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And there she goes again.

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  1. Meela come back!!!

    1. Bad Wolf? I assume it doesn’t have anything to do with Doctor Who, huh…

      1. I’m so glad someone else saw the user name Bad Wolf and also saw a Doctor who reference

        1. FastestTempInChiswick

          Uh, I don’t actually have anything worthwhile to say, I just want to add another username to our list. :D

          No, wait, I do have something to say: Holland’s boots are AMAZING.

        2. OMG, I looked at that and saw “Holland’s boobs are AMAZING.”

        3. And suddenly Meela is the bad wolf. ;) and yes I know very well what the bad wolf thing is too ^^

    2. generic-username427

      you can blame it all…

    3. OH MY GOD! BadWolf, I freaking LOVE your Gravatar! I have an obsession with Scar!

      1. And I have an obsession with Jeremy Irons, want to be friends? :-)

        1. Who turned out the lights?


  2. THIS STORY!!!! GRRRR MEELA COME BACK. Holland bebeh i just wanna wrap you in a blanket and take you home.


    Omg someone catch the pup and go hug Holland.

    1. Not too tight, though. XD; Poor guy!

  4. Meela!!! Get your puppy butt back here right now!! Do not make me chase you!!! And bird man!!! Get up!!! You have wounded shoulder not broken butt!!!

    1. I think that he also hurt his knee. At least, that’s what I get from the fifth panel. I don’t think he is able to get up. It’s a marvel he can turn around to begin with.

      1. Jyaku stated that Holland has a broken leg (in addition to a dislocated shoulder). So, yeah, getting up isn’t in him right now. In fact I marvel that his “OW!” wasn’t a full-on “AARGH!”

        1. Oh… Didn’t realize it was broken leg too. Whoops. Someone go get the pup!

    2. Your avatar looks like a library dominatrix…

      1. ( with a bad Kuzco impersonation)… and that’s bad …right? ;-)

  5. Meela Don’t go! T^T

    1. +1ing for instantly thinking of this song

  6. Even though I’m caught with the feels, I still feel the need to do it:

    ♪ There she goes
    There she goes again
    Racing through my brain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Pulsing through my veins
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Racing through my brain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    She calls my name,
    Pulls my train
    No one else could heal my pain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Chasing down my lane
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes
    There she goes ♪

    1. the same song was stuck in my head too because of this page.

  7. Group hug for Meela and Holland (and Feral when he wakes up). ;~;

  8. Goodbye may seem forever
    Farewell is like the end
    But in my heart’s a memory
    And there you’ll always


    2. Fox and the Hound feelz…don’t add that to this feelz train… T_T

    3. Awwwww!!! I could be watching the hamster dance, laughing my rear off – I hear that song …instant tEaRs!!

  9. Holland T.T I’m so sad for him T.T

  10. :33< Why???? Why must Meela pull on my feels like that? :((< *ac sighs and starts eating chocolate almonds while waiting for Green Arrow or Fuschia or SOMEONE to start the ACF meeting for her, as the feels are too much.*

      (Rolls around in distress in ACF corner)

      1. *lays in shock by the ACF corner*

        1. -comforts fellow ACF members- It’ll be alright everyone. We’ll get through this. Here have some hot cocoa and falafel.

        2. Thanks. Falafel solves everything. Falafel will bring Meela back. I brought pita and everything to put in it.

        3. **Comatose in ACF corner**

        4. *curls up in ACF corner*
          The only logical thing to do is get your mind off of this. Sooo here’s a computer with netflix. Go choose something.
          *goes back to curling up, only reading*

        5. *cries* The face…the blame…I’m soooo upset. *sniffles*

        6. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

          Tries watching netflix ^^… everything reminds me of Meela and SADNESS… ends up just crying in my corner.

    2. *Suddenly jumps onto everyone in the AFC corner* I’M HERE NOW!!! And I bring a valid reason to be late. I was on a date. Hey that rhymed, but anyway I brought posters to decorate our corner!

      1. OOOH what’s on the posters?

        1. Well I have one of Meela, one of Feral, and of course Holland. I also have one of all three together. I’m taking request though and I’ll bring them next Friday!

  11. Gah my heart! It c ant take much more of this. -builds a pillow fort in the ACF corner-

    1. *curls up in pillow fort* OOOH FALAFEL! I brought gyros, anyone want one? *shouting at the page* OY HOLLAND WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT, NURSING AN INJURY OR RUNNING AFTER THE ADORABLE LOVABLE SWEET MEELA WH- sob… *hides tears*

      1. Murr I’ll have a gyro. I brought some ice cream and kittens too. You can never go wrong with kittens.


  12. This is a good point for a chapter break…
    …me, I vote for advancing Meela’s age by 10 years.

    1. Dude I’m there with you. On both thoughts ^^

  13. Late last night
    I heard the screen door slam
    And a big yellow taxi
    Come and took away my old man
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    ‘Til it’s gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot

    1. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

      AWWW omg SO MANY SONGS!!! also did the first 3-4 lines remind anyone else of sherlock……? :)

  14. I guess shes still in shock that he kinda has blame for her fams death

  15. Am I the only one that thinks this page really makes Holland seem a lot younger? :P maybe it’s just the shock and pain in his expression, but I have never been too sure oh how old he is. This page makes him look quite young. I love it. ^.^

    1. Holland is either 20 or 21. Such a good character and I feel bad for him. But Meela NOOO!!!


    I wonder how long it will take for her to come back or the two to find her. :P

  17. Gaaaah the pain. The pain in my heart! Where are my AFC people? We need a meeting right now.

    1. agreed. TO THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!

