:’

        4. I don’t honestly know why but in their rules for posting on that forum, if you’re over 18 years old and you post something, they’ll delete your post :/

        5. I second the motion! :D

        6. I don’t know about Nickelodeon. Some of the more violent bits might be cut because it’s a program for children.

          But I do third the motion of this becoming an animated series!

        7. they hosted invader zim, ren and stimpy and a couple other shows that were a little over the top via it being adult themes in the past. so who know. its hard for me to imagine the bunny scene in the begining being for kids. id be okay with my kids watching it cause i feel they need to know where food comes from but not everyone would agree with me

        8. i couldent really picture it as an anime awhile ago, just because animating might take away to much from the quality, but now that you mentioned nickelodeon i could easily see it working in the style used with avatar, gah that would be my new favorite show X3 after its finished they really should look into that, im meen it seems like it would easily be good enough and ive seen worse get made into tv shows.

        9. Yeah, the reason I thought Nickelodeon was because of Avatar. I’m not a fan of MOST American animation going on right now, but Avatar has my utmost approval, so if Strays gets handled by the same staff, words could not express how awesome that would be.

    2. well algy said that strays will most likely run for 3 volumes. So i would think if it became animated maybe it could be an all new adventure all together? I dunno, just an idea/ opinion.

  56. Okay, so, girly squeels in the middle of a conversation get odd looks, just an FYI. But, HIS FACES ARE SO CUTE!!! And the ‘AEE’ did not help matters at all. Waugh, I need next Friday to get here sooner!

    1. Willow the Clever


  57. I love Feral’s expressions in the last two panels! And oh my goodness I can’t WAIT for next friday’s update!!! I want to see how Feral reacts to the good news about Meela!!! =D

  58. I love Holland’s face right there, lol.

  59. AAIIEEEEEE! xD Love that panel, Holland’s faces make me laugh so much

  60. Silly Holland, never sneak up on Feral. Also, Feral looks so adorable on that last panel :D

    1. You’d think Holland would have realised that by now! XD

  61. Feral looks younger here o.o
    Haha, Holland, you idiot xD

  62. That’s a good look for Feral. Open and pretty much light hearted, not swashed with intense focus that is seen on him when he’s working. Gotta show more of that pretty face, Feral. It is even more becoming ^w^

  63. ahh so close

  64. OhMaigosh! Holland’s face is priceless in the third panel! XD

  65. Ahuahauhau I laughed at Holland’s face.
    And Feral was like OMG WTF SORRY SORRY

  66. (Holland’s expression) D8> AIIIIIEEEE!!!= LOL XD

  67. MeEstaSpeakSPANGLISH

    Haha! I think that when Holland attacked Meela’s hair, he also got to Feral. His hair is visibly shorter from the first time we saw him. But he’s still amazing. I missed him in the last few pages… Oh but how I ache for Friday to hurry! I want to see what’s become of Piper and our good friend Visrial…

    1. Now that you mention it…. I notice it too!…. the hair thing I mean….

  68. Lol! I love the 3rd panel, his face is priceless.

  69. ahh–feral’s concern for holland is lovely–it gives me feels!!

  70. For some reason when Holland screamed the voice in my head became very high pitched and girlish. I mean, -really- girlish.

    Am I the only one?

    1. no. I can actually picture that with the way he acts and all

  71. Hollands fave is priceless i almost fell out of my chair laughing but it also made my cat run super fast off my desk and down the hall way i really hope a button will be made of hollands face in panel 3

  72. BAHAHA Holland’s face is priceless! Reminds me of when an arachnophode sees the spider in their bed…. HAHAHA Or when my sister found a spider chillin’ out on her keys and she had to go to work xD AIIIEEE!! KILL IT! KILL IT!
    …at four in the morning…

  73. OMG! I love Holland, his face is just adorable! I HAVE to marry him! <3

  74. This is completely random and has nothing to do with this page (though this page is amazing :D) But i was lookin’ at your wallpapers, and you guys need some mac wallpapers (the icons are on the other side, so it gets all covered up and annoys the – out of me :D

    Holland’s face…. LOL

  75. Haha I like Holland’s dodge.

  76. ahhh, lovin the way Holland dodged that, and his face! priceless, i am ssooo glade i found the link to this place on Arioch’s web page!

  77. Hehehe, epic dodge!

  78. Holland used “Girly Scream” it was super effective.

    XD lol holland.

