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Well, that dream didn't last too long. And Feral gets cranky when people get hurt on his missions...

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  1. So who’s little magical glowing flame is that? Feral’s or Hollands (I’m betting on Holland)

    1. It’s Holland’s, but Feral can make them as well.

      1. I did not see that O_o I thought I was a torch!


    1. I KNEW he grabbed one of the knives for antidote. >:3

      1. for an*

  3. Don’t go into the light Meela, don’t go into the light!
    And in other news, who made the little fire ball, and if that knife got all wet then all the poison would have washed off wouldn’t it have?

    1. Holland made it, and no, the poison can’t be washed off that easily.

      1. lol, it’s special magic poison.

        1. Or just not a waterbased one…

  4. Aw ;n; i think he’s just upset that Meela got hurt… I think he cares more about her than he wants to let on <3


    1. I don’t think kicking someone in the face would help… but okay!

  5. Poor Meela

    I hope we get to know more about Tannor’s death

    1. Mhmm….I have a feeling that Tannor’s death is more complex than we think…especially since I think there is a connection between Feral and Tannor ;)

      1. I agree! remember what that old man had told Meela?

  6. MEEELAA! Hang in there! Talking about hanging… Every page is a cliffhanger, that’s how good this comic is XD I love it!

  7. Daw…poor Meela. And I do so love seeing Feral getting all protective. Though I can’t say I blame him, he didn’t exactly want to bring Meela in the first place and now she’s hurt pretty bad. :(

    He told ya so, Holland. He told ya so. (Y’know…with gestures…)


  8. *GASP* …Meela’s hair used to be long! *O*

  9. OMG! What a cliffhanger!! It’s driving me nuts! >.< and now… Another week. *sigh* :<

  10. Watching this page streamed was awesome :D
    Glad to see Holland lost the Demon Albino look xD
    Looks like I was wrong about the box, though.

    Heh, I wish this page was animated just so I could see Holland’s little flame following him around.

    1. Lol, that “demon albino look” was just the method I was using to color. Sometimes it’s hard coloring with a white background, so I use a color of sorts.
      I wanted to make this clear so viewers don’t think they missed something.

    2. Oh god, animated flames would be kick ass.

    3. no
      not just that part animated I think this whole comic could be a anime actually
      or maybe a really sort version of anime like
      hetalia-comic and a 5min anime ya~

    4. and and and umm
      albinos are white with RED eyes not green
      it would be cool if holland had red eyes though
      but albinos cant really go out into the sun

      1. Yes, this whole story would be pretty awesome as an anime. … I SO have to animate a scene some time…

        I know what it albino is, that’s why I mentioned that he didn’t look like one anymore. When this page was being streamed, Algy colored the background before coloring Holland’s eyes, so his eyes did appear to be a deep red for a while.

  11. Aaargh I cant wait for more >w<


  13. I don’t know if I’ve ever cared about a character as much as Meela! She needs to pull through!! :'(

  14. congrats on the 200th page! and what a way to celebrate it!
    Feral’s got a soft spot for Meela, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

    And stop fighting with Holland; you can do that later.

  15. I must say, Feral is topping my list of favorite characters right now. I’m no expert on art, but I can appreciate a well written story as a writer myself. Feral has to be the most colorful character I have seen in a web comic in ages. He can’t speak a word, but his actions reveal so much more than just his heart on his sleeves. I love him in this page. I wonder how long its been for him to feel needed by someone. Meela gave him more than just a pain in his tail. She gave him a place in her heart, and she won’t let him out. Family is far more than just parents, children, and relatives. They are the people we hold dear in our heart of hearts, and that’s what I see blooming between these too lupians. I love all the characters introduced so far, so much depth and color. Feral is stealing the cake though, sorry Meela and Holland…

    I can’t wait till next week!?!?!?!? DX

    1. Well said ^^

    2. Totally agreed.

    3. You know honestly I wouldn’t think a character that can’t talk would last long, but these guys have totally proven me wrong. Way to go guys!

