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  1. he’s like a mean big brother.

  2. I love these two :3 this and the last page make them seem like siblings :D

  3. He cannot talk and yet he can fake-snore…..

    1. sound from nose, not from throat.

      1. Oh, I was just about to comment on his fake-snoring too, lol

  4. You don’t need a voice to make snoring noices! It’s just about inhalation.

  5. Feral is SO silly. Panel five, Meela has her “grump” face on.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the way it really does look like the blanket is wraped around Meela. It’s just those little details that make this comic my #1 fave. You guys are amazing!

    1. I second this comment!

  7. Pannel one answer to Meela’s question of what he thinks he’s doing? He’s taking over the bed that’s what.

  8. i love their relationship in this page. sibling rivalry lol

  9. Those two are hilarious XD
    Feral’s fake snoring and Meela’s grump face XD

  10. Haha! This is just like me and my sister when we have to share a bed. X3 I love this siblingish relationship that these two have.

  11. This is.. so cute..

  12. 10th time and still think this is funny! totally like a big brother :) and over time Meela becomes the sister he never had

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