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Shame on you, Holland! Using Meela's current state to extract information. Also, we know you guys are worried about Feral but fear not, for he is around. He won't be showing up for the next few pages though. I also forgot to mention last week that there's a new vote incentive - Vote to see a new sketch of Meela's wolf form! She's getting finalized now :)

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  1. First comment! And now I am mad because we are that much closer to finding out about Meela’s past!!!

    1. I just thought of something… What if the bounty hunters included Kosher?

      1. Betting on it, just for drama’s sake.

      2. yeah well what if the bounty hunter who killed meela’s family is Feral?! o_o

        1. I’m thinking it may be… or at least that Feral was somehow involved.

        2. Probly not, it has yet to be shown that Feral has a evil enjoyment in slaughtering people… As seen in the beginning pages, the man that killed Meela’s dad did, hence the demonic smile! Feral though has yet to show the same feelings about any job, even before Meela joined him

        3. You’re right, Feral hasn’t shown that kind of enjoyment in slaughtering people. My thought is that we don’t know anything about who Feral was before he showed up, without memories, in the woods where Holland found him (besides his childhood). That, and this quote I’ve been thinking about from the About page:

          When a taboo topic and a dark secret collide, it may unravel their already tattered lives and force each of them to face the reality of the truth…

          Taboo topic: demonism. Dark secret: this? Who knows? There’s some dark secret that involves both Meela and Feral – there must be some connection between them, other than the memory-dreams. It may not be that he was there when Meela’s parents were killed, but maybe it is.

          Another clue that Feral may have been involved – that old guy who remembered Meela and warned her about Feral (pages 77, 81-82). “I don’t know how you ended up with a hunter”. Doesn’t necessarily mean Feral was there or involved, but the old guy seems to have been there, at least.

          Maybe the next page will give us more clues, before Meela slips back into unconsciousness. :)

        4. but did anyone else see that really early page when they show the silloette of the man who killed Meelas family, it looks alot like the outline of feral hair anf rizzy tail and all

        5. If so, then this comic’s story is more re-relating (unknown characters turning out to be characters that are already known) and twisted than Pok√©mon Mystery Dungeon…

    2. I just thought of something else (again (I must stop thinking at late hours))

      What if Mal was somehow related to Meela? Then someone could be coming after them to get revenge on Feral for some reson… Any one else think that could be possible?

      1. Though I’m guessing this isn’t too likely, that would be VERY interesting if it somehow turned out to be true. It would totally smash a lot of people’s predictions, that’s for sure. XD

  2. Ive been wanting to know this! Also, you know when everyone was ranting about their age, and yyouguys said feral wAs thirty, on the character page it says hes twentyeight…
    Youguys are so awesome! This comic brightens my fridays everyday!

  3. Yes! More of Meela’s past! Must know moooore! :D

  4. Yes shame on you holland. Shame on you bu~ut poor Meela. <3 hope she get better

  5. OMG! BACKSTORY AT LAST! HOORAY! :D Poor Holland though… he’s so caring, but doesn’t know how much it affects her… yet… hopefully we’ll get to know more! :D

  6. Wait, what am I SAYING? of course we’ll get to know more. :D

  7. Yes! I finally stayed up for an update! Is it wrong that I think meela’s adorable when she’s partly delusional and feverish? Is that wrong?

    1. Nope! Not wrong in the least! X3

  8. Oh goodness, Meela, that’s not a lucky bracelet, it’s a death charm. Now her desperation makes sense. I’m with Holland, though, why were bounty hunters after her family? Hmmm… I look forward to finding out!

    Meela’s wolf design is coming along nicely. I remember the first concepts y’all had of her, and I must say her face is showing a lot more characterization than before. I think it has to do with the ‘upsweep’ of the marking’s lines [if that makes any sense whatsoever]. They reflect her boisterous personality. Keep pushing the design; I am eager to see the final version!

  9. I am suspicious that Feral was connected with said bounty hunters.

    1. Yea Feral/Yuen IS a bounty hunter

      1. And the plot soup thickens…

        1. Shinjite Florana


  10. Poor Meela!

  11. Stuff just got real. :V

  12. Why does the phrase “The strongest among you may not wear a crown” ring bells in my head… and its from the song Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down. But yes this is getting quite interesting~ more important than why were the bounty hunters after Meela’s family is who hired them…

  13. i bet you that ferals the bounty hunter who killed her dad and tannor and koshers gonna tell feral to kill her….
    this is gonna be interesting!

