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Sibling tension is inevitable. Sorry this took so long, but thanks for being so patient, you guys. We really appreciate it :)

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  1. Yayyy! Thanks for the page! 8D It’s awesome!

    I think this is the latest I’ve ever stayed up for an update. x3 Totally worth the wait.

  2. OHH someone’s looking for them! This is getting interesting. It’s worth the wait! :)

  3. MEELA SO CUTE. ;V; Please try to understand, he’s doing this for your sake.

  4. Awwww you just want to hug poor lil Meela :3

  5. Poor meela :(

  6. Is it just me, or do her brother and Feral look nearly identical, outside of hair/tail color?

    1. Pretty sure it’s just the art style.

    2. I’d say you were on to something… but I think I have to agree with Alana here. It could be possible, I mean, we don’t know much about Feral or how/if Tannor dies… but there’s too much different about the two. I have a feeling Meela and Feral are connected somehow, but probably not by blood : P

      1. Yeah, and besides. In the start of the story Tannor had just died, so the timeline would be all wrong, if you’re trying to suggest Tannor is Feral or something. xD (Meela says “it’s been a month since you left” on page 14). Feral met Holland when Holland was a kid, and at that point Feral was already mute and was all alone.

        But yes, I also think Feral and Meela are somehow connected. : D Like Kisha said, just not by blood.

        1. yeah, they look alike, that’s why meela trusts him so much – but i’d say she looks like someone he used to know, too, thust the brotherly (fatherly?) instinct.
          yeee so exciting!

    3. Just the art style

  7. Thank god the bear is safe!

    1. LOL
      Your comment made me laugh ^^ I want a bear like that :)

    2. Agreed. The bear is the key to the whole plot!

      1. BEAR BEAR!!

  8. Why is it I can see Meela running back there on her own….?

    1. Now that you’ve said it… Oh gosh, that would be bad… :(

      1. And it has to somehow connect, because she’s remembering this after being stabbed/poisoned. I really hope Little Meela doesn’t get stabbed!

        1. That would be so sad! Harder to see than present-day Meela getting stabbed. Little children are just too cute to see get stabbed…

  9. Aw Meela’s face in the last panel .. Just … ah! So cute.

  10. Aw, that’s so much for a little girl to have to go through and understand. :c

  11. *o* oh my… finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yay!!
    You really just made my day! As usual this is AMAZING!!
    I can’t wait to see what happens next :O

  13. I’m mesmerized by panel 4. Love the way you drew grass, the dialogue, everything.

  14. Very lovely…its so sad, poor little Meela. She’s just a scared, traumatized child. I love how Tanner is trying his best to take care of them.

    And don’t worry about the wait, we know you guys have a life! 8D

    1. Your probably like the only person who’s chill without updates jk XD

  15. i hope this doesn’t count as seeing her life flash before her eye 8x

  16. Yay <3 New page. Now to wait eagerly for next Friday!
    Poor Meela. She looks so cute with her hair like that.

  17. But I dun wanna be a boy! D:

  18. Dawww!! her face in the last panel is so adorable it hurts D:

  19. Hey!Looking at the gallery I found this letter in that strange lenguage and right now im trying to decode it…
    I’m almost finishing it, and I wanna ask if its ok if I post what it says or not D:

    1. Yeah, that’s fine. We actually had some people on the forums decode it a long time ago, but it got lost when the forums closed. I’m sure new fans would appreciate it :)

    2. How are you decoding it O.o?….

      1. Well, at the beginning Feral wrote his name to Meela. So, I just identified those letters and replaced them in the picture. Then, it was like playing sudoku, with common sense I guess… I was kind of fun :D

        1. Whoa, sounds fun! :} Love puzzles <3

    3. Where will you be posting it? On this site?

      1. Ok this is more or less what the letter says:

        “So the village is as quiet as usual. Mal’s parents treat me like their own son, but I still miss mine. Especially mother.
        Mal seems to be LP(let’s play?) in spirits today.
        He’s talking more and more about going out on an adventure. I’m not sure what he means but he’s been going oun and oun about this after a strange visitor me encountered. Mal was telling him how was practicing to get stronger. The stranger told mal about a power he could give him that would help him. I kept telling him he shouldn’t but he went ahed and agreed. When it was done, Mal had this weird mark in his palm. It’s kind of freak since the middle has what looks like an eye that just stares at you when you look at it.
        I’m concerned for Mal. H’s getting wore reckless every day now. I’m afraid to tell his parents because I don’t want him to get in trouble. Though I might have to after yesterday. Mal killed a demon. And took it’s power. He’s changed a little. But I still see him as mal.
        I’m so confused”

