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I don't think Holland is very happy. Edit: I decided to change the script slightly, so Meela has bandages now.

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  1. D: I want to see more!
    Also… what happened to Feral?

    1. Feral is probably off fetching bunny – like a good older brother would be.

      1. Oh, you mean like what he did on pages 47 and 48? I wonder if she’ll still have the same reaction as before :P

        1. even though I adored her reaction to Feral catching a rabbit… she’s hunted herself & feral was teaching her … stuff.

        2. And she just ate Korin’s face. Yea, I wouldn’t expect a similar reaction to the one we saw much earlier.

    2. feral is likely to be taking care of korins body

  2. OMGOMGOMG SHE HAS HORNS! Nonono, please come back!

    1. And in the first panel- her eyes are looking rather cat-like.

      1. I think her eyes look like that because she just woke up, and her eyes haven’t adjusted to the light yet. It’s a very nice touch, though :)

        1. In fact, those black circles in your eyes are the bigger, the lesser light there is, therefore I think your theory is wrong and that the eyes are of the “demonic” origin…

        2. She looks older, too….

        3. That’s correct, but when you wake up, your eyes are used to the dark so your pupils contract to keep out the sudden bright light.

          Anyways, I’m thinking the eyes are related to “the overflow of dark magic”. I imagine that would make her look more demonic, and as Holland cleans it up her eyes go back to normal ^^

        4. Actually I think it has more to do with her awakening the demon inside her…Her eyes were similar to that when she turned.

    2. those eyes on the first pannel…
      they’re so nice i sidnt even notice she grew horns till later

    3. I just realized that she has horns since she transformed (and that Holland hide them under her hat).

      1. OMG you’re right, she’s had horns for pages and pages and I didn’t even notice D:

        1. Just… HOLY (Holland :D ) SHEEIT, right? I didn’t realize it either!

    4. Shes so adorable! And she doesn’t even look like a satyr either!

  3. ;A; Oh my, I wonder if Feral’s seen already!

    1. Eh, what would really further things along would be if he CARED about them…

  4. That’s why she wanted that hat, isn’t it.


  5. Poor Meela, I’m so glad Holland is there for her!

  6. Dude, you better not have taken off her bracelet again, you know she’s gonna freak out! Also, Mella’s demon slit eyes in the first panel… awesome.

    ~I still did not get my cookie for translating Vihki’s letter :P ~

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      1. Okay, I was board and this sounded fun so I tried it.

        Let me start by saying I don’t really like cake. But this, this was good. A little tough since it was microwaved but very tasty! Thank you for this!

      2. Nice cake! cheers for the recipe ^.^

    2. Looks like you’ve been taken care of ;)

    3. If there were ‘like’ buttons or ‘thumbs up’ buttons,
      I would give one to every single one of you guys!

  7. ou… meela you have to get better soon, daww she looks kinda cute

  8. Forever and a day ago, upon meeting Feral, Meela asked him if he was a “demon lupian”. Turns out, SHE is.

    1. Maybe she was hoping she’s not the only one? :D

      1. she sure didn’t look as if she would have minded the answer to be “yes”.

  9. So… no scars on her nose? I’m going to assume Holland’s healing magic made it so she wouldn’t have them? Was kind-of hoping she would have them… lol

    1. No, no scars for little Meela. Sorry, lol

  10. How much time passed after fighting with Korin? Does she have some serious healing ability? Because she has no cuts on her face at all, even scratches. This is the way it should be or did you just forgot about them? Little confusing for me :’3

    1. Holland still exists with his healing magic :P

    2. It’s only the next day. Holland healed the cuts on her face, which will be noted in the next page.

  11. maybe… the cut on her nose was just blood. korins blood

    1. there was plenty to go around! :P

  12. Be friends! Please!

  13. I think the eyes on the first panel are from her demon form, because on the sixth panel their normal again c:

  14. Pffft XD So they actually did take us out of the dream that fast.
    I don’t mind as much, though, because it seems like we’re about to receive exposition either way.

    Meela’s horns look cute 83 (Maybe they aren’t always so big in her family, like she’s only got them this big at the moment because she killed someone earlier.)

  15. h my gosh shes so cute with her leetle horns!

  16. Ahhh, I didn’t notice her horns until now! Looked back and it makes sense why Holland put the hat on her… I just thought it was a sentimental thing, but it apparently served practical purpose. Hehe :)

    1. Yeah, right i just noticed the same thing!

  17. How come none of the rest of her family transformed to defend themselves when attacked?

    1. The transformation was just a trigger from anger and anxiety. Most half demons “come of age” around 13 years old with this type of reaction. Once it runs its course it’s pretty much done.

      1. I think Zeph meant – why didn’t Rollin go all woofie on his murderers…

        I could be wrong… (usually I am)

      2. That kinda makes me think of mutants (from the marvel universe) lol


  19. aw meela looks so cute
    oh my gosh what if feral see her horns

  20. she better put on the hat or lose the horns
    feral will be angry

  21. You can see her horns a few pages back right after she turns back to her humanoid form and right before Holland puts her hat on her. xD

  22. D’awww! Cute Meela! Feral, you’d better not go loco…

    1. …as long as it’s against the were-kitty, i’m all for it.

  23. Am I the only one who doesn’t get the whole horns thing? o.o

    Someone explain please! ;w;

    1. She has horns because the demon side of her matured when Korrin attacked.

      1. Ohhhhhh…

        OH RIGHT OMG ;w;
        I totally forgot about that xD
        Thank you!

