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  1. um. How does one go getting a cross shaped scar via wolf fighting? just bad luck? It does mean people go for his eye though.

    1. Prolly got it from a weapon

    2. I don’t know, the cross-shaped scar more reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin.

    3. Miss Fluffy Kitty

      He had the scar beforehand.

      1. Miss Fluffy Kitty

        Oh. Wait, I think my brain died for a second there x3

    4. mabey he had the scar before he learned how to do the wolf thing so it shows as a marking not a scar

    5. ever seen wolfs rain, cross scars in that show too. but it is possible for a wolf to get a cross scar from a wolf fight irl so.

  2. go alpha dude! nom his face!

  3. Holy crap! I looked away for a moment why waiting for this page to load and was blown away by the beautiful artwork on the first two panels. I mean we all know how amazing the artwork is but wow!

  4. I LOVE THE WOLFS ON THIS PAGE! they are so good! and all the art in this comic, you make it seem easy!

  5. Those silhouettes are intense!
    And gorgeous and frightening and just plain awesome.

  6. KILL HIM WITH FI- i mean CLAWS!!!

  7. OooooOooooh I’ve been waiting for a wolf fight and here it is ♡-♡

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