        1. Hmmm…. now, is Feral Mal, as we all think, or Yuen? Maybe he’s Mal with Yuen’s journal…

        2. Argh, I’m starting to get all “PEOPLE Y U SO DUMB!”. For those of you still thinking Feral is Mal, look at Mal’s leg in second panel here:

          and now fourth panel here:

          FERAL NOT MAL.

          (well, unless he got his scars to disappear somehow. Magick…?)

        3. Ingenious! ^-^

        4. you figured all of that out from the word feral?! that’s pretty amazing

        5. What page was this on?!

        6. Feral’s name is near the beginning, and the note he decoded is in the gallery! =]

        7. Whoa, so we know how Feral got his power now! So cool :}

  20. i thought she had a wolf teddy that he made her not a bear…or does she get that later.
    aww they are so cute. <3

    1. Yeah, I think he makes it for her later. Tannor looks a little older when he gives it to her

    2. Yeah she gets it later because when she gets the wolf her hair is short

  21. Such a beautiful setting for such a nasty scene.

    1. I agree. It looks like something peaceful should be occurring. How ironic…

  22. I knew he was cutting her hair from looking at the other page

  23. StellalunaNightshade

    aww <3 Poor baby Meela. I like her long hair! ^3^

  24. Talk about setting the bar high for the new year! The anticipation (as always!) richly rewarded. Gods, I’m glad I stumbled across this comic :D

  25. Poor little Meela!

  26. yay interesting page :) Can’t wait for the next!

  27. I think I’m gonna cry!! Don’t try to stop me… ;___;

  28. I wonder if Tannor looted that bracelet off their dad’s corpse. He wasn’t wearing it in the previous flashback…

    1. Ew, no! It had already been given to him, he just wasn’t wearing it during the previous flashback. He had to grab it when he went back.

  29. Squee! Do they take up fake names? And actually become the two boys in all of her visions? =o that would be trippy!

  30. I love this comic so much, and I am so glad a friend told me about this. (:
    Love Meela’s face in the end <3

  31. Aww…Poor Meela and Tannor. I wanna hug ’em dang it!

    1. A sentiment shared by all, I’m sure! XD

  32. I. Love. Tannor. I have a thing for the older brother characters… *mind immediately goes to Edward Elric….*

    1. hehehe ditto. Feral isn’t that bad looking either :P

  33. First time commenting *woot* I. LOVE. THIS. COMIC! My friend and I got on her phone Friday while the math teacher was reaming some kid out to look for an update lol. Actually, that happens every Friday! Either that or I spend all of Friday’s creative writing class reading comments and what not. So, now I shall say something that I’ve been yelling at my friend for a while now…

    Meela no!! Don’t die!!! I hope she’s not asleep, that would make the situation worse then it already is. T^T

  34. mmmm i see something strange here O.O when i started reading in the first pages Tannor seems to be older and in this one he looks younger but Meela seems of same age in both Flashbacks… No one else noticed this???

    1. maybe Tannor had a growth spurt? :D

    2. I’m going to guess Tannor had a sudden growth spurt after his first change into wolf form. :)

      1. Mmmm seems fair enough XD!

  35. É o mangá mais fofo do mundo!! Eu amei!! Bem que eles podiam fazer um desenho animado dele… (eu ia assistir toda hora!)

  36. Ahhhh, Stubborn, yet adorable little Meela! =w=

  37. I simply cannot stand the slow pace that waiting an entire week for a single page applies to this story! The suspense is killing me! What on EARTH will happen next?! D:

  38. D: Awww. Crying Meela makes me wanna cry. -snuggles the poor dear-

  39. omg. I just found this and I devoured it! SO good! I love the immediate affection Feral has for Meela, and how she is so annoying-little-sister-ish :P Can’t wait to see how this ends!
    I also love how you switch back and forth from chibi to normal :P Adds extra humour.

