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Things are getting weird now. Poor delusional Meela.

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  1. Aw! She’s so adorable! I love the mood of all of the pages like this!

  2. Is that Yuen..?

    1. Yes it is

  3. I’m… so very confused. XD Poor Meela in the white shirt doesn’t look so good though. :(

  4. Meela had another brother? :O

    1. If you go through the gallery, Tanner had a twin named Conner, whom I am assuming was killed in this attack on their family.

  5. Hmm… A suspicion of mine from many pages ago is confirmed… I think ;)

    We’ve always wondered who Yuen is/was; and it’s been pointed out that he looked remarkably like Meela. Now the last panel of this page has Meela referring to “him again”, though he has her new hairstyle.

    This is my suspicion: that whoever Yuen is/was, we don’t actually know what he looks like, because Meela’s placing herself as him. I’ve been wondering ever since her hair was cut if Yuen would appear as he used to, or if he would share her new hairstyle.

    I know she doesn’t name him here, but about who else would she say “Why do I keep dreaming about him?”

    Anyway, whoever Yuen is/was, we probably don’t know what he actually looked like; which means he could possibly be Feral, or maybe Meela’s father. I’m still not convinced that Yuen is Feral (I’m pretty sure Feral has to be Yuen or Mal).

    I guess I’ll end my speculations :) I’m excited about what comes next!

    1. Hehe… I now think that Yuen may be Feral – as Feral also has a blue notebook/journal (see page 111, and note how battered it is in the present).

      1. But isn’t the guy that killed yuen’s dad feral?!

        1. nah that was a guy called Korin look at eg page 161

      2. yeah, Feral has a Journal, but we still don’t know if it belongs to him or someone else, like.. Yuen xD What if Feral accidentally killed Yuen when he tried to help him while his new aborving power went out of control? D: and then he kept his journal like a reminder of the awful past?
        Time will tell… but this is getting so exciting! :B

    2. I agree with She-Griffin! It makes sense if Yuen is Feral because Meela didn’t start having those dreams until she met Feral. I think some how his magic is affecting her, allowing her access to his buried memories since he doesn’t remember who he is/can’t talk about it and took on a new identity as Feral.

      And since Meela is experiencing the dream as Yuen, she naturally sees it as herself since she has no way to look at herself in the dream save a mirror or if she has a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. But in the dream she IS Yuen, hence why he appears to be her, sharing the same hair cut here as her even after she got it redone…. But as She-Griffin points out: the blue notebook! More then coincidence!

      Either way, I can’t wait to see more connections and the final revelation. This is after all one of my most favorite webcomics! (I still have to buy the book of it…. PFFT-fail!)

      1. Actually, a mirror wouldn’t work. If you’re dreaming and you look in a mirror, the mirror doesn’t really work. (It can’t reflect correctly, or at least can’t reflect what’s moving). This is one way to begin lucid dreaming… Which would be neat for Meela to do.

    3. I also thing that Yuen is Feral. When Meela dream about that clan fight, it was told that Terin (Yuens dad) and Korin (the guy who challenges him) are related: Terin is Korins uncle. And both of them are remarkably alike Feral. :)

    4. I agree, I don’t really think feral is yuen yet.

    5. Light Bulb! I think you’re on to something here… Beautiful storytelling leaves little hints when you go back and look…

    6. I agree that Yuen will look like Meela while she dreams, and that we have no clue what Yuen actually looks like, but I don’t think it’s Feral.

      I’ve always thought that Mal was Feral, even before someone had translated the diary entry that Yuen had written. There is actually a translation lower down on the page here right now. Mal takes a demon’s power, similar to how Feral has the power of a demon. But I’ve also always thought that Mal looked like he could be a young Feral.

      1. I would like to point out that in a previous dream we see Yuen expressing a love for pears. Later on, back in reality, we see Feral sneaking around the castle and coming upon a crate of pears. He smiles then grabs it.

        Small, but I believe important.

        1. Actually, it is Mal that first expresses the love for pears. He says “oh, are those pears? I love pears!” and Yuen goes “me too!”

      2. Mal also refused to get a clan marking, which Feral also lacks.

        1. I’ve been wondering about this since a while back now, and noticed that the beads that Mal has on his necklace look strikingly similar to the ones Feral has as earrings. Could be a total coincidence or me looking for things that arent really there, but I’m rooting for “Mal is Feral” anyhow.

      3. *delurk* Count me in as one more in the ‘Mal = Feral’ camp; I’ve been thinking that for a while. But either way, I’m pretty sure there /is/ a tie between the dreams and Feral.

