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Hang in there, Meela! HOLIDAY BREAK: Celesse is going home to visit her family for the holidays so there will not be an update for the next two weeks. We'll resume with Page 202 on January 6th.

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  1. Meela’s chubby little legs are sooo cute! <3 <3
    Lol I feel like every one & everything is taking a break 'til January!
    Hope you guys have a great xmas/new years break Celesse & Algy ^,^

    Feral's demon is scary again OnO….

    1. Wait a minute… has his eye been glowing this entire time? Jeez, that’s some powerful stuff

      1. Delusional-Weirdo

        “…that’s some powerful stuff”

        >Immediately thinks of weed.
        >>Subsequently thinks of Feral getting high.

        My mind is the intangible equivalent of the Scary Tunnel from Willy Wonka. It comprises of useless, confusing images.

        1. Lmao XD!!! NOT what I meant!

        2. You made my day :(

        3. XD

      2. yaya thats what i was thinking too!!

      3. ikr? His inner whatever-makes-his-eye-glow must be really ticked by what’s gone down…

        1. You peeps are INSANE!! Wahoo for insane people!

  2. I’ve been follwing this comic for quite some time now. Thank you for making it, the art and the story are both great!

    1. Same here. Amazing comic.

  3. Feral is so cure when he’s all protective like that ahaha. Poor Meela though ;u;

  4. what with your hair Meela? (゚Д゚)
    ohh I just love them~

    1. If you look at the last panel, someone’s cut it. It’s all in the grass.

    2. I think her brother’s cutting it so they can’t be identified easily. They were running, now they hide. ^^ E Mei Da Paj Ke, Aye?

      1. I thought that, as well. I don’t think Meela was very happy about it, though, judging by her anxious expression in the present.

  5. I wouldn’t throw that down hard enough to make a “slap” sound if it contained vials of potentially life-saving cure.

    1. Lol I’m sure he wouldn’t act differently if the papers had the secret to world peace. Cranky Feral = No respect for paper.

    2. Two different cases, the first is the papers that Feral stole that he throws down, and he holds another case with the medicines.

  6. Delusional-Weirdo

    *SLAM DUNKS PAPERS!* I feel like that’s Feral’s way of saying “Git yer sh*t n’ git out!”

    (Free sketch to first person who gets the reference.)

    1. Walter? From Jeff Dunham… I forget which one it is… oh, Arguing With Myself. Then again… walter didn’t do it accented like that so I am probably wrong, and in Arguing With Myself that is not the full line anyway….

      1. Delusional-Weirdo

        Lol no, you’re right. I thought he had that kind of accent (not very heavy though) and, no, it’s not the full line x). The walmart bit wouldn’t make sense in this useage.

        But anywho, what would you like me to sketch? : D

  7. D’aaaw. Holland’s comforting Meela. And like other posters above, I love little Meela’s chubby legs. Oh and… at a time like this all Meela is worried about is her hair!?

    1. oh wait I see now… someone was cutting little Meela’s hair. Okay it makes sense.

  8. What an intense page. Look at them worrying over her, and poor Meela all delirious. :(

  9. D: noooooooooo~

  10. Every page of this comic is so thought out so well! I have absolutely loved every step of this journey so far! Hope you enjoy the holidays!
    Now that the politically correct way is done, hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

  11. A new flashback coming. awesome !!!

    did Meela have long hair when she was younger?

    LOVE the expressions AND this comic !!!!!!!!

    1. of course she did… just look at the page before :D

  12. Angry feral is angry…
    (I couldn’t think of a better comment! XD)

    1. Feral = I’ll rip your face off after I heal Meela.
      Holland = Crap, I’m going to die.

  13. Have a wonderful break you two!!
    Now i just have to figure out what im going to do on Tuesdays now, THANKS ALGY XD

    Still in love with this comic, and great page as always ;3

  14. *reaches for hair* “Ahhh….my hair! I’m dying but my hair is somehow important right now! Gaaah….” *lets out last breath, head droops, arm drops to the ground* WHY!!?