  16. The suspense. D8 I do love this series~<3<3<3 It's so well-written and the characters are so dynamic. Can't wait for next week!

  17. I want Meela to get better! T^T

    YAY!! Crongrats on hitting page 200! Must feel great to accomplish that much! =D

  18. The writer in me is saying “don’t worry she’ll pull through! they couldn’t possibly kill her off right now because she helps move along plot!” and the fan in me is screaming “MEELA!!!! Nooooo you can’t die!!”

    Mostly though I just love the Panel where Feral looks like he’s ready to kill Holland.

    1. Lol those same words are screaming in my head as well.
      <3 Celesse & Algy are just that good ;}

  19. Okay, while I wish the flashback had been longer, I’m still happy with what we got so far. Can’t give away the whole kit and caboodle too soon.

    The other big impact this page had for me was panel six, I was actually really scared for a second that Feral would blame Holland bodily for Meela getting hurt and put into such a dangerous situation. And I felt so sorry for Holland; it’s clear to see how worried he is for Meela and how desperate he is to help.

    All in all, a powerful comic. Cannot wait to see the next page! As songstress already pointed out, I can see the progression of this arc from 2 POVs: as a fan and as a writer. It’s really quite interesting to dissect the two and still be able to enjoy it. <3

    Keep up the great work!!

    1. Lol, No Feral wouldn’t beat on Holland; he would never physically hurt him.

  20. Meela! Don’t fall asleep! You HAVE to stay awake!
    Feral! Focus that angry energy into somethng productive, like making an antidote… you can pound on Holland later.
    Really really love the transition of color & Feral’s grr face. >:}

  21. Another thing that I love? How easily Holland gets Feral. Even in the face of a furious Feral, Holland can still stay calm(ish) and undestand Feral. <3 This comic is so good. Makes me want a job so bad so I can buy volume 1 TnT

  22. The interaction between the past and the present still is brilliant.

  23. Carfull with that thing Holland! You just almost poked Feral in the arm, and then were would we be?!

  24. Feral, beat up Holland later, save Meela first XD

  25. *Looks up and growls slightly* Feral…..calm down and help Holland with the antidote or do something useful to keep Meela-chan awake…*glares slightly and sighs*

  26. I love Feral, but as everyones said already its time to focus and help Meela. He can ‘yell’ at Holland later after shes all better xD

  27. Every Friday I spazz out at school waiting to get home to read this. It’s always worth it! So glad I found this comic. :D

  28. You know, I’m always surprised when I remember that Feral can’t speak. You guys do such a good job with showing what he’s thinking just by his actions/expressions that it doesn’t seem like he’s silent at all.

  29. cranky? sheesh it could be worse… and i know from experience… Feral is not cranky not even angry! its what tough guys would call “concerned” but i can tell, he’s scared!

  30. Congratulations for page 200! ^^

  31. Wow, Feral is acting like a protective older brother right now. :3

  32. SpicyBleachedHead

    Poor Feral–doesn’t know what to do, the poor thing

  33. I literally CANNOT stop looking at this panel. Just… mdalfkam between the light and color it’s super pretty, but what keeps me coming back is FERAL. BABY I KNOW, IT’LL BE OKAY ASKJDFKMAK SHE CAN’T DIE THIS EARLY IN THE STORY DMFSKLAEKM BAABBBBUUUU LET ME HOLD YOU.

  34. Awwhaw…. Feral is getting attached <:3 so cute…

  35. Meela, you better wake up before your painful past comes alive again in your dreams. And also don’t remember it, in order to keep us thrilled to the end :D

    What I do like of this Web Comic is:
    -The way you distribute the frames in each page.
    -The way you tell the story
    -The story itself
    -the way you use colors
    and at the top of it, the skill you have to make us wait a whole week anxiously.
    Awesome job! Keep going! :)

  36. Aw, he really does care! :3

  37. I am betting Feral had a younger sister/brother that came to an untimely end–which would explain why he has a history of making friends with/protecting young’uns (Holland and now Meela). He was not able to protect them then and so feels a need to protect Meela now.

    Perhaps that untimely end came at the same time as Feral’s many scars.