  40. Awww sooo Cute Meela when she’s young is adorable.

  41. Poor sweetie! My little girl gets the same exact expression on her face when she’s really upset (which thankfully isn’t that often).

  42. Poor Meela. :(

  43. Meela, it has to be done little one, I know it’s hard…*enjoys pretending to be able to talk to the characters from time to time*

    1. I forgot to mention that I enjoy looking at little Meela, she reminds me of a little sister figure and the way I was around her age. ;P

  44. Hmm. I’m just re-reading and feeding off the “Feral’s a half demon” idea, and I think Feral is Mal, running after Yuen. Whatever killed yuen(assuming Yuen’s dead, of course) injured Feral. Maybe when he first transformed, his eye grew back? That’s assuming he lost the eye before his first transformation. Or his magically-powers(woooooo*creepy noises*) took the eye of whatever killed yuen(again, assumptions) and gave it to Feral. Feral can use the powers of his right eye and syphon energy into himself, must be either the life-force of living creatures or the magical powers from Shifters. I think those are the same powers of the creature that injured him. I just don’t believe that he’s a half-demon :P And I haven’t seen this tossed out there yet(mind you I didn’t read *all* of the comments on the past pages), so I figured I would :P
    So can’t wait to see how this turns out! It’s been on my mind alllllll day >.>

    1. >.> After typing all this out and posting, I scrolled up and stopped on Maco’s post that translates what the letter says xD WELL that solves that problem!

      1. Just after knowing what the letter says I also thought that Feral was Mal. The power that Feral used with the Cat-guy matches with the one described in the letter. Well, it doesn’t reveal who the author is, but I assumed it was Yuen, cause at the beginnig he says he miss his mom. So, maybe that letter was written after Korin killed Yuen’s mom.Then he ran away to Mal’s home. And later I don’t know…. maybe the power Mal acquiered with the mark went out of control and maybe damaged Yuen or something…..Then whatever it happened he met with Holland…!! D:

        1. Basically my thought pattern, too. The current markings and scars you see line up with young Mal and Yuen’s description of Mal. In the scene where Feral is teaching Meela to fish you can kind of see claw-mark scars on his left leg(on both legs, actually, but I think the Celesse or Algy just flipped the panel without noticing right/left on the characters. I’ve noticed that a couple of times but it’s okay :P)
          Suspense!!! I kind of wish I’d found this *after* it was all said and done! I’m no good with waiting :/

  45. Things are getting interesting…. (referring mostly to the translation of the journal page…)
    Poor Meela! My hair is almost to my waist now and my dad always jokes about chopping it all off…. I’m very proud of my long hair, and I like it long. I can just imagine how she’s feeling having her hair cut off like that. Plus losing her family…. (the much larger problem here…)

  46. I’ve been checking back here ever since the previous update too impatiant to wait until the next page!!! XD XD
    “Gah, I’m so happy…”

    Can’t wait for more! :)

  47. Why didn’t she grow her hair back later? Did she get used to it, or was her brother still wanting her to look like a boy? But if that was the case, she shouldn’t be so quick to correct people when talking about her gender. :/ That, and it seems like she’s forgotten all about hiding, because she was so confused when that older man told her to stay away from bounty hunters.
    Are these repressed memories or something? Will she remember them when she wakes up?

    1. Wouldn’t she have later been convinced by her brother to keep her hair like that, or she would have grown to like that hair and just kept it cut? I wonder.

    2. Now I wonder if her family was killed by bounty hunters. But who or what were they hunting?

      1. Another question to be answered soon….

  48. I just found your comic and I freakin’ love it!xD
    Feral is so cute! He’s so caring and nice but plays always so tough…
    Absolutely great!

  49. In the last panel, Tannor kinda looks like a young Feral…just me? XD

  50. WatchOutForWendigos

    Crying little Meela in the last panel is ADORABLE! She’s drawn so well, with her pouty face on.

  51. Meela’s a girl… …. a girl… . …
    i’m not reading this very well but… i never realized she’s a girl.. …. i need to sit down and think for a while now…

  52. This explains why shes a girl.

    1. I mean why she resembles a man. Sorry wasn’t thinking quite right when I posted.

  53. well that enplanes why she looks like a girl

  54. Is it just me or does Tannor look a bit like Link from Zelda here? cx

  55. Poor Lil’ Meals ;(

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