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  1. Feral is back! Yey!!!

    Lol anger issues much?

    1. I think he’s training to be quicker/better so Meela doesn’t get hurt again. Nah, I’m just a hopeless romantic. Who knows? xP

      1. Sounds about right

      2. awwwwwwwwww I was thinking that too :3

  2. SECOND COMMENT. Awesome job! Can’t wait till next one >u>


      1. The bag is not pleased XD

        1. You people and your hilarious jokes XD

  3. He’ll huff, and he’ll puff, and he’ll SLICE THE TREES UP

    1. And the rocks!

      1. And the ground!

        1. And the toothpaste, and my football, and the waffle iron.

          I don’t even know where I got that.

        2. Draconian Flame

          teen titans. Cyborg confronts beast boy while trying to find the remote.

    2. take THAT nature!!1! >:(

  4. i’m guessing he’s upset he couldn’t stop Meela from getting hurt.

    1. Or maybe he’s just practicing the new power he absorbed?….

      1. Well seems like he’ll waste it pretty soon if he keeps this up…

    2. Exactly!

  5. I’m guessing he’s upset that he couldn’t stop Meela from getting hurt. :/

  6. Dude. Jeans exist in this world? *mind blown*

    1. He’s wearing jeans? {scrolls up} WHOA! He’s wearing JEANS!!

      1. lol! I noticed that! It’s amazing right?!

      2. I had to scroll up after reading Cath’s comment. But Jeans were used in the 1800’s. They showed up in 1875 XD

      3. Ahahaha

    2. I know!
      And Feral wears them well ^^
      Just beat up the rocks though, leave the trees alone. Think about the *pears* that you love so much!

    3. That’s what I was thinking when I first saw him. Jeans!!!!! So cool!

    4. Jeans are totally Feral’s style. *o*

    5. Dude…when do I get to see Holland in Jeans XD

  7. Hello~! I’ve been an avid reader of this comic for a couple of months, and let’s just say I’ve fiiiiinnnnnalllly got up enough courage to actually comment. ^^;
    More than anything, this page is really good. Like I really like this page for some reason! And it seems like the artwork has improved…?
    Not saying it was bad before,–in fact, the artwork was what originally drew me in; then the characters tied me down–but it seems different in a good way~.
    So, uh, yeah.
    The characters are engaging and wonderfully thought out, and the plot is certainly mysterious and makes me look forward to each Friday! And of course, I’ve already mentioned the artwork.
    Annnnd that’s all I have to say~.

    TL;DR: everything is awesome.

    1. Narwhal?


  8. Ooo Feral wow! And check out that rock!
    I wonder what that symbol on his hand is.

    1. Maybe he’s part of a clan but is hiding it…?

    2. We saw the symbol on his hand when Feral absorbed Visrial’s (sp?) energy in the last chapter. Glowing red mark thing ring a bell?

    3. I feel like a bad fan… I didn’t notice the jeans OR the symbol on his hand until I read the comments… lol

  9. Therapeutic venting. ;~; Poor Feral.

    1. It helps though :I Sadish but true.

    2. I normally just scream in a pillow, but to each their own, eh? Xb

  10. Holy crap, dude…. chill :P

    1. Lol, chill pill?

      1. Dope then?

  11. ;3; Poor Feral.. I feel sorry for him

  12. Nice! ooh no gloves, we can kinda see the mark on his hand!

    I thought Feral’s Magic was whitish? Is he getting rid of the energy he took from the cat guy?

    1. Also, I gotta say that I am loving the detail of the trees, grass, stones – the whole background in general. Really amazing work!

    2. Delusional-Weirdo

      I was thinking that myself. I could see where he might be trying to use up/expel what he took.

      1. I was thinking that as well, only on this page he also uses purplish magic:

        Compared to here, where Feral’s magic is greenish-whitish:


    3. I dunno. Wasn’t his magic purple when he used his knife to stab the shadows way back when?

    4. What if it’s different types of magic?

      1. I guess this is after the fact, but he is using different weapons on each of those pages. Could it be purple=Knife and Greenish=sword?