        Either way, I’m looking forward to finding out. :)

  6. Hey Im looking for the translated alphabet of the weird language. I know that the letter was decoded but Id rather have the alphabet instead. Also is a dot the space between words? Thats whats throwing me off in my decode quest

    1. Someone translated it all on the forums. The first two letters would be combined or something, though, so it gets pretty confusing if you don’t know the alphabet. They deleted the forums, so I don’t know where you could find the alphabet anymore.

    2. The dots between the cluster of letters represents the separation of one word from another.
      The underscores (or this thing “_”) stand for an actual “period” marker.
      (ex: “_ _ _” equals “…”)
      I actually have the translated alphabet drop me an email (b/c i don’t understand that whole forum thing ([email protected])) and I’ll scan it to you. Translating it’s kinda hard if I remember right (or at least time consuming) because the author (as it is never stated who wrote the letter, but is heavily implied to be Yuen) condensed the “characters” (or letters) within certain words.
      (ex: The word ” the” consists of only 2 “characters” b/c the letters “t” and “h” are condensed into 1 “character”.

      1. Haha, I designed the letter.

        1. O so it was you and not Celesse. Well i must say you gave me quiet a headache decoding that thing, but I enjoyed every second ^^

        2. Holy crap! You have a lot of time on your hands. xD I swear that it must be yours and Celesse’s secret language.

    3. Well the letter said:
      “So the village is as quiet as usual. Mal’s parents treat me like their own son, but I still miss mine. Especially mother.
      Mal seems to be LP(let’s play?) in spirits today.
      He’s talking more and more about going out on an adventure. I’m not sure what he means but he’s been going oun and oun about this after a strange visitor me encountered. Mal was telling him how was practicing to get stronger. The stranger told mal about a power he could give him that would help him. I kept telling him he shouldn’t but he went ahed and agreed. When it was done, Mal had this weird mark in his palm. It’s kind of freak since the middle has what looks like an eye that just stares at you when you look at it.
      I’m concerned for Mal. H’s getting wore reckless every day now. I’m afraid to tell his parents because I don’t want him to get in trouble. Though I might have to after yesterday. Mal killed a demon. And took it’s power. He’s changed a little. But I still see him as mal.
      I’m so confused”

      1. OMG! So Mal has the demon power that Feral has! Hmmmmmmmmm, gee, I wonder….

        1. Hmm, has Feral ever been barehanded before/have we ever seen both his palms?

        2. On page 195 there’s a very clear illustration of Feral using the glowy magic hand on the cat-dude.

      2. There’s actually a few goofs on my part. the “LP” should have been “UP”

      3. Mal HAS to be Feral HAS TO.

    4. I’m working on a alphabet right now I’ll post it when I’m done

  7. Alternate universe Meela = Yuen??????

  8. Awww @ first I was like OMG, CONNER’S TWIN IS STILL ALIVE…. but then I just realized it was just poisened Meela =_-.

    I think its so cute that Meela wears Feral’s shirts as pjs :}

  9. I think that’s Meela’s daddy.

  10. Why can’t this update more then once a week? T-T

  11. Weird, but not the weirdest dream sequence I’ve ever seen. But DUDE! Meela looks CREEPY! Poison will do that, I suppose. The last panel supports my idea that in dreaming about Yuen, Meela’s subconscious superimposes her own face over Yuen’s real face. He couldn’t have gotten a haircut ala’ Holland JUST like hers.

  12. i feel like i’m missing out on something. we saw her father, then eventually her mother, get killed. but her brothers? where were they previously in the comic? i was certain feral was one of the pack that attacked meela’s father – and that his adoption of her was a result of his feelings of guilt…

    1. Her Father and mother? Do you mean yuen’s parents?

    2. Feral does not remember anything from his past, and Meela has just decided she is going to follow him around, since she is lonely. Now we are starting to just learn more about Meela’s and Ferals past, since it seems Meela has an ability with dreams, and something with feral sets that off.

    3. I believe she’s talking about pg 09 where you see the “shadowy killer” (for lack of a better word) over 2 bodies. The 1 in the foreground is Meela’s and Tanner’s father while the second body is Conner (I always though it was the mom too until i looked at some concept art of Tanner in the Gallery and it mentions/shows a picture of Tanner; if you look about you’ll notice the hairstyle on the second body matches Conner’s).

    4. thank you for taking the time to explain. i reread the story. i see now why people think feral is either yuen or mal. in either case, meela and feral have similar baggage to deal with…so it’s more understandable why feral, the bounty hunter, is so attached/concerned for her.

