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  1. mal is my name too

    1. Haha luv your face in the third panelXD HaloOkami

  2. Hmm… Is Mal Feral? Is she like, invading his memories or something? Hmm… Must Read More!

  3. I believe Yuen is Feral……

    1. … Yup.

    2. I second this.

    3. Yuen is an exact incarnation of Meela. My theory is that Meela and feral met in an alternate dimension where feral can speak… plus they aren’t feral or “mal’s” memories. they’re told from Yuen(Meela)’s point of view…

  4. I dunno, I thought Mal was Feral. . . I’ll need to wait patiently to find out, though, I’m sure. Yuen’s fur looks more brown, which is why I think Mal is Feral. v.v

    1. Yeah, and Mal does seem to have a bit of an adventurous streak. Plus he’s apparently decided not to get a clan mark, and Feral doesn’t have a clan mark.

      It shouldn’t be too hard to test this theory though. Just look for claw marks on Feral’s left leg.

      1. Check that, I meant Mal. Then again, it could be Yuen. I’m leaning towards Mal though because of his adventurous personality.

  5. Mmm i like me some nostalgic sepia tones…
    Beautiful comic!

  6. Thought—neither are Feral—one of them is Feral’s FATHER. O.o (ok maybe not) but I am finding it hard to find either of them as Feral. (Mal’s scar and Feral’s scars don’t match up…and he don’t have freckles…or Yuen’s fur color…)

    1. I honestly think Mal might be Feral, or Yuen. (Because of later on). But you don’t really get to see Feral’s scar, so it could match.

  7. I think Mal might be a separate side of Meela’s consciousness, the more adventurous side. He kind of looks like a male version of her.

  8. Anyone else notice that Mal has a gold hoop earring in his left ear, so does Feral….as well as no clan mark. Just a thought.

  9. That is so feral!

  10. you people are so off but I wont spoil it…

  11. Mal is Feral Yuen is Meela? Yes.

  12. Oh my gosh! I just thought what if Mal was the one who killed Meelas family?
    I also think Yuen is Feral.

  13. lol made a mistake mal is too young for that but I still keep my position on Feral being Yuen. All things point to there. ;) the book and the strange language.

  14. I say Mal=Feral and Yuen=Meela but that is just the simple not analytical me talking.

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