        1. I just realized your name. It’s nice meeting another Natalie!

        2. Ahaha xD Nice to meet you to

  24. I don’t think her pupils were slits before she turned! Wonder if that’s a side-effect of going demon?

  25. Is it just me or does her facial features look a lot sharper than before?

  26. Please keep the horns <3 They looks sooo cute on her.

  27. Aww, Meela looks so cute in the first panel with her little horns <3

  28. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Her pupils are slits in the first panel because she just woke up and the light is bright. Her eyes adjust and then the pupils widen out by the end of the page.
    Oh Holland… I love him. PLEASE EXPLAIN THINGS TO US!!! D:

    1. Yea but her eyes have never had slits before, that’s not really a canine thing, they have round pupils like humans. If you see a close up of Feral’s face, his red eye specifically is slitted, while his normal eye is a round pupil. I’m sure the slits are half demon related.

      1. When the comic first started, both she and Feral had elliptical eyes, but as it progressed, they were changed to round eyes as that is what wolves have and even the beginning pages were changed. So I bet her eyes were made elliptical when she first awakened to show the demon side in her.

        1. rollin’s eyes look pretty round to me.

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris
        If you look at the last panel… Meela just woke up and her eyes are slitted.
        Now her eyes have rounded back out as they adjust to the light (when she first woke up, her pupils contracted in response to the light, but when they adjust, they widen back out). This is the same progression of her pupils as on this page.

  29. Holland isn’t acting like his funny loving happy self now.

    1. and is it just me, but does he seem to have a rather large pair of man-boobies?

      – bet he’s concentrating on that rather difficult “hiding magical aura” spell.

  30. Honestly, Holland is my favorite character so far. He seems like the flighty (pun intended) person at first, but he seems to be much wiser and mature than he lets on.

    1. yeah, I only wish I could find a guy like that… make me smile, does the laundry, well read, EMT… or something like that.

  31. Meela seems to have aged so much from when the comic has started.
    I really hope something happens about those horns… Though she is still cute with them.


  33. I have a feeling that Mal is her dad :>

    1. I don’t think so–what about the gray hair color?

    2. page 250

      his name is rollin.

  34. Those horns are adorable

  35. im a little confused with the eye thing…if shes a lupian with dog genes, her undilated eyes should only be small circles, shouldn’t they? cats eyes when undilated are slits. or is it because shes a demon?

    1. It’s because she’s a half demon i think ;) (and a bit because she’s just awoken from sleep maybe). As previously said in another comment, lupian have normal round pupils, so…

  36. OMG. OMG. I love this page so much. I don’t know if something changed in the style, but she looks GORGEUS. Like, totally wow. The fist panel just stung my heart and made my jaw drop <3 <3 <3 and the last panel with just his mouth shows so much of his bad mood about all of this. WOW.

  37. Woah! She has horns now. She looks cool. lol
    So excited to see more. O w O

  38. I started yelling “The eyes! Her eyes! The demonic slit like eyes just like Feral!” when I saw the first panel. I wounder if Meela and Holland are going to have a talk about this…

  39. ok wait has anyone ever thought this… ‘maybe one of her eyes will be demonic and the other normal like Feral’s?’
    I think it will happen.

  40. Oh Meela, poor baby

  41. Woah, those bandages weren’t there yesterday XD

    1. I just posted a comment about this then I saw yours! I wonder if they forgot them then realized it after it was posted?

    2. Check the edit in the description! Decided to change some things!

  42. Huh… Holland is making the “I’m not mad. Really. I’m just ‘disappointed.'” look. x__x

    1. …yeah. although, right now i’m betting it’s because she had to rip-out someone’s throat to defend herself… no little child should need to go through that.

      1. Well I was thinking more of the “You should have just told me” talk that oh-so-many parental figures like to give.

  43. Darn. I was looking forward to Jyaku whooping up on Mal. Oh well, maybe next time.

  44. She looks so beautiful in the first panel!

  45. Her eyes are a lot sharper now… and she also has horns…
    Oooh, suspense! Why why why why why?? I wanna know!!!

  46. So like, on saturday when I checked the page she didnt have anything on her face and now today she has bandages?

    1. Check the edit in the description ;3

      1. They’re a nice touch :)

  47. went back & noticed this one page…

    maybe Feral can speak!
    …he certainly, subconsciously, knew who he & meela were dreaming about.

    1. I think that’s a cough.

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        I believe it is a cough as well, but it does sound suspiciously like the beginning of the name “Korin”….

  48. Awww. Holland is upset, and Meela looks so lonely.. Her horns

  49. The page changed…. she now has bandages. I’m sure they weren’t there on Friday or earlier.

    1. please check Celesse’s many comments & note on main page.

  50. So whats her wolf form look like now? Will she look the same as when she made her demon transformation or will it just be her normal wolf form with horns.

  51. OMIGOSH!! I just realized!! way way back on page 9, she woke up from her memory about her dad and brother, and her eyes were slits!!! Check it out!!

    Were you guys planning this from way back then?! Kudos!!

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I think it is just a normal reaction to the sudden exposure of her eyes to light right after she wakes up.

  52. It’s gettin’ good… we’re getting close to some answers…. I think a voter incentive is well overdue ladies ; ) To help us calm down from trying to figure everything out!

  53. HORNS -screams and drops to floor- she’s going to have a hard time hiding those! Guess it’s a good thing she had that hat now (THEY SILL HAVE THE HAT RIGHT)

  54. Those cat-like eyes *v*

  55. meela is gonna look so cool when she’s grown up. I can tell.

  56. If someday you want to translate it I can make the translation to spanish :3

  57. Heeeeeeey! Did anyone else think of Wander when they saw Meela or is it just me? :3 Probably just me. Oh, Shadow of the Colossus.

    1. This needs a Like button.

      WANDER ;-;

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