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Eat the dirt! Eat it! Thanks for being so understanding of our little missed update last week. We had a great time at Disney and will work hard to get that double update week done soon :)

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  1. It’s just not Visral’s day :D

  2. LOL Kitteh Man got PWNED! XD By a Deer Man, that’s just plain sad.

    1. He’s actually an ape man, I believe! (Also explains why he’s so nimble)

      1. Jyaku is a deer. This has been established. Deer are graceful. Done.

        1. Or some type of mountain ram/sheep. ouo

        2. Deer people, it’s a deer…those antlers aren’t part of his mask, they are really his…besides the girls established that in the Incentive picture a while ago before the one now.

        3. Jyaku is pretty awesome, I though he would just be all mysterious and do absolutely nothing but be mysterious but I kind of like him.

          Also what kind of animal do these people not turn into?

      2. He has antlers.

  3. I hope that dirt tasted good.

    1. I’m sure it tastes like a cheeseburger.

  4. Oh Visrial, don’t be stupid!! gnaaa :(
    He will kill you! :(

    1. Or just insert Visrial up his own arse to let him think things through properly :P

  5. Am I the only one that imagines Jyaku’s voice as the Great Prince from Bambi…..for whatever reason, it fits him

    1. ….ohhhhohoho, Patrick Stewart voice~~ <3 (Bambi 2)

      1. It’s too bad Fred Shields only had a couple of lines in the original Bambi. I like his deep voice.

      2. you know what, that actually would be a brilliant idea :”D

    2. From here on in, Patrick Stewart is now the official voice of Jyaku in my head…

      Truly brilliant work, by FAR the best comic artwork I’ve seen since William Tucci’s “Shi”.

      On a random note, do most people read the latest page as soon as it’s out? I like to hold off for a couple of months, and read a half-chapter or so at a time – the storyline seems easier to follow that way, at least for me.

      1. no, I do both. xD

        every time a new volume comes out, and is finished, I re-read the entire thing.

        BTW: i got my friend to start reading it, she said she likes it. YAY! MORE FANS!

  6. visrial should just give it up. but if he did the story wouldn’t be as awesome. lol

  7. thelightedDarkness

    I lol’d.

  8. The 9. Street of Em's


  9. Only one page? :( bt thanks anyway!!!!!! :DD

  10. EAT DIRT CAT MAN!!!!

  11. I asked this on the last comic page, but what size do u make your comic pages?

    1. I right clicked the image and then used View Image Info, and was told that the image was 552 pixels wide and 828 pixels tall.

      1. But that is not what size they make them at when actually drawing/coloring. This is reformatted for the website only.

    2. The original page format is 1800×2700 at 300dpi.

      1. okay, cool thank you! the drawing program I use (Autodesk Sketchbook Express) has automatic dpi that i don’t know how to change, but I can easily figure that its about 6″x9″ … maybe

        i think I’ll stick to your pixel amounts (the program has 100dpi, so the bigger the better I guess. )
        I’d like to stress my THANK YOU

  12. Hi Celesse and Algy! I do so love your comic and have been following it for years :) Recently I got a larger monitor and now I find, sadly, that the text in your comic has become a little hard to read at the default screen resolution. Have you thought about allowing people to see a slightly larger version of the image posted when clicking the comic? Just wondering if it’s something you’d consider :) Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hey there. You can use ctrl+ to change the resolution of your browser to bring it closer, or make it bigger. This will let you see it better! Use Ctrl 0 to set it back.

  13. No worries! All of us gotta have a break from time to time, just gotta relive stress and what not. Kudos on the successful update though. Just everyone wants him to eat that dirt…. I figure later you’ll be having his face smashed in the ground or for them to hammer his head into the floor.

  14. Does that dirt taste good? >:3

  15. assassin creed fan

    visral just give up:3

    thanks for the update.

  16. You’d think that the bad guy could be on top for a change.

  17. NP about going to DL. I know everyone needs a break every-so-often. I just like the series so much.

  18. This is your only warning. You will not get another one.
    Department of Redundancy Department.
    But good emphasis on it.