  13. Aww, poor Feral! He needs a hug.

    Gosh, I hope he doesn’t hit Holland…

    1. yea I was thinking… What the heck is Holland gonna do that wont get him killed?!

      1. I’m sure Holland knows how to deal with him.

        1. Like tying him to a tree and running away? Or zig-zagging? xD

        2. Shinjite Florana

          Serpentine, serpentine! Xb

  14. Awe. .Poor Feral. :c

    But I mean,seriously. .
    . . .
    Feral and jeans.

  15. Oh blast you Feral! tearing up the furnature again! >.< -rolls up newspaper-

  16. what did the trees do to you feral!!!!

    what did the trees do to you Feral!!!!!

  18. Poor Feral. I didn’t know slicing through every tree and rock in sight was a way to release excess anger…

    Is the mark on Feral’s hand his clan thingo Meela asked him about earlier on? When they first met? :D
    And you undress those trees, Feral… because… they need… undressing… o.O

    1. I think it might just be the weird eye marking on page 193, actually.

      1. It is! I just checked! :o

    2. Clan marks are normally on their shoulder…

    3. I’m guessing some kind of demon power, that he got same way he got his strange eye. After all, don’t think wolfmen usually have the power to suck life out of others (or energize daggers to slice up trees)

  20. :D is he wearing jeans?

  21. !(◎_◎;) welllll…that outfit makes Feral look amazing for some weird reason….d(^_^)b <3

    1. naw he just looks hot

  22. Hope he doesnt hits Holland when he comes…

    1. UltimateShadow-Fan

      As much as he probably WANTED TO all those previous pages. XD

  23. Feral this is not how you mark trees through the woods. It is not even how you lumberjack. D:

    And oh my goodness, are those JEANS? Love this page!

    1. LOL apparently that’s how you mark trees when you’re wearing jeans. I can’t imagine it would be very easy to get that tail out, much less back in xD

  24. Woah… dude.. the poor damn trees… o-o

  25. Actually I’m kind of surprised those blades can hold up to being abused like that.

    1. I’m thinking the magic strengthens them. ‘Cause I’m prettys ure the rocks would have done them in otherwise xD

      1. Doubt he ever came into physical contact with the stone, as seen when he hit the tree.
        But typically the inclusion of magic on natural materials has a degrading effect on their strenght, just by it being added without additional stress from impacts.

  26. Hahaha Feral vs. Trees. Wonder who will win!

    1. Trees, duh xD They’ve stood up to winds worse than Feral’s anger!

      ….Hopefully |D

      1. XDDDD!

    2. Haven’t you ever seen Naruto? Clearly the log wins every time xD

    3. trees… definitely trees

  27. I love this! Feral is finally back! But he is pissed. Wonder why?

  28. I hope Feral is paying enough attention to his surroundings in case cat-man tries to sneak up on him. Also that new tattoo looks a little dark, wonder where he got that.

    1. You mean on his hand? That’s the mark he used to absorb Visrial’s (sp?) energy.

  29. Well well well someone loves trees. xD

    1. OMW!! FERAL’s A TREE HATER!!!! O_o

  30. i see that the energy is now purple instead of yellow-gold

    1. dude! it’s not purple! it’s white and red!

      1. Oooooh… nvm mind man my bad me thinking of different page… but it was always purple anyway…

  31. He’s gonna get all tired out, then how is he gonna fight Kitty?

  32. Those poor trees never did anything to you…

  33. Feral used both light gold and red magic in the last fight. Now purple. Maybe color is only an indication of type?

  34. From some weird reason, Feral’s tail has never looked cuter…

    1. sooo fluffy….. no wonder Meela wanted to call him that XD

  35. Is he releasing all the energy he stole from panther-dude? The purple-ness is the same color as what he was using on the rooftop. But, is that tree bleeding? Or is it also magical residue from the symbol on his palm?
    Oh, and I love the jeans. XD

