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  1. … So if Feral stabs someones shadow the damage transfers over to the person whose shadow he stabbed?
    That’s pretty cool.

    1. I didn’t realize he stabbed the shadow til I read your comment. I thought he just randomly stabbed the floor!

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I didn’t either! Thank you! Now that makes more sense.

        1. You really didn’t notice that? Nice…

        2. That’s a magic weapon that needs to be in books.

    2. Seems to be at least when using the dagger… he probably would’ve just punched Meela’s shadow and left her behind

  2. awsome!!!!!

  3. I agree with Malcolm! However did he recognize her or is she having a flashback?

  4. Seeing how the “!” comes from him I would assume the flashback belongs to him too.

    1. Actually, i believe the ! Came from him cause his shadow got stabbed.

      1. But the ! came BEFORE the stab.

        1. As* he got stabbed

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww baby meela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh, what does he know about meela i wonder?

  7. I thought he was remembering his own child… maybe a similarity between the two cause they reckoned he killed his wife and child in that fire 7 years back.

    Oh! The shadow! Sense is made :)

  8. Now that I’m re-reading random chapters, it just came to me why he had to be killed. QAQ

  9. I think he’s seen meela somewhere before… Maybe before her parents died?

  10. Could it be that this guy is Meela’s father’s father? I’m now just thinking of crazy theories xD

    1. lol doh. Nevermind. xD /bricks herself

  11. I think the guy is a lost relative of Meela’s. He looks like her father and brothers, even if he is human.

  12. waahh! i never noticed they changed that panel! it used to be a little flashback of baby meela. but then again i guess it wouldnt have made sense since they changed the story…

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