  13. YAY! Yuen with colour! Guys…. Feral’s a black wolf… Ergo- cannot be Yuen.
    SO pumped! Now I must wait another week xD

    1. Yuen is identical to Meela, it’s been heavily implied that she’s superimposing herself over whatever Yuen actually looks like (especially since Yuen’s hairstyle changed in her dreams when Meela got a haircut, too). Due to some of the similarities between Yuen and Feral, it leads to a lot of speculation that they’re the same person (a lot of the comments above you have info on that).

      1. Or that Mal is feral, since in the translated letter(in the gallery) says Mal got some demon powers…

        1. Yes I was implying that feral is Mal/Mal is Feral :P Mainly because of the letter yes, but even before I read the translation(some people have a lot of time on their hands o__o) I figured Feral is Mal because of the scars on his leg and his personality.

          In response to Ren, I think Meela’s placing herself in Yuen’s paws because they look similar, anyways. As to the hallucinations? It makes sense(to me, many people just get confused when I try to explain what I think to them, I’m not the best at converting thoughts/feelings-words) that because she remembered getting a haircut her brain gave Yuen, who looks like her, a haircut, too.
          Also, it could just be the artists refining art styles/giving Yuen a cleaner look, but that is doubtful, very doubtful.
          As for how Meela would be gaining dreams because of Feral of Yuen, I think the artists took wolves and their natural tendencies(pack behaviour, community animals) and boosted that into the graphic novel.
          Not saying that this theory applies to this novel but it could, you never know: I’ve heard of/ read up on theories that pack animals share thoughts. They pick/choose the thought to convey, but in a relaxed state(unconcious, dreaming), their subconcious takes over and sends the dream around. Running with this, it could be Yuen shared his experience with Mal, his best friend, his pack brother, and Mal(Feral, in this assumption) is feeling guilty about his past and what has happened to Yuen, and dwells on it constantly. Being in close proximity to Feral, Meela recieves these dreams.
          Also, the magic in him could project thoughts just as well as any theory.

          Same person? My mind jumps to split personality disorder, then to an imaginary friend :P
          If this is the case, why do both cubs have complete families(until they’re killed)?

          ugh. It’s late, and, like I said, I have troubles explaining things, especially if they’re only half-formed in my mind.

          I vote Feral is Mal.

  14. I more agree that Yuen is probably Feral. It’s been pointed out that Mal might be, but… Mal has freckles. Feral also has a resemblance to the males from Yuen’s family.

    1. Maybe something happens with Mal and Yuen (Feral?) takes whatever power that Mal is using (see above letter from the gallery) to save something or someone or do something. Guess we will have to wait and see!!

    2. Freckles can go away. I used to have a bunch of freckles. Now I don’t. Not a one.

  15. Im notgoing to join in on the debate about who Feral is, but i am going to say that all of you guys here are really observant. I mean honestly, how do you notice the colors of a book?! Anyway, really Meela! He didn’t lie! Its not his fault he died……….

    1. We are the insane fans who A) notice small details and B) speculate constantly anyways. XD

  16. The poison causes premonitions and hallucinations, some majorly weird stuff is going to start happening.

  17. As long as she doesn’t see flying bunnies sucking on fish, I’m fine with delusional stuff. XD

    1. Maybe she will…. O_o

  18. Someone should make the final book into a movie! It would be so cool…..

    1. Sounds cool! I’d love to see it as a movie or even a series! :D

    2. The whole thing could be a movie, or an animated tv series… I know one webcomic that is making their own animated series to try getting on the tellie, I think it’s “2Masters” and “E-depth Angel” on . It’s a fun series so far, I’d like to see where it’s going to go.

  19. @.@ This is so confusing yet so fun!

    1. I will have to agree with you on that. Next Friday cant come fast enough!

  20. They had a brother named Conner?
    And the second Meela in the last pannel is Yuen?
    I’m so confused now.

    1. There are sketches and scrap work of Conner in the gallery.

  21. Poor Meela… she looks so sad :(
    hope Meela will feel petter…

    oh… Yuen looks a lot like Meela when colored o.o …
    but it’s probably because it is Meela’s dream… ^.^

    1. She has contracted poison.

  22. Wouldn’t it be simpler for feral to be Mal? I mean he did absorb the energy of the poison dude; and has that red eye going on.
    Have Feral’s palms ever shown throughout the story?

    1. You’re right! Feral’s always wearing gloves, and he did absorb the energy of the “poison dude” XD!

    2. Yeah, I searched for Feral’s palm and haven’t find anything. And in the journal page, Yuen says”When it was done, Mal had this weird mark in his palm”.

