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What beautiful scenery! Page 245 will go up tomorrow, Saturday!

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  1. Meela in the fall = TOO CUTE. ;A;

    1. So true. :D

    2. I know right?! I LOVE HER!!

    3. I don’t see her falling. Where is she falling?

  2. Meela doing a wonderful squirrel impersonation in that last panel.

  3. What a beautiful coat Meela has! ;u;

  4. Meela is adorable, and I quite like her jacket. Holland has a pimp coat though, straight up.

    1. Holland be pimping all the Ferals LOL

  5. Omyword, I was the 4000th like on the Strays Online Facebook page!! XD

    *Ahem* I love this page, and it’s so cool how ya’ll worked in the seasons. 8D

  6. lookit feral. what a hardass.

  7. I was 4001 like haha you just reminded me to like the page!!!!
    Great page as always Meeks issoooooooooo cute X3

    1. 4004 now! (Just liked it too) :)

      Great page!!!! love the colours! <3

  8. Meelas face in that last panel cracks me up XD

  9. OMG i love it. relly nice drawings. meela looks cute and feral is handsome.

  10. Meela’s excitement reminds me of my parents. They’re obsessed with fall. xD

  11. feral you boss

  12. I skipped over eighty percent of the page and thought right away `Feral has a new outfit =D` …. *facepalm*

  13. What? Did I skip something?? Didn’t Meela leave from them or what? o_o so confused.

    1. No, she didn’t leave, she only said she had to leave soon, but she probably came back after the howling thing. ^v^

  14. So many beautiful new outfits! So many bright colors! I love it so much! I especially like the new outfits Holland and Meela are wearing, and I love Holland’s gestures in the final panel. Makes me wonder what Piper might be wearing in this colder climate
    Meela seems to have cheered right up from her earlier fear of having to leave–I wonder if it’s part of a front she’s putting on so they won’t know something’s wrong, or she’s only upset if she thinks about it too hard.

    1. It’s pretty much the latter. She only gets angsty if she focuses on it too much.

  15. Love the Autumn, love the outfits, love the faces, love it all:D
    But I got some questions: Can animal races have wintercoat in their animal forms? If so, could it affect their humanoid form (like white/gray hair)?

    1. Yes, they can but it depends where they live. In the northern most regions of Meoley, some races coats shift colours. In lower regions, their coats don’t really change colour, but get thicker. In humanoid form, just their tails get somewhat thicker.

      1. Okay:)
        Where are the gang right now? By the way, is it possible to draw a map over Meoley?:)

  16. Ferral – it won’t hurt if you smile. Adorable colors.

  17. Oh my goodness, Feral in fall attire, be still my beating heart ; ~;

  18. Feral looking awesome as usual

  19. Meela looks ADORABLE in the second panel……….. I want a plushie of that now!………… O~o

  20. omg this page is just so precious i can’t

  21. Just wait till winter hits. Bwaaah!

  22. Meela and Holland strike me as a good comedy duo whenever I see them talking and Feral being all pokerfaced xD This is a beautiful page w<

  23. Reminds me of how some people react here in Miami,FL

  24. After that last panel I’m expecting Holland to burst into song a la Scarlet Pimpernel. “And that is why the Lord created… fall!”

    1. Oh, definitely!

  25. Long time reader, first time commenting. I just wanted to say that Meela is adorable here. And I love her outfit. c:

    Great job with the colors and design of this page!

  26. Apparently I’m the only one who thinks Feral looks a little sad.

    But then I go back and look at just how perky and expressive Meela is and am filled with glee that she loves the pretty colors.

  27. Hahaha, Meela is so cute ^^

  28. This is a beautiful page! The bright colors are really great to look at, and the clothing is nice too.
    However, there is something bothering me about the fourth panel. Since Holland is on the left of Meela in panels 3 and 5, shouldn’t he be on the right in panel 4 (where they are seen from behind)? Perhaps the panel could be digitally flipped and then the text added back in…

    1. Angles

      If that is panel is shown from a POV to the left of where 3 and 5 are, it’s just fine, since he’s also behind her.

      Hmm. Left and behind, since we see his back. Also the scenery there is just leaves so the trees aren’t misplaced relative to the characters either.

    2. Yeah, I goofed on that. I’ll go back and fix it soon.

  29. Feral. You be rocking dat hoodie man. I want him and I want that hoodie. :O

  30. oh heaven’s that face so cute!!! I want to poke her nose XD

  31. I love how you can so easily switch them to autumn like us right now! ^_^

    1. Just wanted to add: good explaination of them suddenly switching to autumn!

  32. That face in the last panel it’s just too adorable

  33. With the shade from Feral’s hood, it looks like he has really long hair now. I had to look at it a few times to make sure his hair was still normal…. :/
    Gorgeous colors! Meela is adorable.
    Gotta love Holland’s new coat. It’s so him, just winter-ized!
    And FERAL!!! Ahhh… love his coat! SQUEE!!!
    No Piper??? Sad day….