    1. ROFL! Redundant indeed…but I’m not exactly getting the sense that being articulate is Jyaku’s strong suit.

      He does, however, have a talent for pwning kitties and leaving in as enigmatic of a manner as possible. Like a boss. XD

      1. Exactly! The difference in panels helps with that though. If it was a novel, you wouldn’t be able to get away with those two lines right next to each other, but here you can.
        A much more important talent in his situation, I think. :)

        1. Haha why did I not notice that?

  19. Since the last filler page was deleted, I’ma say this again and hope my followers return…

    ~”You can envision Feral and Meela getting into all kinds of wacky hijinks at Disney land.”~

    I, once again, demand a voting incentive of this.

    1. Or Disney World, whichever it was. >ω<

    2. I totally agree! That would be amazing!

    3. I join you in demanding this vote incentive!


  21. Yes, a ‘warning’ will definitely stop the crazy kitty man who has been obsessively tracking the others for months. I’m sure he learned his lesson and we will probably never see him again. Yup.
    I love this comic. :)

  22. I have a question though. I understand being butt hurt from being bested by feral, but I can’t see why he would continue for so long searching for them. Not unless it was his job to. And if it was his job to I would mention it somewhere. Have him grumble about it or something, b/c when I saw that he was still tracking them my first thought was oh my god guy get a life and go find something else to do. The butt whooping wasn’t that bad or embarrassing that you need to insite this crazy revenge. Explain to us a little bit WHY he is going above and beyond to find these guys. What is his motivation for doing such? Also if he’s been searching for them for so long I find it hard to believe that this is the first time him and the deer guy have met. I would have pictured the deer to be secretive at first and just mislead and falsify tracks or something in the beginning. but once he realized that this guy ment business then the butt whooping and in person warning would come. Its been 6 months, i think the warning would have come at maybe 1 or 2 months.

    Other than those points I really enjoy the story. Its well thought out, and beautifully illustrated.

    1. I know it may seem a little extreme, but honestly I’ve seen people hold longer grudges for less. Visrial is mean and petty and a little psychotic, and while he hasn’t *literally* been sniffing their trail for 6 months he has devoted a lot of time to trying to locate them.

      There is a conversation coming much later in this chapter that explains it a little better. I wanted it to happen sooner, but there were story conflicts that forced it to be near the end.

      1. Besides, being stubborn and having a mind of their own is part of the Cat species daily basis.

        1. Dude we’ve already established it’s a monkey demon. I do love this comic and will continue to do so but I think Visrial is getting way more screen time than he deserves

        2. Who’s “we” here? Visrial turns into a FLIPPING CAT or did you miss the gigantic panther?

        3. “We” is referring to the funny comments made nearly a year ago regarding one of Visrial’s appearance by quite a few people. I’ll risk using it again and say “we” all know it’s a cat.

  23. OMG OMG! Visrial’s day is soooo not going in his favor! Would he ever give up?! O____O Next. Page. NOW.

    Well, Jyaku’s basically not giving a direct answer isn’t he? -.- why why why must we guess?!

    1. Oh gosh i can’t breathe xD that was funny.

      Anyways glade you guys had fun at Disney

  24. No clavicle breaking??? disappointment :-(

    I hope he likes that dirt sammich. Jyaku left the crust on just for him.

    1. LOLOLOL!

  25. By revise, he means just totally give up, right? If Jyaku pwned him like the helpless little kitten he is in 2 or 3 moves, it’s hopeless.

  26. Wow visrial…just wow…-_-

  27. Jyaku kicked his butt like a boss. And Jyaku just walks away so confident like. I think I have a crush on him…(.///.)

  28. jayacu schooled his ***

  29. His face in the last panel…

  30. Deerman take some catboy DOWN and eat some dirt. I really like Jyaku, not Holland-like….but I like em a lot >u<

  31. I’m hoping that bad ass Jyaku is hiding a cute fluffy deer tail under his cape. That would be adorable.

    1. OMG! Totally seconded! XD Yay, fluffy deer tail!… okay now that’s just weeeeird…

      1. AHHH!!! SQUEE! That would be amazing! Hadn’t even thought about it…. Did he have spots when he was little……????

        1. CUTE!!! I wanna see him as a kid now…

        2. aw baby Jyaku!!1 so CUTE!!!!!!
          thinking now whether he does have a fluffy deer tail it would explain a lot

    2. …so maybe seeing his mother shot when he was young sparked his life of enigmatic cat-whupping? o.0 see what too many mentions of Disney in one section do…

  32. Take that, kitty-guy.

  33. Jyaku is BOSS!!! Visrial… Just give up, willya? Ain’t worth getting your tail kicked.

  34. Oh Manalope… you so silly! :D

  35. It’s about time a cervine kicked a predatory feline’s butt. ^.^ You go Jyaku! -waves a Team Jyaku flag- -giggles-

  36. I don’t think these Visrail pwnage and dirt eating jokes will ever get old.

    i also have the urge to draw Jyaku saying “I pwn big kitties! LIKE A BOSS!” even though that is completely ooc.

