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  1. i bet that happened in all of 2 seconds :O

    that guy is pro.

    1. 0.73124570… etc seconds, actually.

    2. and he has a sword too! up til now, I just assumed he threw random strangers as his primary attack

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela’s fingers in the first panel look funny. And it definitely look like Feral’s toes are about to be cut off.

    1. I have to agree with you with both of those observations

    2. You try getting hoist by your shoulder strap and see how your fingers go :P

  3. I like Feral’s face in the first panel.

  4. dem some stroooong boots for not to lose his toes

  5. Gosh, I never realized how tight his black shirt was until I’m rereading it now…. Geeze! Feral…..

  6. *reads while listening to very unfitting music*

  7. Can I see a Zuko VS. Feral fight? Who would win?

  8. …hmm…Maybe Faral if he could go wolf in the fight? idk

  9. Wait! Farel has that soul drain ability, so take that out and it’s a fair fight…maybe

  10. Saw that coming, only trust those with tails.

  11. Feral has boots of steel, of COURSE he’d win in this fight! (logic)

    on a more serious note, I think this problem could be resolved if the sword was moved higher or lower; the lines as of now are directly touching each other, it would look better ( I think ) if the lineart was moved slightly.

    ah well though, I’m probably just being too critical, it’s still good artwork regardless.


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