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  1. Heh… I thought that my favourite character was Feral, but…
    Tannor’s definitelly tha best one ! Even if he just appear in the firs chapter !

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    He’s such a good big brother. If I had to have a sibling, I would want one like him…. The last panel of him holding her on the page previous to this one (comments closed on that one) is SO precious!

  3. Meela looks so cute in the second pannel

  4. its hard to tell meela and tannor’s hands apart in the last two pannals. when their grown up, their hands look so similar

  5. Skeeva da Argoniin

    For some reason the forest reminds me of a lush jungle, Idk why…

    Probably ’cause I’m playing too much Terraria…

  6. I want a big brother like that! ^^
    (Don’t tell my sister I said that. LOL)

  7. How lucky can that bracelet be if both Meela’s dad and brother were killed while wearing it?

    1. They both died the day they took it off. Her father when he passed it to Tannor, and Tannor when he passed it to Meela.

  8. at first i thought her brothers hand was her brothers dead body in the last panel

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