    3. totally agree here… I think that Yuen could have died or something and beacuse of that Feral/Mal had taken this blue book(I think it’s something like a diary from yuen).
      And the weird letters coul be an secret language that that the two boys came up with…. I know, I have too much fantasy. XD

    4. Darn it, someone beat me to the Feral-is-Mal theory.

      1. A lot of people have. lolz, it’s a common theory.

    5. Page 193?

    6. His hand does glow red when he kills the cat–man.

  23. Now this comic has me all confused… Especially with the drastic re-color of Yuen. I didn’t even know who that was til I read the comments. o.0

    I feel so left out of the conversation with some things people talk about that have never been mentioned in the comic. (Like the translation of Feral’s journal?) I assume this was all stuff that was on the forum before it went away? Kinda sucks for the rest of us who missed out on all that. -.-

    1. The traslation of the journal was made by some fans and yes, it was in the forum too, but you can also translate the latter by yourself everytime because it’s in the gallery… next to some other clues.

      I never saw this forum by myself, but all the things people talk about in their comments are speculations based on the comic and the things in the gallery, i think. ^^

  24. Oh my goodness. I can’t wait till next Friday.

    All this suspense is so amazing. You guys have so much talent it’s unnerving. =]

  25. My weekend is now better. (^w^)

  26. Oh my gosh I’m so confused. I started reading everyone’s comments and now i’m like really confused. It would probably help if I went back and read the entire series so far, but will someone break it down? The family relations. That’s what I suddenly got confused about.

    1. As far as who Yuen and Mal are, that’s just speculation. Tannor and Conner are Meela’s brothers(and from the story so far are both dead, along with her mother and father) Feral does not remember his past at all and since meeting him, Meela has started dreaming about Yuen/Mal leading people to believe he must be one of the two or at least is part of the pack that killed her family.

  27. Wow, Yuen looks awesome in full color owo

    GAAAAH I want to know who Feral is x.x it`s a real killer of a feeling

  28. My only thing is, its been said he doesn’t know his own past. Does that mean that diary isn’t really his? Because its been written in and we know that Feral can write in that odd little code(or at least knows how to write his own name in it). It can be assumed that the diary was updated by Yuen.

    If Feral doesn’t really know his own past, wouldn’t he just have to check the diary and figure it out?

    I dunno, it doesn’t completely rule out that Feral is Yuen or Mal, but it seems to make it more unlikely. Though he might be someone related to Yuen, considering his appearance bears the most resemblance to Yuen’s family, at least on his dad’s side.

    Hopefully I didn’t sound like an idiot. ;-;

    1. Well, it could be the only left of Yuen that Feral has and he wants to keep it. Feral knows his past, it’s just that we don’t :P

      1. No, he doesn’t know his own past. Whatever happened to him erased his memory (check out the character descriptions). He probably keeps the journal around because it’s a link to his past that he doesn’t know what to do with. Just because it’s Yuen’s diary doesn’t mean that Feral would be able to figure out his own past from it, whether he’s Mal, Yuen, or someone else entirely.

        1. Oh yeah. I really should read those xD Good point, then.

  29. I love this page, I wondering if on the next few pages Meela isn’t going to be able to watch the events happen instead of just seeing then as Yuen does.

    Also very cool that she knows she dreaming as she’s dreaming this time. It’ll make for some interesting things. Maybe she’ll take note of things she never did before and figure some things out on her own instead of just us debating all of what’s going to happen and why she dreams about him.

  30. “Why do I keep dreaming about him?

    HEY! Hey! Go away you! I don’t know you! You’re in the wrong memories!”

    Don’t diiiie, Meeeeeela!

  31. did anyone think of that
    that feral killed meelas family
    now in the middle of it he lost a memmory
    if he is a merc his first missions could be like that
    and so he didnt go after the brother and mela couse he couldnt

    1. I’m leaning heavily toward the idea that Feral is the one that killed Meela’s family, mostly based off the following sentence from the “About” page:

      “When a taboo topic and a dark secret collide, it may unravel their already tattered lives and force each of them to face the reality of the truth, requiring each to make decisions that could alter their lives forever.”

      My thoughts are that the “taboo topic” is the demons, and the “dark secret” is that Feral killed Meela’s family (something that would greatly affect both Feral and Meela with the “reality of the truth”).

      Mmm…. I’m content to wait and see if this is true or not :)

    2. Yeah, I’ve had that theory too but I don’t mention it much because in the forums when I mentioned it I was chewed out about it.

  32. I had to read this page like five times to understand what was going on with the whole dream thing xD Can’t wait for next Friday!

  33. hold the phone peeps!!! ferals non-red-eye is Green/dark brown not aber like the kid with the journal

  34. Clarification please, does Feral remember his past or not? Because the comments on this page are contradicting themselves on the current statues of his memory. I know we (as in the readers) are not privy to all of Feral’s background story, but has it ever been stated that Feral cannot recall his own origins?

