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Thanks for the vote of confidence. One more page to go and we finish chapter 10!

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  1. Ooh, this is getting really interesting now! And it’s beautiful drawing, as always!

  2. Things are getting interesting.
    as always like the new page

  3. Ooohh, I just noticed the cuffs on Jyaku’s arms! They like… connect to his skin (unless he’s wearing skin colored sleeves in which case I would feel stupid). Almost like hooves or something :D
    Love the character designs

    1. the girls definitely have dedication to detail down-pat.
      I really haven’t seen other comics with so many “themes”.

      Each race has a different look & individuality they are still separate.

      Rhapsody, you posted @ 5:20… i can’t tell my left foot from my right foot that early in the morning. look again @ panel 6 in a little while.

    2. looks like beige-colored sleeves to me, not even skin colored. But the edges could still look hoove-like.

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Yeah, I think those are sleeves/gloves. His skin is a much paler colour….

  4. Jyaku is so intriguing. I hope he will stay in the story :3

  5. In the third panel he looks a bit like Haldir of LotR.. ^^ The facial expression and so on ..

    1. True story.

  6. I vote not confidence in mysterious deer!

  7. love this page! (/♥3♥)/

  8. Lol! Hollands face in the fourth panel looks so grumpy!

    1. Haha, if no one mentioned that, I was going to. :P you beat me to the punch.

      1. The funny thing is, when I look at that face I hear your voice saying “grump grump.”

  9. Panel six, “I’m The Shadow.”

    1. Or, “Goodbye, smellybird.”

  10. I’m glad Jyaku’s not completely writing Meela off. Can’t wait to see what he and Holland know. My concern: that Meela’s been listening the whole while. Or long enough to no longer feel safe with the group.

    And…. Volume 1 in the store was chapters 1-5. Does this mean that we might start looking forward to adding Volume 2 to our collections? :)

  11. Hehehe XD Holland’s face in the fourth panel! XDDD Great page! Can’t wait for the next! Suspenssssse :)

    1. I want a button made of that!!! Grumpy Holland is grumpy. And adorable.

  12. “I’m certain of nothing…
    …’cept that I’m cool.”

    1. Best comment so far. xD

      1. Totally xD

        1. Yup xD

  13. Is it just me, or is Holland’s nose getting bigger? Are you drawing him differently?

    1. Yup. He rubs his nose a lot. ;)

  14. Jyaku is too pretty *flails and chases after him to play with his hair*

  15. D’aaw! Jyaku must me getting tired! CRANKY BOY >:)

    1. we know that Holland is a prince, but is that enough for Jayku to take orders from him?
      what is their relationship? Jayku seems too annoyed at the situation to just be doing this “for a friend”.

      Obviously Holland is no threat to Jayku… physically, maybe political innuendo’s/influence?

  16. Moreee~ I want more. Please. T^T

  17. XD Holland’s pouty face…lol

    1. Holland’s pouty face is definitely the best xD

  18. Haha “I AM CERTAIN OF NOTHING” >:l *covers face dramatically*

  19. thelightedDarkness

    Ooohhh, Holland’s been lying, his nose is slightly bigger…


  20. I just wanna hug Jyaku because he is so damned sexy!!!

  21. Oooooh ominous. I LIKE IT.

    Can’t wait for more, ladies.


    I love his glove/sleeves

  23. I give up.

    I’m going to cosplay as Jyaku as soon as I get all the supplies and design his cosplay.
    Effective immediately.

    Or as fast as I can save up money. X’D
    I’d love some help on his full design and personalty. Or what your willing to give. I’ll be sure to send pictures and video’s. ^_^ <3

    1. Oh please do it, I will love you forever.

      1. Then I shall.

  24. i am jyaku, i am cirtain of nothing, except, that meela is ”[i]the black beast of Arrrggghhh[/i]”.

  25. Oh, wow… The plot thickens!

  26. i’m wondering why so few comments?

    This is a VERY. vErY well done pivotal plot page.

    Am I safe to assume that if I mention “shipping” that people will flock here?

    All has been said that needs to be said, perhaps?

  27. DUNN DUNN DUUNN!! no suspense at all ;)

  28. I swear, every time Visrial more or less falls to the back of my mind, the story brings him back to the forefront. Now all of a sudden I’m getting the feeling that his return is going to be the catalyst for something much bigger than I would have thought.

    Man, talk about ominous dialogue. XD

    1. I just can’t wait till they bring back the thing with the old man knowing meela. I MUST KNOW HOW HE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah…that old man and his cryptic words are clearly at the center of a great many mysteries here…and considering how close we are to discovering Meela’s secret, I have a feeling that what he said is slowly about to come together.

        At least, let’s hope so–I’m as excited to know as you are! XD

  29. One cannot simply kill Visrial…

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