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  1. Aww Feral, now I bet you feel somewhat like a prick

    1. lolz. he didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he accepted that job. Poor Feral…. I feel bad for him with some of Meela’s antics…..

    2. I don’t think he even knows what exactly is going on. One second he hit a guy in the face. The next hes dealing with a crying kid.

      1. I don’t think he even realizes he beat said guy with the kid in question.

  2. Fasten your seat belt, Feral, cause you’re about to be sent on a GUILT TRIP!

    1. …Does Feral FEEL guilt? xD

      1. That face will make anyone feel guilt :/

        1. You sir won a +win.

  3. I like the guys face. He’s just like “The hell?”

    1. Yeah, pretty much. lol

  4. that isnt a face of guilt but confusion

  5. Feral you’re a jerk right now

  6. Feral is all like “My face…”

  7. does this guy only speak in dots?

    1. Not only in dots,but question marks too

      1. Plus hand signals and the occasional snort. :P

        1. Dont forget the EXPRESSIONS!!!

  8. That’s right Feral… Feel bad! Feel really bad!

  9. You made Meela cry, shame on you Feral she managed to stop herself so many times before >:/ you’re just cruel

  10. Her expression makes me feel guilty even though I didn’t do anything TwT…

  11. ” my poor face.. aww look kid. i didn’t mean to make you-OOF!” Gets punched again. Lol if inly feral could talk….lol

  12. My beautiful face….noo she left a mark!!

  13. Feral: “My beautiful, beautiful, tigershark face!! D:” LOL

  14. i like these comics, reading :)

  15. How do you feel, Feral? You just made a little girl cry.

  16. Rereading for the 10 time, Man i love this thing!

  17. don’t worry meela, you’ll hate him more

  18. don’t worry meela, you’ll hate him more later

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