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The trio decides to stop for the night and Meela confesses her strange dreams to Holland.

23 thoughts on “Page 165

  1. Hey- at least Feral held onto the reins! :D

    1. Total fail but yes, that’s true :D

  2. Dude, that looks like it hurt ._. Feral gets put through the hardest stuff doesn`t he? Like getting shot at….and thrown down stairs…

    1. MasterassassinMan

      And getting his vocal chords ripped out..

    2. He comes out fine, though. It must be that half-demonness (going on theory of past pages…)

      1. Feral’s to awesome to be a demon…

        1. Have you considered that he`s too awesome /not/ to be a demon? XD

      2. This coming from the guy with the Inuyasha pick.

  3. Well, question answered. Yuen is somebody else entirely!

  4. XD poor Feral! I love his face in the fourth panel, it screams “I hate you.” :P

  5. Aww… Holland wrapped up Meela in his cloak… how sweet

  6. And that, good friends (and Feral) is why we wear HELMETS while riding horses~ To protect our heads from those random rocks our mild-tempered horses that hate us have a tendancy to throw us on~

    1. Your comment made me laugh. Poor Feral.

    2. Lol I don’t wear helmet when i rid well sometimes I do when I can find mine in my black hole of a room. XD

  7. Holland’s faces in the first three panels are priceless!

  8. “Perhaps we should camp here for the night”. Feral’s already on the ground. He doesn’t have to move.

  9. “Perhaps we should camp here for the night”.

    Feral’s face in the fourth panel: “You think?!?!”

  10. Wow, Holland, ya think? I mean, the guy only took a hard fall off a horse that hates him. XD

  11. Fourth panel: “Ya think?!” HaloOkami

  12. It’s so cute to see how Holland is holding Meela.

  13. I see why Feral hates Meela. XD

  14. Feral, really, you’re too awesome to flop off a horse in such an uncoordinated manner. LOL. Be thrown gracefully!

    Darn mutt. <3

  15. Panel 4: you think? o_O

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