    1. Kosher does not like her AT all, so telling Feral to kill her may just come easy to him.

      1. But do you guys really think Feral would KILL Meela?

        1. Emergency_fan_51

          Nah, not now. Maybe, just maybe, earlier when they first met and she was just annoying him, but they have a much closer relationship now. No way he would kill her >:l

        2. Skeeva da Argoniin

          @Ebeth I don’t think so, or maybe he just wanted to take care for her and then kill her himself to get the fun out of it >=D

    2. I don’t think he killed her dad, but he is probably tied in somehow and will probably will be told to kill her.

      1. Well remember that Feral’s parents were killed too. But I have a the strangest hunch but I’m gonna share it cause you’d all send me to the nut house XD (not kidding)

        1. Not really, everyone likes to hear others theories. Tell us!

        2. Yes, please do share! (BTW, going on your username…. do I know you???)

        3. Me? Or Alvara?

      2. I have a theory that maybe Mal (after he went crazy with POWAH!) killed the family and Yuen/Feral stopped him. OR that Feral, after aquiring (somehow) Mal’s demonic eye, her ent mad and slaughted em’. No matter what it was though, shiz just got real. O.o

        1. Seems rather plausible. :|

        2. …Unfortunately for me. XD

  14. Aaaand cue Meela passing out again.

  15. Oh Holland, never EVER call something a child believes in/the reasoning they think something is lucky silly, ESPECIALLY if the child thinks it’s something so significant as keeping one alive.

  16. meeelaaaaaaaaaaa :( I wish to see Feral with her sooooon

  17. im betting she wont know XD

    1. Or she’ll pass out soon. She looks like she’s on the edge of it.

  18. Oh noooo! I just can’t wait until next Friday! I’m gonna to die from curiosity!

  19. I’m pretty sure that the bracelet gets passed down through the family when the wearer knows they’re going to die, I personally don’t think the bracelet is actually lucky or a death charm or anything.

    1. But she’s so young. She probably doesn’t think like that, rather taking events that have happened and piecing them together with the evidence she has- Her father gave it to her brother, then died. Her brother gave it to her, then died.

    2. However you’r probably right :P I was thinking something along the same lines.

  20. You artist people are awesome the way you do these comics! I’ve been trying to figure out a program to make pictures and I think I finally did it! I’m starting my first pic today and hope it turns out. It’s for and RPG that me and my friend are in. Just want to say you awesome peeps have inspired me. Thank you.

  21. Poor Meela, while she’s ill she’s weak >:D

  22. She looks so sick! T^T

    1. …And not in the street-slang way, either. :D

  23. Nah. Knowing Celesse and Algy, it won’t be that easy to find her past out. She’ll probably pass out next page before saying much. Kinda like: “They were….were….zzzz” Oh, you two. Keeping us in such suspense.

    1. Yeah, thats bound to happen

  24. If Mithrennon remains important to the storyline, it could be that he was sending bounty hunters after her for some reason (might be related to her being a lupian). If not, well, Meela’s family’s killer seemed very bloodthirsty, what with the slasher smile and everything. If it was Feral (as a few have speculated) he would probably be personally involved, not just professionally.

    Geeze, though, I had hoped her brother passed away from some less traumatic incident–Meela’s certainly chipper for someone who lost all her loved ones violently in the expanse of her childhood…wonder what happened to her mother…And it’s pretty good writing, I think, to show this side of her when she’s sick, being afraid of death and freaking out over the bracelet and everything. The art, as usual, is extraordinary.

    1. I think it’s.. a defense mechanism. To keep from being torn apart from grief. Four friends recently died in car accident, and while one mother grieved quiet openly(she’s better now, moving on, a little bit each day), her father threw himself into the community, into his work and into helping others. He only let himself be happy, only let a smile light his face while we knew he was dying inside. The other six parents did the same thing. Some didn’t leave their houses for days, and the others were out and about, trying to be strong in the midst of the tragedy. I think Meela’s just doing the same thing, not trying to forget, but also trying to put it behind her.
      Does that make sense? Trying to let go of her grief, but it’s something she’ll never forget.
      Er. I suck at explaining my thought processes D:

      1. You explained your thoughts perfectly :)

        1. Yeah, that’s a pretty good way of explaining it.

        2. okay good :P Most of the time my brain is so scrambled alot of people don’t understand the point I’m trying to get across… -.-


  26. D’ohhh, intensity! 0.0

  27. Aaaw I was hopin Feral would be back soon so he could comfort her lol

  28. Oh wait, bounty hunters!?!? ….Oh, right, that old man said something about Meela being in danger walking around with Feral… maybe it was this he was referring to?

  29. Uh-oh. I mean, not that Feral would hurt Meela for any bounty – he’s a good guy and he likes her. But I wouldn’t put something past Feral’s boss if he worked out who Meela is.

  30. POOR MEELA!!! >.< Holland, why are you being so MEAN!!!

  31. And here I thought she didn’t remember that. Why’d she want to team up with a bounty hunter again?
    It would surprise me if she knows why they were after her family. She was pretty young, and I’ve figured she only knows about the running and hiding part.