    1. I noticed that too i’m like “What the heck is the tree bleeding?!”

  36. Feral! I missed him. I love this page too. I cant tell if hes just really angry and blowing off steam or if hes trying to expel some energy from the fight, his red eye still looks alittle glowy too. I’m going to go with angry and too much energy. :)

  37. This may sound weird but feral looks so sexy when he’s angry O_O

  38. ~The Happy Reader~

    Um… Holland, if your gonna see Feral I suggest you stay back a little… Heh heh…. o_o

  39. Yup, definitely a demon.

    1. If he is at all, I’d imagine that he’s not a pure-blooded one (remember what the demon from the first flashback sequence looked like?) but rather ended up becoming some kind of hybrid due to highly unusual circumstances with which we’re unfamiliar–and not through birth (after all, he seems to have been born a perfectly ordinary Lupian boy from what we can tell).

      That said, there WAS a reference to the existence of “half-demons” in Meoley very early on in the story, but we know literally nothing about them or where they come from aside from the fact that they (apparently) exist in this world…and I don’t suspect that the authors made that reference just for the heck of it, either.

      It’s definitely some interesting food for thought! :)

  40. Nooo!!! Not the trees!

  41. Yikes. Working off his anger by working on a new move. Scary.

  42. This page got a moan of pity from me. He looks really, really tired and really, really anxious. I hope Holland finds him quickly, and that Feral doesn’t dismember him on the spot.

    He must be pretending that everything is Visrial, in which case, I’m certain he hasn’t done quite enough damage. The place is still recognizable as a forest…

    1. I hear that! xD

      1. xD I do hope Visrial isn’t recognizable when Feral’s done with him. He was too enthusiastic to just be a guy doing his job.

    2. Ooh! New theory! Maybe calling up on that forbidden energy source still hasn’t entirely worn out of his system and he NEEDS to keep active like this until it does. Of course, he’s upset, too, and that might even be fueling it…

  43. I think Meela is the trees xDDDD

  44. Seems like Feral’s angry u_u””

  45. He doesn’t have to be venting. Maybe he’s just idk, training? lol He is a Bounty Hunter. I’d imagine he’d have to practice his fighting or whatever.

  46. Fural is not a happy camper… On the upside he looks great in jeans! lol (reading the other comments is fun.) I love that his magic is purple/violet (it’s my favorite color!)
    This comic really has come a long way. Ever since I started reading it I have admired the style and quality of both art and story! Strays has really inspired and influenced my own artwork over the years. It keeps me wanting to press forward and become a better artist. I just want to thank you both for making this wonderful fantasy world.

  47. Okay, for a minute there I thought the red stuff was bloody veins coming out of the tree. (O.o) And was like, WT??
    In anycase, next friday can’t come quickly enough. This comic is so far so awesome!

    1. totally the tree is bleeding X)

  48. Yep, time to let off some stream.

  49. From the looks of it, that mark on his hand is most likely a rune or glyph that he uses to drain or control power. If you remember during his fight with Visrial, he drained his energy with that hand. I also think he’s burning off the energy he stole from Visrial. Feral’s energy is green, while Visrial’s was purple.

    1. sry but wrong.
      Feral’s stuff is purple. Remember waaaay back in the begining, when Feral killed the old guy? His knife glowed purple.

  50. YAI Feral’s back! :D seems to be a little out of sorts, though :l I wonder who he’s imagining the trees are? Visreal? Maybe Holland? XD

    But dang I love this page. Feral + jeans = awesome. And I love how the lines on the ground lead to him like that, it looks like something exploded exactly where he’s standing :P

  51. OME feral’s so hot!!!!!:)

  52. I wonder if he’s angry he let Mella get hurt……

  53. Not long after initially taking in the page and quickly glancing over the comments, I eventually scrolled back up to look over it again, and only THEN did I actually catch Celesse’s little descriptor for this page.