      1. TO THE CORNER! I got the pillows, ice cream and fuzzy kittens!

  18. oh poor meela :(

  19. Sigh… Meela, it WASN’T Feral! It was Malkar, you twit! Jyaku explained the whole thing to you! Grr! Grr!

  20. Jyaku doesn’t know that Holland is on the secret she’s got horns; If she let that cat out of the bag, Jyaku might go and silence him or something. He’s already a national treasure, and a secret like that would make him priceless.
    I’m on the theory it’s all just an excuse to leave and keep Holland safe.

  21. someone light a fire under ferals’ tail and wake him up. they need to go after meela… NOW!!!

  22. Hmm… That white haired man that Feral killed at the beginning seemed to know Meela and Feral and who they both were. I wonder how he fits into the picture and if Meela will go find out who he was now that she’s on her own again.

    1. Omg, I totally agree. I’ve been waiting forever to find out who they were!

  23. Well back to the act corner to celebrate Meela graduating

    1. *Throws pillow at you* HOW CAN YOU EVEN TALK ABOUT CELEBRATING!!! THIS IS A SAD PART!!! *Throws another pillow at you*

  24. MEELA STAHP! Well actually let her go for a bit. She needs time to process this. I dont think she necessarily blames Feral but she probably feels that forgiving him would betray the loved ones she’s lost.

    SPECULATIONS: This series could end with a chase-hug or go off on a tangent. Perhaps Meela’s missing mom will make an appearance? Maybe she’s gone back to her demon-hunting ways? Maybe she disappeared to protect her family and never returned because she heard they had been killed? Maybe Meela’s mom is hunting Feral the man who she believes killed her entire family?

    Maybe Jira’s alive and hunting Feral down but will run into Meela first and Meela will have to either let her mother avenge their family or defend Feral!?!

    1. yeah, this Comic needs an Epilogue! :-)

  25. *cries* Meeeeelllaaaaaa

  26. Poor Meela D: I hope she’s going to be okay!

    1. I am worried about Feral’s heart breaking… I doubt they can give themselves a heart-attack, like bunnies.
      …don’t know if Holland can stop him from tracking her either

      1. Even as bad as the situation has gotten and even if Jyaku explains to Holland that Mal killed Meela’s father and brother while in control of Feral, I personally think that Holland will encourage Feral to track her and help him do it. Just as soon as they are both able to, anyway. ^^; It’s not as if Holland has a very good track record as far as listening to Jyaku is concerned. >_>

  27. quick someone get the corner of the feels ready! I’ll get the ice cream!

    1. I got the kittens!

      1. oooooooo I love kittens!!!!!!!

  28. meela needs to stay with feral

  29. Poor baby, I can’t blame her. she just found out her best friend murdered her family

  30. It’s funny. She thought that wolf stuffed animal was a monster when she was first given it. Now it feels like that stuffed animal is the only thing she has left in the world. So sad. How would you people feel if a crazed bounty hunter with an evil look in his eye brutally murmured your family, only to discover, years later that it was your best friend the entire time?

  31. Fuck…. I mean, FUCK man, that SUCKS! This page actually moved me to tears! Meela… no… TT^TT

  32. Meela, you turn your little Lupian butt around right now and Feral, wake up and keep her from doing anything stupid! Normally I’d have Holland do it, but he’s injured. So, Feral, MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL and haul Meela’s butt back to camp RIGHT NOW!!

    1. I fell out of my chair because I was laughing so hard from picturing that.

  33. I agree. I love Holland’s boots :)

  34. Ooo whatcha saaaayy.

    1. (Don’t kill me please)

  35. I think Meela getting some distance is actually a good thing. Maybe this will lead to Feral being told about his past (which he has a right to know,especially under these circumstances), and will give Meela time to process information and understand that it wasn’t Feral (she probably already knows, but needs to come to terms). My only real concern is for Meela’s safety while she’s on her own.

    1. I do at least think that this will lead to Jyaku taking the seal off the journal so that Feral can finally read it. It will take some time for Feral to process the whole truth as well, not just Meela, so we may end up with a small timeskip on our hands.

  36. It’s not Feral’s fault… it is Mal’s fault… Feral just… happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time because Mal was his friend and Feral was not an alpha wolf type… Feral just ended up with the biggest bum deal of anyone.

    1. Yes!!! FINALLY, someone else who gets it! Feral didn’t murder her family! Malkar did! Malkar, damn it!!!

  37. I just realized why my gravatar wasn’t working…. >.<

  38. Damn you Jyaku…..

    1. Even if the method is painful, he’s trying to save Meela’s life here. ^^; That’s not something he should be damned for, I’m sure.

  39. TT^TT my favourite pair is getting separated! QAQ

  40. He looks so distressed and heart broken :(

  41. Guys~! We need to be voting for Strays on TopWebComics D: don’t forget! They deserve the votes!

  42. Does anyone think that about what the ending will be? I kinda think that maybe her mom will come back, or she will find something about her mom. I mean no one ever said she was dead.. just missing.

    I kinda want her to be with Feral and Holland forever though. That would be the best happy ending. Or maybe she will grow up and then meet them!! that would be so good! see young adult Meela!!

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