    1. lol And Visrial “Eats dirt! LIKE A BAWS”

      1. so far Visrail’s beened pwned by Meela, a little girl, Feral, and now Jyaku.
        Jyaku “Jingle bells! LIKE A BOSS!” cuz I’m assuming he has bells

  37. A question or three about the dual nature of the denizens of this world… do they stay in human form because it’s more convenient, or because that’s their natural form? Could Lupians and the like spend their entire lives in animal form – including breeding – if they so chose? And are all the members of a particular group hybrids, or do natural counterparts exist without shapeshifting ability or intelligence? If the latter is the case (as I feel it is), will it ever be explained as to how shapeshifters came into existence?

    Thanks heaps should you choose to reply, the concepts quite intrigue me :)

    1. Majority of the animal races stay in their humanoid form most of the time. They can live in either form for any amount of time. Breeding varies down to the individual; when females are pregnant, the number of pups varies and can have anywhere from 1 to 4 at a time. If they have 1 to, they usually stay in humanoid form, or 2 to 4 their bodies/magic force them into animal form for the duration of the pregnancy.
      There are normal animals in the world and the biggest differences are they appear as they do in “Norm” (our world); Lupians and other races’ animal forms are much larger and have an extended lifespan.
      Shapeshifters came about when the creator of Meoley granted them the ability to shift to help shape the world along side the elves.

      1. A lot of answered questions, thank you!:D

      2. Oooh, answers that beget more questions, always the best kind! If shapeshifters in general have larger forms, does that imply that the rabbit Meela caught as part of her training was actually a Leporine (or Lepine if you’re a Watership Down fan) in animal form, and not an ordinary hare, given the proportionality of size between Meela and her prey? Or am I just being nitpicky? There appears to be no ‘covenant’ of any kind between the various Shapeshifters regarding such things, so in principle that could be possible…

        …and I think I’ve discovered why this particular concept appeals so much. Anyone familiar with Robin Hobb’s work would know of Fitz and Nighteyes – man and wolf – who can share their senses, their thoughts, their pains and joys through the Wit, or the Old Blood as those with it name it so. It’s not quite shapeshifting… but still evokes that yearning of Man to know the world through a wolf’s eyes. What a wonderful thing it would be!

        Thank you so much for answering, it’s always nice to have some background on the ways of things, to help one’s understanding :)

  38. Jyaku’s headdress/mask makes me think more of a buffalo than a deer, but then he has those deer-like antlers too… I’ll never understand why he chose to have horns on his mask also though. I would be afraid they would get caught in the real ones. XD’

  39. I don’t know when my brain decides Visrial is a lot like Javert from “Les Miserables”, but now I will never unsee.

  40. A funny coincidence that I have birthday on Friday, and a double update is promised this week! What a super birthday present!!:D:D:D
    Love this comic!<3

  41. Do you hate cats?

    1. That is a very legitimate question! xD

  42. i kinda like Visral, i dont know why. His obstinacy is interesting, it’s obvious he will find the group and then just get beat up. Hoping for a new add to the group :D

  43. And of course you don’t answer, so I’m taking that as a yes; you do hate cats.

    1. Us? Of course not, we love cats. We own two at the moment.

      1. Is there going to be a super awesome felinian (or however you would say it XD) going to come in and perhaps join the team? That would be freaking awesome.

        But as I’ve already mentioned… The colours are kind of running out T_T. But black would be freaking awesome!

  44. when i started reading i saw this page first and guest purple guy was the good guy but boy was i wrong!

  45. and hear I thought he was a monkey

  46. this was the first page i saw i thought purple man was the good guy boy was i wrong

  47. shirt strangle! hahanobodygetsthereference

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