    I read it, and then I laughed. Pretty hard, too. XDDD

  54. thelightedDarkness

    Anger managment much? feral, you cheat on the trees, and then the rocks!? why??!!

  55. He’s channeling is inner Inu-Yasha. XD “Wind Scar!”

    Poor dude though… Just imagine how frustrating it would be, it’s not like he can scream and curse out his anger. Just think, he could be doing this to Holland and Piper… Yeah.

  56. I think he’s expelling the energy or magic he consumed from the panther guy… Just my opinion. Why else would he be beating up the forest? It would seem kind of unnecessary and he doesn’t look angry.

  57. Feral appreciates Nature. . . xD

    1. oh yea a lot man…. a lot….

  58. Kathrin The Panther

    Whoa.. He actually looks pretty sexy in this.. Sexier than the other pages, at least..

  59. @ Celesse, have you studied dual weapon combat before? my husband is a martial artist so I’m usually curious. Since this story has a good deal of fighting, I was wondering if you come up with their stances and such from your imagination or if you are basing it off of any type of martial art (and I do mean ANY as in from different times and countries).

  60. I really like this page… There’s a lot being said even though nobody is saying it. You guys have done so well making Feral speak without words! also…*moves his tail in the first panel to better stare at hot butt in jeans* O3O You should wear jeans more often Feral… They suit you…

  61. The little details -scratches- in the knife… *ooo*
    Love Feral, as the fangirl that I am.

  62. i bet those trees will come back to haunt him…poor feral.

  63. (My comp was mean and wouldn’t let me see it earlier >:()

    ^w^ Feral is so bad-ass..

  64. poor Feral. Feral has jeans. That’s new
    wonder if Feral will hit holland accidentally???

    I can’t wait for the next page

  65. Wow, feral!? Take it easy! Don’t hurt the poor trees D:

  66. Owch… I’m going w/expelling energy. That, and working off some anger. Can’t wait for the next page!!!

  67. Don’t know why everyone thinks he’s venting…I came to this page and the first thing that came to my mind was “Oh, Feral’s training. Cool!”

    1. that didn’t even come to my mind.
      now that you mentioned it… it does look a bit like training. ^.^


    1. Feral:I HATE YOU TREES!
      Holland:*walks in and looks around*uh…you forgot about da rock…. T.T
      Feral:THAT TOO!*slashs other things*

      X3 that would be funny if it happened in the comic

  69. Ive been reading this since there was an article advertising it on i swear to gawd ive wanted to post but….idk im just a random fan..but i LOVE THIS. Its given me something to look forward on fridays O.O i love your art and i wish i was ballsy enough to post MY OWN crappy comics. You’re inspirational. You freaking rock!!!

    and Feral is pretty damn shmexy in those jeans :P even if hes abusing those poor innocent trees…

  70. My question is, is this even voluntary? The way Feral’s face looks in panel two and then the way his sword lights up in panel three makes me think that the magic is acting up on it’s own. Not really sure why or how, but it just seems like he’s not really controlling it….

  71. ah, i had a feeling feral was somewhere in the forest frustrated and angry
    and it seems he’s releasing his anger towards about meela getting hurt

    i wonder if holland knows something about meela’s situation and that feral might know something to

  72. Some body really needs a hug :3

    1. You really want to give him a hug right now? O.o

  73. And then, years from the current time period, people will cut down those trees and rocks. They will see the scarring or whatever and say something smart like “A terrible disaster happened here. Something caused all these -insert scientifical tree names here- to have these X-Marked scars in them. Was it Bigfoot marking its territory? Just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie-pop, THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.”
    In some really epic-sounding voice.
    When we all know it was simply Feral :) Either training, getting rid of magic, working off steam, or whatever he bes doing xD

    1. hahahahhah nice comment XD

  74. Feral’s throwing a hissy-fit.

    1. …in blue jeans. O.o

  75. Is he attacking the shadows, like he did for the old man?

  76. I’m going to echo Dawn here. A big part of the fun for me is watching the artists improve. (Since I can only draw stick-figures, I’m always jealous.)