    1. Maybe she just remembered?

  32. Shame on you, Holland, shame on you!!!
    poor meela just woke up and now this…

    I hope Feral comes back whit food… and no talking of killing, please.

  33. Hmm. Makes me wonder why Meela teamed up with someone she thought was a bounty hunter in the first place. Mayhaps the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” has some importance in her thought process? Or it could be that she’s just recently remembering all these details, it DOES seem to be her subconscious more in control right now… well. That aside, great page as always! Fridays never come soon enough! x3

  34. Yeah Holland, that’s the question u_u

  35. Well if I remember right, Meela’s mother and father were killed by that power hungry guy in their clan, then her and her brother fled. I think maybe the young wolf-guy hired the hunters to finish of his enemies bloodline. Or something like that. maybe. o-o;

    1. Except…..
      that was Feral’s family. That was killed by the power-hungry guy in their clan.

  36. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I need the next paaaaaaaaaaage

  37. Oh my this is the best comic ever!!!!!!!!!

  38. I figured bounty hunters were involved as soon as the old guy Feral killed told her to get away from Feral.
    Poor Meela…. I also doubt that she remembers much, if anything, about why her family was hunted down.
    Holland’s face in the last panel is very serious…. I can just imagine his tone of voice as he says that….

  39. Yeah, meela, why ARE they after you? What did you do?!? *glares*

  40. Ruh-roh…
    I’m guessing she doesn’t know, but… you never know, she might know, you know?

  41. If meela’s familiy was killed by bountyhunters, why’d she follow feral? ANd claim she was a “Bountyhunter”
    I’m gussing thats why they arent in a clan, hunh?

  42. MAL DID IT! okay im not sure who actually killed her parents and tannor though..

  43. Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigosh you guys are amazing and I can’t wait for the next page -cries-


  44. Ooooooh! Finally get to know what’s happened to Meela and her family!
    And d’awww!! her wolf form is so cute :3 Can’t wait! CAN’T. WAIT.
    I’m so glad I’f got a life now because waiting all week has been… well, I’ve been impatient!

  45. how come the vote incentives are meela wolf? i totally thought she was a fox. was i mistaken horribly? o.o

    1. Haha, no, Meela is a lupian(wolf). Piper is a vulpian(fox).

      1. alrighty, lol

    2. She (and Feral) are both Lupians (with wolf-like characteristics and the ability to turn into wolves). The fox race are called Vulpians; Piper’s one of them :) They usually have their ears showing too. There’s another Vulpian on page 173 ( (the guy in the orange clothing, 4th panel). :)

      1. Ha, oops. How was this already answered three minutes before?? :)

        1. Algy trumps all xD

      2. how did u know he was a fox? i wouldve thought he was aw wold because of the tail and the dark colouring. im such a newb even thought ive been reading this for a long time, lol

  46. Holland: Meela, why are bounty hunters after you?
    Meela: ’cause my ears are cool, and I’m so darn cute they wish I was their daughter they could boast about….
    Holland: o__O” ….Okay then…

  47. I love Holland’s expressions, especially in the third panel. He looks so fatherly and loving. ^_^

  48. She looks like she’s going to pass out before answering his question, lol. D:

  49. Holland, just shush for now. Seriously xD I hope Feral doesn’t take too many pages to show, I miss him!

    Oh, and I love the new voting incentive! She’s too cute!

  50. “its lucky” ….but everyone else who wore it died….

    1. Actually, those that wore it before, died after they took it off. Just like Meela says, her father died AFTER giving it to Tannor, then Tannor died AFTER giving it to Meela.

      1. If that’s the case, shouldn’t she have died since it was off her the whole time with the poison in her body and all?

        I’m guessing this is just HER philosophy then, right?

        1. Algy’s explanation seems to imply that she would HAVE to consciously pass it onto someone else for this unbroken trend (or “curse” of sorts, as Meela appears to see it) to condemn her to death, and she has yet to do such a thing…but I suspect that there’s probably something deeper going on here.

  51. D: I bet Feral just got told to hunt Meela down. The suspeeennssseeee…

  52. Shame on you Holland asking Meela about bounty hunters when shes sick. Though I am curious about her past. Very curious….but something tells me she is going to pass out again.

  53. NOOOOO! MUST SEE MORE >< This comic is very addicting T.T

    1. Agreed!

  54. -squints- …Has Holland’s hair always been looping around his temples like that…?

  55. Even given the method, I’m tremendously pleased to finally get some concrete info. about Meela’s life, past and present.

  56. I’m really not liking how Holland is entering Mary Sue territory. A thief? Fine! With a noble background? Going too far already.