  15. That was a pretty epic paper slap there. Like Light’s-epic-potato-chip epic. I love this comic *w*

    Two weeks?! Noooooo I don’t want to wait! D: have a good break anyway guys :)

  16. Okay, a couple things stick out to me from this comic (all in good ways):

    1) Feral’s demonic eye is acting up again. While it IS scary, I can only foresee good, actiony and/or badass things to come from it.
    2) Holland’s helplessness and lost attitude make him seem so much more the child in this situation, which I find terribly endearing; he’s trying to do his best even in this, a cirumstance he’s not at all equipped to handle.
    3) While I’m of course on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment, I sincerely wish you both a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!! <3

    Thanks so much for making and posting this comic. I love it dearly now.

  17. Does that mean Holland’s leaving? D8

    1. I doubt it. The way he’s holding onto Meela’s hand suggests that he ain’t going nowhere (yeah, ignore the double-negatives, it just sounded better in this situation…haha) and he wouldn’t leave Feral to deal with an injured Meela and possibly pursuers (if Piper doesn’t do her job satisfactorily) by himself.

  18. Poor Holland *gazes at his face in panel 2* so amazing!

  19. There’s something eye-catching about Feral’s pose in the third panel. I love the curve in his tail~

  20. Is it just me, or is the area around Meela’s eyes starting to turn yellow?

    1. Definitely NOT just you…

      1. oAo I thought it was the fire.

  21. There you have your f****** papers….
    Now go away!! ¬¬

  22. C’mon Meela, don’t go too far into dreamland! D:

  23. Hello, I wanted to tell you that Tannor gave Meela the Teddy when she already had the hair sort, also I wanted to say that I love your comic!

    1. Oh I am glad someone else noticed this! I’m curious as to whether it was intentional or not?

      It could have been that her hair has grown long again since she got the doll but the last flashback seems to imply it was closer to the time they had to leave home.

      Love you comic to bits though!! especially the expressions

    2. Maybe her brother gives her the one seen on the first page after she looses this one while running away?

      1. Yes you are right :)

    3. It’s a different doll. It will be explained in the next page.

      1. Oh, thanks Celesse! :D

  24. Ok, now I’m really REALLY wanting to make a fanfic of this comic w/my take on Feral’s thoughts! Aack! Evil Fanfic Bunny is after me!
    May I?

    1. Sure, we don’t mind fanfics as long as it’s kept PG13 at least ;)

      1. Ok, thanks! Where should I post it??

  25. Wait, why is she wearing a Lyrian necklace?

    1. What is Lyrian? If its the bird people then I think it’s the one that holland gave her when she was pretending to be his “slave” at the ball

      1. Actually it just shows that she is one of Hollands servants.

  26. Oh no! Meela! stay awake Feral will save you!

  27. Two weeks? Nooooo!!! I’m impatient! Just draw it in with crayon stick-figures and keep posting until you can get back home! I’m sure everyone at this point is so wrapped up in the story that they wouldn’t even mind.
    *ahem* Have fun with your family, btw.

  28. Those papers can’t have been comfortable being hidden in his shirt like that. Plus I’m sure Holland WAS dying (no pun intended) to know if Feral had gotten what they’d came for before they got chased off (then Meela started dying….)
    Poor Meela….she has to wait two weeks before Feral can start trying to heal her….will she survive? Will WE survive!?! *overly dramatic*

  29. That’s what she’s worried about. Her hair.

  30. Oh, Meela! Poisoned and bleeding like she is- stay with us Meela! Focus on Holland’s voice! OAO
    Two weeks. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. ._.

