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Run, little squirrels, run!

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  1. Aww, Meela looks so sad. She needs a hug!

    1. “Gimmie my acorn! Mine I tell you!” X3

  2. Poor squirrels. xD
    Poor Meela. I’m sure they didn’t really mean to mention family. :c

    1. It’s Holland. I’m pretty sure he did.

    2. Not painfully, no. See, I lost my mom pretty young too, and it’s hard for someone to bring that up in a completely bloodless way. I mean, “Have you lost any family members?” is less acceptable getting-to-know-you conversation than “Do you like to go shopping with your mom?” Unless that information is volunteered in some way, it’s just hard to be both friendly and avoid probing wounds. It’s not anyone’s fault that I still miss my mom, and it won’t prevent me from appreciating their interest in me and my life.

  3. I would love to see Feral smack Holland upside the head for being insensitive and making Meela sad >.>

    1. I second that notion! x3

    2. I wouldn’t think Feral would be someone to do so… But I’d like to see it anyway! Eleventh!

    3. I love the duck-prince to death, but I agree TT-TT Poor Mee-Mee! I want to be friends with them all!

    4. Meala is holding her secrets, on path to become sad loner who will likely be hunted and killed without friends around to protect her. By smacking Holland you are likely helping her down that path of doom.

      Holland is probing for info and likely will end up ally even when secrets come out.

      1. exactly my thoughts!

    5. Guys holland doesn’t know about her parents. I don’t see what the fuss is about..

  4. :c Meelaaaaa, don’t be saddddd!

  5. Looks like they’ll be having squirrels stew for dinner.

  6. Those squirrels are so precious!

    I simply adore not only the art but the content of this web comic, and that is quite rare. ^^ Excellent job I can’t wait for more!

  7. haha i like how at first she all cute and childish , excited by squirrels and holland is having to herd her to move on….so cutes

    but aww, touchy subject touched and meela is sad…. D: noes!
    and both cute and sad both fits the autumn bg o.o

  8. D:….Uh oh.

  9. Awwww bad feels coming.. :< -gives Meela a hug-

  10. Aww, Meela don’t be saad! :c
    I love Holland’s…guardian-ness xD

  11. Did… did Meela just have a “SQUIRREL!!!” moment there? o__o

    1. d’oh dadgummit. I wanted to be the first one to make the ‘SQUIRREL!’ joke. XD Good show, friend, good show.

  12. I second Holland getting smacked upside the head by feral xD
    Poor Meela <~3

  13. Did anyone else notice that Holland is pulling a yellow leaf out of Meela’s hair in the 5th panel. And also that there is a yellow leaf in her hair in panels 3 and 4.

    1. That’s such a minor detail that it makes this comic page even better!

      1. Not only that, but the same leaf is in front of her head, falling down, in panel 2!

        1. And that squirrel #1 has an acorn in its mouth :D

  14. She is adorable when she has a leaf on her head!!!!! :D

  15. Panel three is amazing. Meela looks like a happy puppy that is confused why (and how) the squirrels ran up the tree. wonderful page.

  16. thelightedDarkness

    ……… That does it.
    I’m being Meela…. For our All Hollows Eve celebration at my school…

    1. you go to school? OMG if u go to school and can draw like that (picture) then thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_______________________<

    2. Strays cosplay?!

      You MUST take a picture! It is imperative! XD

      1. thelightedDarkness

        XD I’ll try.

        I shall try.

      2. Imagine: a Jyaku cosplay.

  17. OH!! I want those boots!!!

    1. I know! I noticed them right away!

      1. Same! They were the first thing I saw when I clicked on the page, and I was shocked to find no one else had commented on them yet.

        1. They are amazing boots. Speaking of which, we need to discuss getting together soon to figure out the cloak situation. My mind makes random leaps!

  18. Excellent page, but you probably know that by now.
    I’m excited; we’ll finally hear more about Meela’s (possibly because I’m a comic theorist) demon mother.

    1. Yup, I’m also thinking, that her mother could be a kind of a demon. This would explain a lot of things, like why her family was killed, why Meela have those strange magic outbursts, and why is she dreaming about Feral’s past.