  38. Ohhhh! Feral cares about her!! My hearts about to break!!
    Poor Holland must feel like poop!

  39. Wait – where’d the fire come from???

    1. Holland created it with magic; Feral can do the same.

  40. UGH TOO LONG OF A WAIT FOR SUCH A COOL COMIC! T^T wish it would update more often.

  41. I love this page! :D I wonder if Feral’s eye is still glowing…

    1. That’s a good question! aw man… now it’s going to be even harder to wait a whole week! XD

  42. Holland: Feral! You have your medicine case, right?
    Feral: -thinking- No, of course not! This is just my makeup bag! -sarcastic-

    1. Lol, I love your comment. xD

  43. Crystallized Wolf

    Long time reader, first time reviewer…

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! T~T (I had to get that out of my system)

    and now to see if I can figure this out:

    I truly believe that Feral is Mal. Given the various clues you guys have mentioned, such as the pears, and the gold earring, as well as the look Mal gave a while ago that looked reminicent of Feral (it was when the fight between Yuen’s dad and Korin began). As well as the fact that Feral can’t remember his past. And the personalities are sort of the same, only since Feral has experience in the world out there, he’s a lot more mature.
    I feel this would also make sense chronologically, and fit in with my theory of Yuen being Meela’s dad at a younger age. We’ve never actually seen his face, but it would make sense if Meela inherited his looks.
    It can also explain why the Inn Keeper thought Feral was Meela’s dad- since Mal and Yuen were the same age, and theoretically Yuen’s already found a mate and had three kids, Feral is in the prime age to be father too (going on the theory that he’s in his 30’s), thus giving the look that Meela could be his pup (since, if speaking with the perspective of an outsider, her looks could’ve come from a female with dominant genes).

    And besides, since Lupians age slowly, what Feral went through could’ve happened anywhere between when Yuen ran away and when he met up with Meela. And since it made him presumably lose his memories, he doesn’t recognize Meela’s distinct resemblance to his (theoretically) old friend.

    I ship HollandxPiper… And I hope Feral finds someone too…

    Oh Tannor… Where did Connor go? I wish I had more clues to develop a theory about those two…

    1. Crystallized Wolf

      Then again I could be TOTALLY off track….


    2. I was thinking maybe Feral killed Meela’s family D:
      But doesn’t make sense after your theory…hm, I agree that Feral looks just like Mal though

    3. Why does everyone think Feral is Mal? D8 FERAL IS YUEN.

    4. Long time reader as well; first time commenter, though. xD

      I really agree with what you’ve pointed out here! And If Yuen is indeed Meela’s father… it may have been Korin that killed her father and family. He did, after all, say that if he ever saw Yuen again that he’d kill him. However, the silhouette in chapter one doesn’t have the same hair as Korin, so that could be/probably is completely wrong.. xD Who knows.

      But anyway, your comment was very thought-provoking! ouo Those are some interesting theories. :D

      I hope Meela recovers quickly… The page when the others saw she was poisoned crushed me. ;n;!

      Keep up the excellent work, Algy and Celesse!

    5. I don’t think Yuen could be Meela’s daddy cuz if he was, she’d have recognized his name… unless he changed his name…

      1. Crystallized Wolf

        If Meela was three, as the artist said she was, then it’s possible that she hadn’t learned her dad’s true name. I thought my dad’s name was “Daddy” for the longest time…

        Yuen could not possibly be Feral, because for one, even if his looks did change over the years, he would still have some semblance to his younger self, thus looking a bit like Meela, which Feral doesn’t at all..

        And there’s the fact that we don’t know what happened to Mal yet, as he said he was going to leave the clan as soon as he was old enough. As well as, if Mal is Feral, his hair could have darkened, and whatever happened to leave him so bandaged up could have activated the genetic switch to change his eyes from brown to green (we still haven’t seen Mal’s parents ya know..). And the fact that while Feral doesn’t remember anything, he seems kind of ashamed that he doesn’t have a clan marking; Mals choice to leave his shoulder bare may have been the destruction to a clue for Feral’s past.