  31. Are they still getting rained on?

    1. Nah, just the rain clinging to them. They’re inside a cave that they hid their stuff in earlier.

  32. Poor Meela. It’s cool. We’ll be waiting for your return Cels!<3
    Merry Christmas to both of you! C:

  33. Haha Holland’s so cute!

  34. So intese o.o

  35. Not the hair! Anything but the hair! XD
    Seriously though, Meela, LIVE!

  36. WatchOutForWendigos

    Sucks waiting two weeks for updates, but I wouldn’t want to work over the holidays either. It wouldn’t be so bad if one of the main characters wasn’t floating in the rift between life and death, having important story-revealing flashbacks.
    Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  37. OMG!! SO CUTE!!!! X3 Meela’s having flashback again!! her first haircut! :D
    (AHA!!! I KNEW IT!!!! XD)

  38. i had a very odd dream last night that i had vol 1 and 2 of this series. only vol 2 wasn’t finished. so whenever there was an update, the new page would magically appear in vol 2

    1. Lol that’d be some awesome technology

      1. lolz wish i had that.

  39. Feral’s face when he slams down the papers is like “There you happy now!”
    Awesome page as always, I love this comic.

  40. I bought Book I: Chapter’s 1, 2, and 3 from the store as a present for a friend of mine. I just wanted to say that they are truly stunning. The print quality and paper quality is superb, and you can make out even more details than in the comic. I want to keep them!

    :) Anyway, thank you for making such a beautiful comic available for free to your online readers and for putting so much care into the making of the physical product.

    Merry Christmas!

  41. LOVE THIS COMIC! I went away for a little while (lost the URL when I got a new computer), but I’m so glad I found it again!

    I feel like Feral’s gesture of throwing the papers at Holland is his way of ‘saying’ “This is what happens when you put people in potentially dangerous situations without thinking of the consequences! And to a little girl! You got some s’plainin’ to do!” (or something like that…perhaps that’s just me : P).

    Have wonderful holiday, and we’ll see you in the new year! ^_^

  42. I am so sorry, but the only thing I can think of when I see the fourth panel (third panel? O.o ) is “Gosh, I would love eyeliner that dark and eyeshadow that particular shade. That would be awesome if I could find some.”.

  43. Aww. So that’s what happened to her hair. I’m not sure if her brother’s doing it to make her look like a boy or to just make her look different. ^_^” (assuming that’s what’s happening) Poor Holland, he doesn’t know she’s dreaming.

  44. OH MY GOOOSH!! I can’t wait another week! D: I just found this yesterday (friend showed me it) and I now LOOOOVE IIIT. Feral and/or Holland is my fav character!

    When Feral threw down the papers, I couldn’t figure out what the heck they were. xD I thought it was some like, bullet proof vest that Feral was wearing. xDDD Or some mat to put Meela on. WAYYY off there.

    1. DrawManiac, I think the papers are the contract Feral had with Holland concerning the party-espionage they did! XD lol I dont think it would be a very affective bulletproof vest! haha!

      1. The papers are the proof that Holland asked them to get for him. At least I believe they are since there is no such thing as a “contract” when it comes to bounty hunters. You wouldn’t want a trail to be left behind of what you’ve done.

    2. yeah it’s gotta be the evidence. Why else would he hand him a stack of papers? lol

  45. Wow I thought I already commented on this…..well I enjoyed this slide and the last few as they give some background on to Meela-chan. ^.^

  46. Mental image–> Feral bringing an envelope with the receipts from all his bounty work to his accountant so he can calculate his taxes. Even Feral wouldn’t want to mess with the IRS. haha

  47. One wonders what Feral’s glowing eye is…Is he a demon? Or is it because of his past? I wonder if it will ever be revealed before the end of the comment…I hope so!

  48. *comic* not comment

  49. Hey, first I want to congratulate you girls for bringing the comic to an end. It was a great story which I’ve been reading with bated breath.
    But I have a question about the matter that is still unclear to me. Remember the package back on the page 201? It appeared again on the page 219, where Holland gives it away to Jyaku. What was it exactly? Did this package contain the files Holland was asking about or was it something else?

    1. Oops, that question wasn’t supposed to be here but I can’t remove it. ^^’

  50. ……. cries… MEELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…… please please stay awake wait no dont i cant bear to watch you suffer

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