    1. How is Holland a thief here? He didn’t take anything.

      1. Just leave the haters be. They can hate on Holland all they want, I think he’s awesome!

    2. You’ve really missed the mark on this story. xD

  57. “Bounty Hunters? We don’t need those scum.”

  58. You know you guys should really consider having two release dates instead of one. I know you probably have lives outside of Strays, but it would be really awesome if you released two comics a week.

    1. that would be….

      FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

      1. IKR! That would be epical!

  59. What? I reached the “end”, already? That’s terrible D: Now I have to wait for updates and I’m really attached to this part of the story.

    Darn! Now I have to wait for Slightly Damned, Twokinds, and now this /:, Webcomics can be so frustrating when they’re addicting xD

    1. Haha I read both of those too! And waiting is so FRUSTRATING…

  60. Considering Holland is currently hanging out with Meela (and might be for some time) it would be a good idea to know about any killing-people types.

  61. Can i give an opinon on wolf meela? I think she looks much better without any dark patches on her eyes, like the ones in the gallery

  62. Wow, this comic is completely incredible. I read the whole thing today as soon as I found it! It’s really professionally done, too!

  63. Has anyone taken in to account that when Feral woke up at the inn and attacked Meela, his eye was glowing? And when he used some kind of power it did as well. Isn’t it possible that maybe it can possess/overwhelm the person with bloodlust? If that were true, Feral COULD be the killer from the first few pages.

    1. Especially if he had only recently got the “demon power” and didn’t know fully how to control it (as opposed to the level of control Feral has currently shown, like when he was able to stop strangling Meela when he realized what was happening, and use whatever power he has to defeat Visrial).

  64. Skeeva da Argoniin

    Sorry, stupid keyboard glitched. What I was going to say is that I don’t think the bracelet is a good luck charm, but a bad one. Since they died a day since they took it off, it means that the bracelet wants company D= so if you start wearing it, unless you actually wanna die, then you are forced to keep it on…

    Also my theory was that Feral was Meela’s dad (LOL xDDDDD) because I believed that since he fended off that one demon d00d and st00f Idk it might’ve injured him (where he got his powers or something) and since his throat was ripped out (or atleast a part of it) and since he fell in a pool of his own blood… :/. Anywaii there’s a 99% chance he is not but there is a huge age difference so in my opinion he is not likely Yuen, though another possible theory is that he saps age from his victims and/or assigned targets…oh God that sounded wrong…but anywaii, yet ANOTHER theory is that he is just f—ing around with her dreams xD. But y’know, anything can happen in dreams…so yeah…
    But I’ve been wondering…is Mal Yuen? Sorry that I don’t bother with the character names, and it has been a long time since I’ve read the whole comic (and for the fact I am too lazy to check on pages from a year ago, or so.)..but, is he? Cause I started getting confused when Meela started calling them that…anyway that was my trollin’ for today. That’s all folks! x3

  65. Skeeva da Argoniin

    Actually naw. I’m not dun trollin’. Since the person who killed their parents or another person had sharp teeth, and I didn’t see Feral ever SMILE when he killed, then…could it be Meela getting revenge on the people who killed her parents and Tannor? o.o

    Then again, there are alot of Lupien out there…


  67. Just finished going through the last 210 pages; great webcomic! Very exciting, I’ll be back in a few months to check on your progress. =)

  68. I’m intrigued by the sheer amount of supposition regarding Feral’s involvement in Meela’s early tragic circumstances… my theory runs more along an up-coming clash of RIVAL bounty hunters. Kosher would certainly have enemies, who would in turn employ their own Hunters, some of which could well have been involved in the killing of Meela’s father. It could well be a twist of Fate that sees Meela in Feral’s company when the rival Hunters come after him, not her…

    As for why bounty hunters would be after Meela in the first instance; my best supposition is that she’s of royal bloodlines, and that the killing of her family was part of someone’s plot to take or consolidate a throne…

    1. Your theory on Meela sounds polisible, but the other one makes no sence to me…

    2. For some reason I’m thinking her Yuen/Feral dreams have something to do with it. Like a special kind of magical power maybe?
      An ability to enter the minds of others through her dreams and see their past?

      Sort of like how Piper seems to be able to create gusts of wind, an ability seemingly unique to her.

      So by my theory the bounty hunters were looking for Meela – it makes sense as she’s still on the run (at least very weary of new people) and why the old man told her to run from Feral – a bounty hunter.

      Anyway that’s just my guess ;p

  69. I have a deep feeling that Feral killed Meela’s family when in that weird state where he’s in when his eye glows.

  70. I love how Holland cares so much about Meela. It makes me happy. I always look at this comic as an example on how to forgive, because Holland is the most humble and gentle person in this comic.

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