  77. Sadly, this reminds me of a few weeks ago when my bro broke up with his girlfriend.. Went over to his place and there were quite a few holes in the walls, of both the punch and stab variety xD
    Anyways Feral looks great, as always, and friday seriously can’t come soon enough!

  78. Sank your Battleship

    I would hate to be the person who comes by after Feral’s been there and be absolutely terrified of whatever made those marks.

  79. S’okay, Feral! Just go back and see that she’s alright :3

  80. …..timber?

  81. Wow… yeah… I was wondering what Feral might be doing considering he seemed pissed the last time we saw him… I see that instead of ripping Holland apart, poor innocent trees and a big boulder or two are taking the brunt of the damage. That is controlled rage, where you let it out on things and not people. Love Feral. <3

  82. Guys, don’t you see the purple? Is the power he absorbed from the panther.

  83. RAARRGH Feral and Meela need to talk. I’ve been waiting so loooooong! D:

  84. I really want feral to talk ..Just to see what he would say.
    Brill drawings guys!!!!

  85. Feral must be venting, how most people cope with some sort of problem… I hope Holand doesn’t walk up on Feral and gets attacked.

  86. D: I hope he never finds out about who she is. He’s good


  88. Feral seems pretty upset that he allowed Meela to get hurt. (or he could be mad at Holand, but… I think he’s probably more mad at himself.)

    Hmm… by the way, when I tried visiting this site today… every page I go to is redirected. I have to go back to it and click the esc key before it redirects me. >_<

  89. I think I’m in love *swoon* ;D

  90. why would he be mad at holland? He tried to protect Meela too OwO

    on another note. Feral in jeans is the way to go. And this coming from a guy xD

  91. wish i could destress myself the way he does… coolly…

  92. MeEstaSpeakSPANGLISH

    I kind of think Feral is both working off the energy AND the Anger… When he absorbed Visreal’s energy, his red eye started to glow. It kind of seems like it’s still glowing, but I can’t tell for sure…

    Anyways, great work guys! I love this comic and I am SO SUPER DUPER happy that Feral is FINALLY back!

  93. is that blood?..

  94. I just realized something…
    Is this the first time he’s seen without the gloves, where we can see part of what’s hidden?

  95. too much time around meela must have made him snap. :O

  96. Wow! This comic is… awesome! O.O
    I just can’t wait until tomorrow!
    I think I’m hooked… ^^

    1. Good! You should be hooked!

  97. Aww Feral why you do that to the poor trees?

  98. I love this page because it shows us some insight into how Feral feels about Meela. He is OBVIOUSLY upset over her injuries, and seems to be taking it out on everything around him, but ALSO on himself. You can tell he’s frustrated and tired, but he continues to push himself and use brute force to try and eleviate his anger. I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction to Meela’s well-being…I predict that as soon as Holland mentions that Meela woke up, Feral’s going to dart back to the cave to see for himself and probably show some compassion towards the little dear. =)

  99. this is the 166th comment…. dude that’s a lot….

    man you people must be getting tired of me…. I seem to write a lot….

  100. Definitely not a tree hugger.

  101. Must be a heck of a lot better than beating the feathers out of a pillow or something, though.

  102. Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer! He absorbed energy from the bad guy, and he has to let it off or he’ll explode or sumthin’! That’s why the energy he’s letting off is purple! And that’s why Holland said absorbing energy was dengerous! Right?

  103. ……Poor tree….

  104. Whoa okay man, dont you think the trees have had enough?

  105. That red thing is on Freal’s hand!


    (Guile’s theme goes with this scene and is now playing in your head.)

  107. Poor trees

  108. Still reading the comic, just started, but I’m gonna guess that when he drain someone’s energy he gain they’re powers or at least a portion of them. Which is why his “magic” is purple now

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