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Flailing wildly probably isn't the best activity after waking up from a poison-induced coma.

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  1. First!
    Must be lucky indeed, she lived through being poisoned!

    1. While it was off of her XD

    2. If you look at this web-sights gallery’s the you’ll see that its her brothers bracelet.

      1. The bracelet was given to Meela by her brother Tannor … it originally belonged to their father.

  2. FIRST COMMENT. Awesome Cels! :D

    1. Aw, so close. Xb

  3. DANG IT!!! Oh well, third comment! :D

    1. LAST COMENT!! lol

  4. For some reason I automatically thought, “spoiled infant” (from Meela) and “Daddy’ll give you anything you want, sweetheart!” (from Holland).

    But love the emotion, and love Holland’s caring gentle side… :) He has a heart of gold. <3

    MORE PLZ. :)

    1. totally and completely agree with you :P

    2. That’d be damn heavy… and ineffective at pumping blood.

      1. Too literal person is being to literal.

  5. Haha wow this page was so tense that it made me tense and I sped read it by accident and had to re-read it to realize that is NOT the actually dialogue I thought Holland has said haha! XD

  6. Tanor’s protecting her through the bracelet ♥

  7. She does NOT look good. But then, being stabbed with poisoned knives isn’t always good for your health. :P

  8. when she said that “it’s lucky” i thought of a rabbits foot, and how it wasnt lucky for the rabbit lol (and they had TWO!) my mind is strange >///<

  9. Man, I hope Meela recovers quickly…And that Feral comes back SOON!

  10. Gotta love Holland’s face on this page! XD

  11. Lucky: yes
    Flailing about: not really a good idea Meela

    Where is Feral?

  12. ( first time post ) i love this.. but um if the bracelet was lucky how did she get daggered in the first place…

    1. Because only the bracelet is lucky.

      1. i guess its not much help to her

        1. I think it helped her greatly. In terms of health, maybe not, but because of being poisoned and allowing the ample opportunity to lucid dream she was capable of solving some of a very troubling conundrum. Plus, she lived AND remembered the astonishing revelation of her dream.

          Sounds lucky to me. (;

        2. Didn’t seem to do Tannor much good. ^^;

        3. @Megan: Perhaps he gave the bracelet to her before his death. :3

    2. It’s lucky as in it’s important to her, it has meaning…and after that dream she had I don’t doubt she’d want it that badly…it has nothing to do with true luck, it’s about the memories it brings her.

  13. …Holland. ;3; Was he born this cute or did it just come to him over the course of his life? Wait, I believe the vote incentive proves he was just born like that.

  14. Woah! Look out, we have a badass over here…. Just kidding. Poor Meela D:

  15. Wow, I didn’t realize the bracelet was that significant. I think I’ll need to start reading from the beginning because I literally had not the slightest idea as to its significance.

    1. yeah go read it. It’s good so far C:

  16. really really really anxious to see meela telling feral about the dreams… But i bet he’s already gone… =(

  17. This page almost made me cry. Poor Meela…

  18. Meela ;o; Baka holland

    1. I don’t think Holland’s an idiot, just ignorant.

  19. I love it so far, keep it up~! <3
    Feral, why you so hawt~!?

  20. it’s a memento… for her strange silver haired big bro.

  21. Cut the girl some slack. She’s delusional, sick, weak, and likely very feverish. Who in the world can think straight or rationally when like that? Doesn’t help she’s a teen, and quite a few teens don’t even think rationally to begin with. The bracelet is her last memento of her brother who was her last bit of family after her parents’ slaughter. Its kinda her safety blanket, mental glue (whatever you wanna call it). She might not be willing to outright say to Holland why it is important to her. But it is important to her enough to send her into a panic, at least in this state of mind and health.

    1. Amending to that. The bracelet is not just her last memento of her brother. It also belonged to her father before her brother passed it on to her.

  22. Best not to ever take it off again guys. XD

  23. Oh, well, at least she didn’t drop it somewhere. She’d put a tantrum ’till she died, literally

    1. Well that would mean the end of the comic :3 without Meela, who would there be to annoy Feral? But I do think your right, that would be a very bad thing if they dropped it! X3

  24. This might’ve already been mentioned, but, I’m starting to think that maybe Feral caused her to see his past in her dreams. If you look back, the first dream was when she fell asleep by the fire after she first met him, and once she did, he stared into the flames and they changed shape – then seemed to ‘absorb’ into a seashell that Meela picked up in her dream, this action thereby turning her into ‘Yuen’ (and this would also explain why Yuen looked like her, because it originally *was* her but the shell set off the identity swap).

    I’m guessing his motive was because she was clearly a lost little puppy who also seemed interested in his past (she asked him a million questions), and he felt bad he couldn’t tell her what happened and why he couldn’t speak, so he did it through her dreams. My last guess is that eventually these dreams are going to lead up to ‘showing’ her what happened to his throat to make it so he couldn’t speak – which I suppose was obvious, but I’m mentioning it in relation to the fact that Meela had just asked him about it before (if my theory is correct) he started showing her the dreams. I’m hoping I’ve pieced this together correctly, since I did note the thing about the pears and figured out that Yuen was Feral quite quickly.

    Tl;dr: Feral used his magical powers over fire to make Meela see his past in order to answer the questions she’d asked him when they met.

    1. n.n;; Wow, that was a lot longer than I’d thought! I’m glad I put the tl;dr!!