    1. It is said on the character description pages that he has “a past unknown to even himself.”

      1. ok thxs

  35. On a side note, whoever sent me the email asking for the alphabet, I just emailed it to you, but the email you sent me came up in my junk folder (so thats why it took me a while to reply) idk if my email will also be screened into your junk folder, so just be aware i sent it to you.

  36. I’ve had a feeling since the beginning that Yuen is Feral at a younger age. The blue book, I’m sure Feral had a similar one…

  37. I love Meela!!! >w< she's da best main char ever to exist!!!

  38. I think that Mal is Feral, based on Yuen’s journal, Feral’s earrings matching Mal’s necklace, and the palm marking on Feral’s hand matches what is described to show up on Mal’s hand in the journal entry.

    On another note, can’t wait to see Meela well again.

  39. I’M SO CONFUSED!!!

    but the story is so good haha

  40. OHH I just noticed. The book Meela found earlier at the inn is the same color, but the edges don’t have the brown. Hmmmm…

  41. Meela was Yuen, and then there was a transgender incident…

  42. I still don’t know how anyone tells any of the children apart. Clothes colour maybe?

  43. Alright you guys, here we go. I’ve read all the comments and debates on the Yuen/Mal is Feral and so on. (and if I may integrate my Logic and Nature class I’m taking) I’m going to operate off the premises that the colored appearance of Yuen is due in a large part to Meela personifying herself in him along with the validity of the translation of the Journal entry from a while back.

    THAT BEING SAID, and really, putting all our hard earned proofs on the back burner, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE MAL = FERAL idea, even given all the proof, and here it is. I don’t see Mal’s personality in Feral. Yes, horrible things happened to Feral, they could drastically change him, sure, he doesn’t remember his past, BUT STILL! I should be able to see some of the original personality of Mal in Feral! Given the actions of the two, if I HAD to choose, I would say Yuen would be much more likely to have developed into the Feral we know and love today. (head kicking and all)

    “Ah, but the journal entry!” You may say. (see above for translation) Oh, yes, I know that Mal has some of the characteristics (“power,” “glowey hand eye symbol,” “killed and stole the power of a demon”) but it’s too simple that ergo Mal is Feral. Yuen says that Mal is “becoming more reckless,” “out of control,” and “changing,” but still “Mal”. I can’t call Feral having those tendencies, and Mal still has his memories intact, so the process of getting the “special” power wasn’t the cause, so Mal would need something special to make him lose those. Also, Yuen doesn’t mention any “two different eye colors,” but I digress.

    So, HERE’S MY THOUGHT. If indeed Feral IS either Yuen or Mal (and I can’t say “a bit of both,” which is another ridiculous theory of mine) I would say this. Yuen and Mal have a confrontation, a “fight” you may even say. One “dies” or is other words torn from the spectrum of the story. If Yuen was killed, then Mal feels guilty, and has a mental breakdown, losing his memory, and ostracizes himself from his adopted clan. Out there? Unlikely? I think so too. I favor the outcome that Yuen WINS the “fight” and somehow takes the power form Mal. Yuen has a detested reverence for the power he now has due to his observation of the negative spiral he had to watch his friend make. Somehow this may also lead to his red eye, and loss of memories. I find THAT theory to hold a bit more water.


    1. Forgot to mention the “Logan/Wolverine” theory, that Feral has taken the Identity of either Mal or Yuen (cuz he has no memories!) while he’s really the other. Derp.

      1. I was favoring the Yuen kills Mal myself, before reading your comment.


          There’s a chance this could have happened, though…and if it actually does, I am so going to cry. ;_;

  44. I love Meela’s hair when it’s brushed! It’s such a cute bob, it should stay that way X3

  45. Does Yuen really look like Meela? Or its just to we know thats her?

  46. Little Meela is so cuuuute! xD It’s been awhile since I’ve read this comic again. The up side to that is that I can read your new chapters in one go instead of following up on each new individual page. xD I love the direction this is taking! Love, love, abso-lutely looooove it! I’m on pins and needles for the next update. ^^

  47. I find it the most interesting that, one, he doesn’t mention losing mom (as if she was never in the picture), and, two, that no on in the comments is wondering about that like I am.

    1. It’s possible that Meela’s mom was already dead long before she could remember her. If you look at the flashbacks of her family being killed, I don’t think her mom is there are all.

  48. Oh god. Daddy AND BROTHER CONNER. And then she lost Tannor… And what about a mother? God she’s lost everyone and everything.

  49. But… What did Tannor lie about?

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