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It's about time you woke up.

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  1. I sense more angst coming.

  2. Waking up at the most convenient time I see.

  3. You can’t leave Meela!

  4. Can’t Holland heal himself like he did when Meela chomped him? Or does that change based on the extent of his injuries (like internal bleeding and such)?

    1. Holland requires much more extensive healing, which Jyaku is more advanced at.

      1. Okay, I was thinking that might be the case, but I wasn’t sure. That makes sense!

  5. *sad violin plays in the background*

    1. I have music on right now. The thing playing right now is primarily violin. Slow, rather sad violin.

      Thus, you comment made me laugh. ^^;

      1. I don’t think Jyaku wants to be a d*** he just doesn’t see any other way…..
        He kinda seems like the dad of the group. And the sad fact is many dads tend to seem like total d***heads when they actually mean well.

        1. I know’ cause my step dad is like that a lot….. but now I know why he’s like that. We get along okay now, though looking back you wouldn’t think we could…. maybe Meela and Jyaku just need to have a talk/p***ing match like me and my step dad did.
          …just a thought…

  6. Oh my gosh from the artist comment I thought you meant FERAL at first I was SO ANXIOUS TO SEE THIS UPDATE and oh yeah, Holland XD That’s fine too

    1. That was my first thought, too! But then I thought that it would be better if Holland woke up first… and then I read the page :D

  7. Morning, sunshine.

  8. Also, Holland’s words sound like he doesn’t really know what’s going on either. I mean, he seems to think that monster is still Feral.

    1. That’s because that “monster” is still Feral: before merging with Mal, Feral was Yuen, remember? A different man with a different character. He was turned into Feral upon merging with Mal.

      And he’s not a monster either. He’s a man with a monster inside of him, that’s not quite the same. Especially when that monster is suppressed most of the time within him and when it escapes, it is without his knowledge or consent.

      So, yes, Holland has every right to think that the man lying in front of him is his friend Feral. Especially since he knows Feral’s history and what lurks within him.

      1. Ahem… by “that monster” I referred exactly to the monster INSIDE of him, not to Feral himself.

        1. TheOtherDibbler

          I took ‘did you seal Feral’ to be essentially a short way of saying ‘did you seal Mal away inside Feral again?’. As in, Holland knows who/what lurks inside Feral, and that Jyaku is the one who seals the monster away, allowing Feral to regain control of his body again. I figure he sees the body as being Feral’s, and therefore Jyaku ‘seals Feral’ to stop Mal from getting out and taking over.

          His general air of confusion here I attribute to the fact that he’s been unconscious for the last twenty minutes or however long and just woke up, so he’s getting his bearings and trying to figure out what he missed.

      2. Do you guys think Feral remembers his past? Does Mal remember his past? Or did they just fuse and neither one can remember much at all?

  9. Good morning, Holland. I wonder how he is going to like Meela leaving.

  10. She is going to leave, and then Feral will be looking for her…

  11. Looks like someone’s packing up to leave….

    Even though Feral/Yuen isn’t technically guilty, I imagine knowing it was him under Mal’s influence that killed her parents is going to make it really difficult for her to be around him anymore.

  12. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    YES! Holland has finally woken up! Yay! Poor boy, he’s so disoriented. (I would be too….)
    I’m glad he woke up before Feral. I was slightly concerned by the author’s comment that it would be Feral that woke up, but I didn’t think it would be. He’s gonna be out for a LONG time, me thinks.
    Holland is not going to be pleased about Meela trying to leave. But I can’t wait to see their next conversation.

  13. oh crap… all that adorable Holland back story and now we see he’s all grown up and he still cares for Feral, it’s kind of beautiful and sad at the same time. As always, Holland’s expressions are priceless!

  14. Waking from being unconscious is very disorienting in my experience. I fainted once from donating blood and when I first woke up, everything felt surreal, like I was waking from a dream. It took the better part of a minute for me to comprehend just what had happened. And I wasn’t experiencing intense pain like Holland is. Poor boy. ^^;

    Beautiful page, as always! Looking forward to seeing how Meela and/or Jyaku breaks the news to Holland. I can pretty much already predict his reaction, haha.

    1. Oh, and I really want to mention those little details that make this so beautiful. Holland’s hair being messed-up from his collision with the tree, Jyaku’s regretful expression, Meela’s look of resignation. Just so much said without words. <3

  15. AFC meeting! *Throws Holland Plushies into the air* He finally woke up! Good to have you back Holland! Oh, and I bring Cupcakes!

    1. YAY HOLLAND (cheers the girl who loves birds) I bring… HOLLAND!
      Holland: ‘… what’
      Kouji: ‘Say hi to your fans, darling!’ *throws him at AFC*

      1. *Catches Holland*
        Holland: What is going on!?
        Flames: Welcome to the Alliance of the Corner of the Feels! Have a cupcake!
        Holland: Am I dreami-
        *Tosses him back in the air.*

        1. *catches Holland and set him back on his feet*

          Now now, lets not scare him to badly.

        2. *sneaks up behind holland and fires the biggest party popper ever*

          “…hi.” I bring jaffa cakes to the ACF corner.

    2. *Catches Holland again*
      Holland: “Could someone explain what is going on!!!”
      Wyra: “Hi ya Holland! I’m Wyra, want a cookie?”
      Holland: “Um…sure?”
      *Gives Holland a cookie and tosses him back*

    3. I don’t understand how you guys cam be joking around ;_; this is really bad, Meela might leave us again

      1. dont worry too much, if that does happen, then feral will just have to go after her. the acf can always take him aside and give him directions if need be.


  17. No Holland she is anything but okay!

  18. This is not okay…not okay at all…

  19. I really dont know what to say to this.

  20. That moment when you love Holland so darn much. The feels. ::'(


  22. I hate you guys your making me cry. RIGHT NOW.

  23. It’s about time you woke up, you useless goose prince.

    Pfft, in all seriousness, MY POOR LOVES.

  24. Jyaku’s face in the second panel…. Such good drawing. :)

  25. Hey Meela, you tried leaving before. It didn’t turn out well for you. Moral of that story: DON’T GO!!!! (Because my fandomness will shrivel and die if you do…)

  26. In the bottom left panel shouldn’t it be “you’re”, not “you are”?

    1. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are.” It’s the same thing.

  27. aww man this makes me sad. I really hope yuen will gain control soon, this is just disappointing

  28. Holland’s face in the second to last panel… I want to hug him!!

  29. no, i don’t think she’s going to alright for quite some time, holland. i hope she doesn’t go alone, that would be very bad for her mental state.

  30. Ooh poor… poor… poor EVERYONE!! Oh I think Meela is going to leave them soon. Even though this saddens me, I’m very interested in where this story is going now!

  31. Poor Holland. Feral may not actually know what’s going on. Holland gets to hold the knowledge that Meela has to scram, Jyaku can’t do much for either wolf; and he, himself, has to keep quiet to avoid a Meela hunt.

    That’s a lot of guilt to have your shoulders.

  32. this is going to end with the sad hulk music playing in the backround isn’t it?

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