    2. Very interesting thoughts, but Feral doesn’t remember anything of his past so he wouldn’t be able to show her in any way.

      1. We don’t know if he doesn’t remember anything, though. He can’t speak to tell anyone that he can’t remember, and I don’t remember him gesturing or otherwise communicating to state so.

        1. @EmmaUchiha …You’re talking to one of the creators, she should know if Feral remembers anything or not, she created him. =.=

        2. Well with Algy saying that, we do now! xD

  25. Wow Meela can sure put up a fight, even though it looks like shes on her deathbed.

  26. Tie faster, Holland! Tie faster!!!

  27. Poor darling Meela <3

  28. i think it was either made or given to her by her brother just before he died. or it was her brothers and it is the only thing she has of him

    1. If you read on one of the first few pages it tells it was her dads then her brothers and now hers

  29. Holland’s face in the 3rd panel is priceless: The panic is seen so clearly in his mouth and eyes! What really drew my attention in this page, though, were the hands. I really like how their simple gestures conveyed Meela’s desperation and Holland’s exasperation.

  30. So what ever happened to the old guy who supposedly killed his wife but “didn’t”? I want to know what the old man was saying about how he knew Meela. :/

    …Or did I miss something? (Which is very possible since I’ve flown through this comic twice already. Haha.)

  31. Feral! Where are you?? I miss you so much…*sniff, sniff*

  32. Panel 3: Holland: *frantically ties bracelet on her wrist!!!!* The dialogue in that panel is very accurate. The repetition is EXACTLY how one would speak in that sort of situation. Me likey!

  33. I have a sneaking suspicion that something happened to erase Feral from Hollands/ other characters memories- mostly from the last comic where Holland tells Meela that her wake-up ramblings aren’t making any sense

    Anyone else have a feeling like that?

    1. No, I don’t think that’s it. More like she’s rambling really fast, and what’s the first thing you say when someone says something random? “What?” exactly. She wakes up from near-death dreaming and the first thing she says is “Were you talking to birds?” Then, “OMG YUEN’S FERAL/FERAL’S YUEN” then “WHERE’S MY BRACELET???”. Not, “oh, I almost died, thanks.” but the things that seem the most important to her at the time. Of course Holland remembers Feral. He just hasn’t been mention yet because Meela’s acting off her rocker :P

  34. it obviously wasn’t that lucky for her brother….

  35. At first this didnt mmake sense because i was reading it from right to left

    1. Skeeva da Argoniin

      Actually, I think it makes more sense reading it like that. xD

      1. Yeah, but on some of them (the page before this one) i had no clue what was going on til i reread it….

  36. Im guessing because she is holding her bracelet, that is why it seems to be floating on her wrist. As in, its not resting on her arm……

    1. In the first panel on the last row

  37. It’s definitely lucky, especially since its first two owners are dead. >.<

  38. I think the guy at the beginning with the creepy smile and sword is Mal… The demon magic made him crazy, right?

    Also, I think it shows how dedicated I am to this comic that I’ll check it from the top of a mountain on a phone.

    1. wow that is devoted! but mal is from meelas own past not the feral/yuen (oh gosh i dunno what to call him any more) dreams

      1. oops mal ISN’T from meelas past and IS from her dreams

        1. the letter said mal was using some kinda demon power or something. My guess is that it made him crazy. The guy who was hacking away with the sword in Meela’s dream/flashback at the beginning looked pretty mentally unstable to me. Same person?

  39. hm… where’s Feral when all this shouting is happening? XD

  40. Yay!!! More more more! :D

  41. ” why is that so inportant to you”
    “IT’S LUCKY!” >:(


  43. how is it lucky? every person who’s owned it besides Meela is dead!

    1. She probably just didn’t want to tell Holland ‘it belonged to my father and brother before they died’. It’s a whole lot easier to say it’s lucky.

  44. If Feral doesn’t have rabbit when he returns I’m going to be SO SADFACE.

    1. I concur.

  45. Skeeva da Argoniin

    I was just looking at the items in the shop, and I realise that one amulet of Holland’s looks like the Amulet of Kynareth…

  46. I really wish Holland was younger… forgive me for sounding creeperish, but they’d be a rather cute couple when Meela got a bit older ^^ Well… if he were younger xD

  47. May I say in the nicest way as possible that the characters don’t really need to have their mouth open when they say something in each panel? I’ve been noticing for a while that in every single panel, where a character says something, their mouth is always, always open. Though, this case would be an exception since it’s a hectic scene, but if you look the past pages, in all panels they have their mouths open. It’s alright to have their mouth closed too, it gives a variety of expressions.

    Great work so far! Keep it up! :)

    1. That’s funny, because people have also complained about characters talking when their mouths are not open. I guess it depends on personal preference.

  48. Would hate to be scratched by meelas nails….

  49. I feel like her brother isn’t actually dead. . . I don’t know why. Maybe the slight hesitation in her story when telling Feral WHY he should let her go with him. Then again, if his death was recent, then I guess the hesitation makes sense.

  50. I get like that about my Tarot deck.
    I don’t do Tarot things… but that deck was the last thing my father gave me before he died, so I’m all sorts of hella protective of it.

  51. Aww, they were nice enough to wash her blood covered clothes.

  52. “lucky” This item was used by both of her former gaurdians that died while wearing that…totally lucky

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