  34. Oh my god, Meela’s outfit. Keep it, forever and ever, its the cutest yet!!

  35. Haha! Holland and Meela are just… so cute together! Feral’s just… Unimpressed by it all x)

  36. aw Feral, why u ALWAYS look so grouchy and serious even in such a pretty place? chin up already! Meela will share her nuts with you. >D (squirrel impression + Meela = so many lols)

  37. super cute~

  38. I can’t wait for the next one, I want to see her chase the po-I mean yeah just see the next page! XD

  39. :3

    Absolutely love Meela

  40. I love this page so much. The fall colors, Meela’s adorable-ness….Holland’s pimpiness, and Feral’s grumpiness. XD

  41. Anyone else think Feral looks a lot like Link from Zelda?

    1. Actually, something about him has always reminded me of adult (teen?) Link. The outfit on this page with the hood up just compounds the resemblance for me! Make him blond and give him an ocarina, and I’d expect to see Epona show up.

      1. Omg I didn’t notice till u mentioned it but yes feral does look like link. And I would burst out laughing if Epona actully did show up! Meela is so cute in this page. The best page so far my opinion.

  42. Like how Holland’s talking about how cold it is while Meela complains, they’re both in thick jackets and Feral’s just chilling in a turtleneck and hooded vest and isn’t bothered in the slightest.

    Feral will not fall to you Fall.

    1. Lupians actually run rather hot in average body temperature, especially males, so they’re not affected by the cold as much.

      But Lyrians are really sensitive to the cold, which is why Holland is so bundled up XD

  43. DAT FACE! In panel 2, that smile is great. I kind of want a large version of Meela reaction in second or last panel. Please?


    I love Meela’s smile! She looks so happy comparing to before! Feral’s like: “…whatever…” If he could talk anyways… Hey, maybe you can add one of those “…” speech bubbles there! I dunno, it may seem a little bit more complete that way but it’s awsome the way it is already too!

    Wow, Holland’s a smartass isn’t he? XD YAY HOLLAND!

  45. Meela is so adorable!! THIS would make an awesome art print. :D

  46. Seeing Feral in a hoodie jacket just made my day!!! He looks so cool.

  47. I’m really curious now as to what she was all depressed and angsty about a few pages back. It seems like nothing’s bothering her much anymore, unless she’s just really good at hiding it. She makes a damn cute squirrel, though. That perked tail is just precious~

    1. She fluxuates from genuinely cheerful to sad and angsty depending on what has her attention at the time. Right now she’s distracted by being in a new area.

  48. love this page! specially Feral <3

  49. I love this page!

  50. Omg Meela is so cute in the second panel <3

  51. Awww, so precious.

  52. Omg Meela’s so cute. xDDD

    And Feral… Just bein’ a badass in his hood.

  53. thelightedDarkness

    Holland, that’s definately a pimp coat… lol

    But ;u; Oh God, everything is just so…. So beautiful!
    I want to live there!

    Oh, and Meela’s outfit… It’s so adorable! :D

  54. I just like how Feral’s coat still makes him look like he’s sleeveless.

  55. I Absolutely love Feral’s outfit in this scene! and his expression! very cool, calm..but oh so smexy >w>

  56. all the colors!!

  57. Holland: -Pimping out in outfit- Yeah this is fall.
    Meela: -Squirly Mode activated-
    Feral: Just keep walking, you don’t know them…

  58. OMIGOSH! can you make a background image of that first frame their? its so pretty, and so cuute!

  59. Book me a ticket to summer valley please :D

  60. Feral looks fat in the last panel….Pfft. Fatty.

  61. This is probably my favorite page… ever.

  62. I like Feral’s jacket. I wilo steal it… and then steal him. Ah the joy of being a fangirl

  63. This is such a beautiful page!
    I would totally buy a button of her expression on the second panel.
    I love how much life you bring to your characters and environments.

  64. Omg luv it! This is now officially my fav page! Love Meela in the last panel, her and Holland r just having a good time while Feral’s over there just chillin’ lol

  65. Meela’s so cute!

  66. Cute Meela is cute! Love love LOVE the fall colors!!!

  67. I want meela’s coat. XD

  68. Kyoot! Kyoot!

  69. Feral: . . . BAH humbug
    -just had too sorry- x’D
    and this is a VERY beautiful page I love it!!! :3

  70. Feral, why are looking so serious? ‘:3

  71. Holland= (^^)
    Meela= (:D)

    Feral= (‘-‘)

  72. I’ve been reading since last night DX I’m almost done with the whole thing DX Do they come out every Friday? I’ll ask mah sis, she’s friends with the gurl who makes these ;D I see her Irl sometimes, lucky for me I can ask her to do drawings! If ya guys need art you should ask her, she’s really really nice X3 Anyway, 244 pages in like 4 hours LOL. I wish there were more DX

  73. Feral is so sexii in the last panel lol…I just luv this comic! So glad I’ve found this comic!

  74. Feral in the last panel is so…<3.

  75. Frolicking Meela, so CUTE!!!!
    Meela: THE most adorable face
    Holland: fun fact
    Meela: wheeeee!!!!
    Feral: bah humbug
    Btw great job with the autumn leaves guys :D

  76. love meela’s face in the last panel. priceless. Absolutely priceless.

  77. Her face is the last panel! AWWWWWW!

  78. Me coming back to read it 10 years later :3

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