      1. Also from the FAQ itself: “All breeds races can interbreed with demons. […] The appearance of their offspring can vary greatly.”

        1. Indeed. I also thouht about Meela after reading this. Maybe she’s adopted? Her family found her all alone and take care of her and because of that was killed?

  19. Poor Meela…:( I’m sooo friggin’ curious as to what’s so ‘bad’ about meela’s family that she won’t tell anyone how did her bro die anyway? I needs take know! XD lolz

  20. SQUIRRAL! O___O A cute page! Awwww, Meela needs a hug… I forgot to comment about the clothings last time and they don’t need to be! They’re awsome at first sight and I can’t believe you can design all of these for your characters! (Thumbs up) Keep on drawing!

  21. Love this comic so much!! I sent you guys an email regarding your artwork and I am really interested in you guys for illustrating my book. :) Please get back to me A.S.A.P! :D

  22. I feel like Holland and Feral are becoming more and more like Meela’s ‘adopted’ big brothers. It’s so cute.

    BUT HOLLAND. You made poor Meela sad!!! Give her a hug and apologize, darnnit!!! Or Feral, go in there and give him one of your amazing looks of disapproval!!!

  23. Squirrel one, “Who was that crazy tail-girl!”

    Squirrel two, “I don’t know but she sure needs a hug,”

    Squirrel one, “You first?”

    Squirrel two, “No way man! She looks hungry!”

    Meela, “Those squirrels sure do squeak a lot?”

    1. Nice one! lol. Well done *applauds*

  24. as much as i love this page, all i can focus on right now are meela’s boots. want want want! :)

  25. Holland is very subtle when it comes to weeding information out of her.

  26. Seeing Meela chase the squirrels makes me think of my dog and squirrels.

    Also, I do love just how expressive she is. I know I’ve said it before, but the expressions in Strays are always wonderful.

  27. “Your mother never took you shopping? You mean you’ve never hurled a fistful of silver at anything that minorly caught your fancy? You’ve had to choose between eating and clothing? You mean not everyone else in this world has obscene wealth? What’s peasantry, Meela? What’s this ‘poor’ you speak of?”
    Holland’s gonna be a shrewd ruler someday.

    1. LOL!!!!

      That was great. =)

    2. If he ever get to the throne, of course;P

      1. I’m sure he would end up as an advisory for one of his brothers, as he did mention that he had many of them and would never be near the throne himself. But something tells me he would still have a word in edgewise on how things should fair for the kingdom.

  28. Meela chasing the squirrels like a happy puppy might just be one of the cutest things you guys have put in this comic.

  29. Meela looks like a puppy that chased the squirrels up a tree…

    1. Ya’know Panda, you could totally stick something sharp in those boots… XD

  30. Ohh poor Meela in the last panel, she looks like she is saying “hmmm i don’t want to talk about it”. I have a theroy for Meela but then again everyone does XD

  31. *High pitched voice* SQUIRREL!! (OwO)

  32. I love her outfit. I have pretty much the exact same outfit, just in black. She wears it so much better though!

  33. I Love this comic!!! I check every few days for an update:) You are a great artist, and have a very imaginative mind:) Great work Keep it up!!!

  34. Oh, Meela’s so cute! And then so sad…. Poor Meela.
    It’s okay! We love you! and we won’t MAKE you talk about your past and your family (we will just make Holland make you….) :D heehee

  35. Are one of those squirrels modeled after a certain pet squirrel?? ;)) Agly??

    1. No but they were added for fun. :)

  36. I LOVE Meelas boots! I want a pair!

  37. Squirrel!!! Meela has squirrel syndrome… just like me! LOL!
    Poor Meela…

  38. Woo! Double update! And a rather cute one, too!

  39. I thought Meela’s mom got killed by that crazy guy that thunked her head against a table?

    1. I think those are Yuen’s memories. Her parents and brothers did get killed though.

      1. Yes, they are. The demon memory was definitely his (he’s even referred to by name), and that’s being talked about when the father is killed (the same shell toy appears even), which is talked about when the mother is killed (the same mother we see in the second memory).

