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  1. The guy in the back of the first panel looks bored. And the second guy’s clan mark doesn’t have the little triangle on the inside.
    And does Korin have the clan mark on BOTH shoulders? Otherwise, it’s on his left in the 1st and 3rd and the right in the 4th.

    1. I have to say you just said everything I was going to say…

    2. but maybe that little triangle means you’re more important or something.
      And I don’t think he looks bored.

  2. one thing you should never do:
    challange an experienced Alpha.

  3. punch=epic fail

  4. The brief mention of Korin and Terin’s father…even after all this time, I can’t believe I forgot about that line. This too could very well be more important than meets the eye…

    1. Er…I meant to say Korin’s father and Terin’s BROTHER, from the sound of things. I really should get some sleep. XD

  5. Terin is very attractive in panel one

    1. Er you mean Korin? Terin is the older dude and isn’t in panel one.

  6. Men. So testosterone-brained and confrontational. No wonder I’ve never wanted a boyfriend!
    No offence to the guys out there; the boys that I grew up with are complete meatheads. XP

  7. Is it just me, or does the guy furthest to the right in the first panel look like Meela’s brother? o.O

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