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Oh Feral, you so ninja. Getting in was easy, but will the rest go as smoothly?

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  1. His black fur is really quite useful for someone so stealth-oriented.

    1. Haha like a bowss! XD HaloOkami

  2. All I can think of is Assassins Creed… Then I play it and realize I just kill and massacre my way through it…

    1. xD

      Very stealthy in panel 5. My happy ass wont be on no light post.

    2. i was thinking that as well

    3. Anyone who can play that game as it`s actually “supposed” to be played deserves a medal. u_u

      1. YAY I GET A MEDAL

  3. G e t out A l i ve

    He’s up there, hiding like a ninja…and like a boss.

  4. Gosh he’s like a cat, which is rather ironic…

    1. Isn’t it? A wolf seeming like a cat.


  5. Actually, I think of Snake in MGS. Any of ’em. *sneakysneakysneakysqueakysneakysneakysneaky*

  6. where did he buy/steal his awesome thief/rouge armor/clothing ?!

    1. It most likely came from Feral’s bag XD Where everything’s neatly placed.

  7. Ninjas. They’re everywhere these days.

  8. he’s got differnt weapons too!

  9. Yep. Definitely starting humming the Perry the Platypus song.

    1. now everytime i see this page that comes through my mind XD

    2. *singing* He’s Feral!! Feral the Ninja-Wolf*!!!

      *Or Lupian. But I like Ninja Wolf better.

  10. i look at Feral, and i think he could be Solid Snake, with the stealth outfit and all


  12. Secret Agent Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. IT’S A MUTHAFUGGIN MAGIC WEREWOLF NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …my life is now complete

  14. Camolot the Creator

    Yeah, he drops down, prepares to sneak through the door, and then SUDDENLY-


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