Volume 1

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Please note that the artist comments for pages 1-160 were somehow lost along the way.

TWO Pages Next Week!

There will not be a page update this week, BUT we will make it up to you by doing a TWO PAGE update next week! Nekocon is this weekend and we’re on staff at the Artist Alley, plus I’m buried in freelance work, so we just don’t have time for a page this week. We know you guys hate page skips as much as we do, so please don’t get upset and keep in mind that you’ll be getting two pages next week! See you at Nekocon! PS: Sorry guys, no livestream tonight!

Forums Closing

Hello, dear readers! Recently Algy and I have been discussing the poor forums which, though having been around for a long time, have understandably been abandoned in favor of the new commenting system that we enabled on pages in the recent site update. We feel the comment system is a more useful and easier way for fans to comment and interact with the comic, so it is with an emo tear in our eyes that we have decided to close the forums. We will leave it up for another week or two for those of you who want to find and save any posts, roleplays or character profiles, but be sure to do it quick or it will soon be gone forever! We thank those of you who were regular members on the forum and kept it alive, but times are a-changin’ and things need to move forward now :)

Page 191 Coming Soon

Yes, there will be a page update today! We’re a little behind because of AWA though, so it won’t be posted at the usual early morning time and instead will probably post by Friday night. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Or just watch the Facebook page, we announce it there as soon as it goes up ;P We would also like to thank everybody that stopped by to see us during AWA! It was great to meet so many fans in person and we gave out a ton of cards, so hopefully there are some new ones lurking around!

AWA Con This Weekend, No Page This Week

We know you guys hate to hear this, but sorry, there won’t be an update this Friday. We tried hard but were unable to create a buffer page for while we’re out of town this week. And on that note, the reason there won’t be a page is we’re traveling to Anime Weekend Atlanta! We’ll be in the Artist Alley at tables 8 and 9, so drop by and see us for Strays goodies! Updates resume like normal next week on October 7th!