        1. @Crystallized Wolf
          And pray tell, why couldn’t those same things have happened to Yuen? If Feral really is Mal, he doesn’t look a thing like his younger self. And besides, Yuen ran away before he got his clan mark, didn’t he?
          My theory is that Feral’s past is being telepathically transmitted to Meela through dreams, even though he doesn’t remember it himself. It would be too much of a coincidence otherwise, considering Meela had her first dream the night she met Feral.

        2. Whoops, and one more thing…
          Remember when Meela and Feral were at the Inn?
          Feral’s red eye was glowing while Meela was having her dream about Yuen and Mal. I think that may be part of the telepathy thing.

        3. Crystallized Wolf

          I don’t think the red eye is telepathy. It’s more or less a defense mechanism, as his red eye didn’t start glowing UNTIL Meela woke him up. And the more recent incident, with Visiral being a potential threat.

          Although I do agree something’s up with the dream thing. I have no clue what triggered that, other than maybe Meela’s subconcious is picking up Feral’s scent and trying to connect it with her father’s somehow (wolves are able to tell what has happened to comrades through smell).

          Otherwise, as I have previously said, I COULD BE TOTALLY OFF TRACK (though I’m sticking with the-red-eye-being-a-defense-mechanism theory).

        4. @Crystallized Wolf
          Well, to be honest, so could I. XD Be off track, I mean. I just love spinning theories. 8D
          Oops, yeah, that does make sense about the eye thing.
          But I still think there’s telepathy involved somehow.XD

          There wasn’t a reply option under your most recent comment, I don’t know why. D8 So I just put this here.

  44. Tannor in panel 1 looks like Holland in panel 3, but that might just be the angle and art style. I wonder if Meela will dream about Yuen some more? I really hope Feral and Holland can mix up some antidote fast enough that the poison doesn’t permanently cripple Meela in some way.

  45. You go Feral! Defend Meela!!

  46. Awww…..Feral cares so much….!
    In panel 3, Holland’s eyes look green…. then you can’t see them in panel four….
    Panels 1 and 2…. who are “they”?? *gasp* One of the many mysteries, but it means that whoever killed Meela’s family wasn’t working alone….

  47. Holland, you are not Feral’s favorite person right now.

  48. Oh my gosh is this really page 200?!?! Milestone baby!

  49. I was waiting for Feral to blow some steam out on Holland : ) Such a pretty page~

  50. Someone does care about Meela :3 How cute

  51. Woooo Goo Feral. See You really do Care about Her it’s Just hard for You Two Show it.

    So Adorable ^-^ great work.

  52. Wow. Feral really cares of meela. ^.^
    I hope that they get the antibody ready soon.

    oh… and how is Piper getting her job done? are the guards down yet??? o.o

  53. I love Holland’s worried face in the second panel !
    And Ferral who want to strike him because Meela is hurt ! How nice from him ! :P

    1. the third panel * :X

  54. I love how concerned Feral is~! ♥

  55. Congrats from an old time reader for your 200th !

  56. Yay for floating fire! ^(^[]^)^
    I’d hate to be on the receiving end of Feral’s anger. (.m.);

  57. Hmm, well this is grim. I do have to wonder how Meela will turn out, though I imagine she’ll be fine…this is going to change things up a bit methinks.

    And I assume the floating fire is just another of the Prince’s little gimmicks…that or Feral has more tricks up his sleeve!

  58. Noooo, Feral, you need to punch him, someone has to DDDD:

    {Sorry Holland. Ilu, don`t worry.}

    1. Kick him in the head!
      [Actually, on second thought, don’t. We sort of need him conscious.]

  59. The expression on Feral’s face in panel six is actually quite terrifying; drawing fury like that is really hard, so good job!

  60. MelodramaticFool66

    oh noes! O^O Meela! Is she dreaming about her life? or that other person?
    hehe Feral must be somewhat fond of Meela if he got so angry.