  40. I’m genuinely excited to see this “bartering” that Feral does. Obviously, it isn’t the traditional. =)

    1. Oh, I didn’t even think about that! Haha. It’s so easy to forget that Feral is mute….

  41. AHHHH!!! THE MEELA CUTENESS!! SAVE ME FROM THE CUTENESS ((Overcome by cuteness and collapses)) Wake me when the next update comes out….

  42. I want to see THE MARKET!!!:D:D:D

  43. How does Holland not know about her parents by now? I mean, I understand not knowing about any details that Meela kept from them, but she’s even told Feral that it was just her and her brother, right? Or did it just slip his mind in the moment? (slash, did he do it on purpose to get her talking?)

    1. She never truly told them about her living arrangements aside that she was with her brother for a while, but even we could see that they were with their village at one point in time when Meela was still old enough to remember. She even cried out for her father as her brother carried her away into the woodlands that surrounded their burning village. Now, one would assume then from that observation that their mother has not been around for some time, maybe even passing away giving birth to Meela for all we know.

      Holland wants to know more about her old home and her family, more than just her brother that she talks so passionately about. He obviously didn’t give birth to her so there had to be parents at some point.

  44. Her exuberant personality and fluctuating emotions really makes me want to see her side by side with Toboe from Wolf’s Rain. They appear so similar to me that they would make for great friends. I find it funny thinking about that now as Toboe is a genuine wolf cloaked often in a human guise while Meela is a neato wolf/humanoid race that can take the form of a wolf. Am I the only one who could see Toboe and Meela as friends?

    Anyway, enough of my rambling, I like how Holland is digging a bit into Meela’s past. She carries too much of these secrets and burdens on her shoulders that it has to be suffocating by this point. In order to move on from something you need to come to terms with what events occurred, accept them for what they are and how they happened, and vocalize about it if necessary. Communication is such a crucial process to healing. I don’t completely understand Holland’s truest intentions when it comes to his prying and nosing about, it could be for his own gain and not intended to be helpful for Meela, but regardless it’s going to do something.

    1. Ah, Toboe! I love him! I could totally see him and Meela becoming friends. They are so alike. Then Tsume is like Feral…. I don’t know who Holland is….

      1. A less obnoxiously chubby Hige? The humor is there, but Hige isn’t royalty or hold the same demeanor as Holland, haha.


        2. I second this notion!

  45. Can I steal Holland’s coat? It’s so pretty!

  46. Meela! Shes just like me in the fall. Well, like now! ^-^
    She needs a big fox hug from me, I don’t like sad times :(

  47. Poor Meela! Why, Holland? Why did you have to bring it up?

  48. ¬.¬U Smothe move Holland… Smothe move…

  49. Poor Meela… Never had no mommy


  51. GOD HOLLAND. You can’t just ask people if their mothers took them shopping!

  52. Hmmm, Meela appears to be looking older? *excited*

  53. -slowly climbs Hollands chest and glomps his face hiding it in my stomach.- Shhhhhh Holland… You shall not speak of Meela’s parents again. -pets hair slowly-
    . . . What shampoo do you use?

  54. Oh Meela. Dun be sad! :( I’m sorry to say this, but don’t trust Holland anymore. >.< He's so… secretive and spy-y and probing. ._.

  55. I’m expecting someone is going to recognize her at this market and start a shitstorm OvO

  56. Omg the fall colors are so preeeetttyyyyyyyyy *w*

    1. thelightedDarkness

      This is random…. But is your username related to the band?

      Please feel free to slap me if I came across as rude.

  57. Nooooo, I caught up!!! D:

    All too soon…

    Great page though!!! :D

  58. Meela x Holland would be cute… ;D

  59. Meela x Holland would be cute ;D

  60. Feral’s so cute sometimes X3 -Wellll all the time.. XD-

  61. She doesn’t have a mother? :(

  62. I love Autumn!! ^-^

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