    1. Im laughing so hard.. i read this in an announcer voice! Hahahaha

  79. moooaaaaarrrrr! :D:D

  80. There should be a badge of Holland’s face on panel 3
    Just love it<333

  81. I don’t normally comment on anything, but I loved the look on Holland’s face. I can just imagine a high pitched scream coming from him also.

  82. If holland amd feral know eachother so well, why the hell dosn’t holland know not to sneak up on him? that bubblehead.

    ( ) single
    ( ) takin
    (x) mentally dateing Feral

  83. Is it just me, or is Feral’s head kinda big in the last panel?… or maybe this computer screen is warping the pic :(

  84. Feral looks relieved… I thought he didn’t like Meela…? :/ hmm.. What on earth coulda changed his mind, I wonder?

    1. Just because he doesn’t like her it doesn’t mean he wants to see her die. ;P

      1. Ahh~ that makes sense ^^

        But he has that look like a father/brother would be relieved.
        As far as I can see, he’s neither XD, but I’m glad he cares :)

        1. Oh, he doesn’t like to admit it, but she’s been growing on him.

          Like fungus. XD

        2. mmmm, fungus…i think seeing her hurt has made her grow on him even more though

  85. Holland’s face made my day.

  86. Two words:
    Holland’s. Face.

  87. Holland…your face…

    I-It’s too much win. ;A;

  88. Hey people, vote on strays!
    Make it more popular!

  89. Willow the Clever

    I was just going down and reading the comments:
    Holland’s face… Holland’s face… girly scream… Hollands face… laughed so hard… Holland’s face… something’s off with Feral… Holland’s face… lol… concern on Feral’s face… girly scream… Holland’s face…

    1. Willow the Clever

      Feral’s shoulder… Holland’s face… girly scream… Feral’s shoulder, Holland’s face…

    2. Willow the Clever

      Hair… hair… hair… hair… Once again–oh what a surprise– Holland’s face.

      1. Willow the Clever


  90. Omg, Holland’s face. And I thought my day couldn’t get any better. :P

  91. I must thank you Holland, for making me refreshed after five hours straight working on my History assessment. I can now return to writing about the Russo-Japanese war with vigour and enthusiasm! (As much enthusiasm as one can have about dead people at ten o’ clock at night, anyway.)

    His face made me grin my fangirl face off. :D

  92. ahaha, Holland is like “Hey man it’s MEEEEOH FSCK”

  93. Hollands face shoud be a button ^^

  94. Hey. I just found this comic and I’d like to say that I’m hooked. :D
    This is fantastically drawn very interesting and the plot is great.

    I cannot wait for the next update.

  95. BAHA third panel=<3

  96. You know, the art quality in this webcomic reminds me a lot of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Detailed realistic backgrounds, lots of cool special effects, and well-designed animesque characters drawn with careful attention to proper anatomy and posing.
    Keep up the good work!

  97. Every day I secretly refresh the page in some false hope that you guys will have updated early and that I can read the next page and be full of glee and whatnot. Every day you don’t (unless it’s Friday, of course) and I just go okayguy.jpg.

  98. Oh. My. Heavens. Hollands expression was PRICELESS! I laughed SO hard when I saw that pannel. XDDD Beautiful page as always. ^.^

  99. He got a hair cut thats why he looks so different

  100. Feral’s so cute :3

  101. Instead of mentioning the hilarity of Holland’s expression of ‘HOLY SHIT,” I’d like to point out…why didn’t I notice Feral’s sexy biceps before? Mmm, them biceps. XD

  102. *DYING WITH LAUGHTER* That FACE!!! That scream! That was hilarious! XD Also, wow, Feral looks the least aggressive and angry-faced that I can remember seeing him in a while. it DOES make him look younger. Nice to see he’s at least forgiven Holland to the point that he actually is happy that he didn’t accidentally slice him, lol.

  103. Ah! Well I guess almost loosing Meela brought Feral out of his moody stupor.

    Ah! back at Holland’s face.

  104. Sorta amuses me that magic isn’t treated as a remotely big deal in this world. No attention drawn to it whatsoever. It is just something that happens… like breathing.

  105. That Holland face needs to be on a button!

  106. Please make a button with Holland’s face! It’s hilarious!

  107. D’AWWWWW, Feral’s concerned face is SO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!

  108. Insert “manly” Pewdiepie scream in the 3rd panel

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