  61. yay yay yay
    the 200th page posted now I shall read it from the start
    because this is awesome

  62. Would nt it be very interesting if Holland wound up being Tanor. He just didnt really die and he changed his for the sake of himself.??????
    This is lrobably way off but the thought occured to me lol it would be really cool. :D

    1. It would be cool, except for the fact that Tannor was/is a lupian and Holland is a lyrian o.O

      1. Omg haha i forgot lol :P

  63. Changed his name
    sorry for the typo

  64. I hope they save her in time. Also is that a magic fire lighting the cave?

    1. Yes it is… like Celesse said plenty of times: this is a little magic flame Holland made an Feral can make this thing, too. Just read the first comment on this page… :D

      1. Oh I didn’t know about that comment. ^.^;

  65. AHHHH!!! Tannor and Feral look too alike for the last two pages! WHy is that?

  66. Haha a lot of exclamation points on this page X3

  67. He cares more than he wants to show….. perhaps he’s………..

  68. Meela hang in there!!!!!!!! Feral… *snicker* you DO care *snicker*

  69. Why do I get the sudden feeling that Meela might have caused and/or had something to do with it Tannor’s death? 0-o;
    It would’ve been an accident, but still . . . o-o;

    1. WAIT . . .
      Or maybe Feral WAS Tannor . . .

      Or I’m just a crazy person . . . -shrug- Either way.

  70. XxxSkylarLupianxxX

    No Feral…No! There is a child dieing slowly. Kill holland later. Meela first and kill holand later. And who else saw that Feral’s eye wasn’t shown, wonder if it’s still glowing…………. run Holand…RUNNNN!!!

  71. I’m sure Meela will be fine – that girl’s been through a lot, but she’s a tough one.
    \/ /)
    |\|/|/ )

  72. Ok, that looked like a wolf when I typed it.
    Try this:
    \/ /)
    |\| |/|/)

  73. New reader. I just read through all of the pages currently out today, and now I’m back to having to wait a week in between them >.< Reality sucks.
    Voting Strays for TWC every time I can!

    1. Is this Lauren Faust? Or are you just using a variation of her DeviantArt name? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just wondering. =3

  74. OH! HAPPY PAGE 200!!


  76. Ah! D: I just love how Feral can always say what he wants

  77. 80
    It’s gettin intense…

    1. 0.0 I agree…..
      Wait are you talking about the replies?

      1. Replies? Like the comments? No, the story.

  78. ….Oh dang. I didn’t think about the fact that this was all his idea in the first place, and thus this is pretty much his fault. Feral looks TICKED. I gotta say, I think one of my favorite parts of this comic is how you guys so masterfully show all of Feral’s emotions and ‘words’ through mere facial expression and motion. It’s really great.

    This may seriously put a damper on their friendship, that’s for sure. I wonder what’s up with that little flashback dream? WHO ‘found them’?

  79. Why do I get a strange feeling that Feral is really Mal

  80. Omyword. I just read the entry for Holland on the character page.
    And I’ve read this page like a gazillion times cuz it’s so awesome.
    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but…

  81. I love Feral more and more. And Meela too! I hope her next flashback will have Tannor in it! I want to know more about her past. Awww … Meela looks really dreadful. I hope Feral knows what he’s doing!

  82. WatchOutForWendigos

    Congrats Celisse and Algy for 200 pages!
    When Feral grabbed Holland and Holland started babbling, my first thought was: Holland, you have to wait for him to start threatening you.
    Then I remembered that that was all Feral could do, because he’s mute.
    Feral is just such a well developed character that he can communicate volumes through actions on a page. It’s easy to forget that he doesn’t actually vocalize them.

  83. Awwwww! Feral cares :3

  84. lol Wow, Holland’s eyes are green in the firelight… o.O *way off track now mehe*

  85. Aw… Feral cares. He’s such a good big brother. LOL
    But I still think Tannor made a better one. Ahaha.

  86. Did anyone notice how Holland’s eyes are green in the third panel? It might just be the lighting cx but I thought I’d point it out.

  87. Floating fireball… 83

  88. Love Tannor so much and hope we see more of him in the future :3

  89. Poor Lil’ Meals :(

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