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  1. And then the creepers start spawning.



    2. And don’t forget the Endermen…

    3. Creepers usually aren’t numerous enough to cause any real trouble. It’s the skeletons and spiders that you want to watch out for.

  2. i thought Meela was a girl! D:

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Meela IS a girl.

      1. You probably shouldn’t give away spoilers XD. I mean, since Tannor called Meela a “good little SIBLING” I’m guessing that we’re supposed to be kinda in the dark about whether she’s a girl or a boy. Calling my sister “sibling” would feel kinda awkward otherwise lol XD.

        Also, Kosher confused her for a boy and then she flips out about it so I’m guessing that’s supposed to be an “OMG WHAT IT’S A GIRL???” moment hehe. Just a guess though.

  3. Meela’s face looks fo funny in pannel two!

  4. Re-reading the comic for about the 10th time. First time really posting. Meela look so much older in the fourth pannel

  5. Cool transitions from little Meela to older Meela.
    This is my sixteenth time reading Strays. (Yes…I was counting.) XD

    1. The fact that you counted is the least of my concerns. ._.

  6. Lol XD

  7. Meela in Panel 2= PRICELESS!!

  8. she is so tiny!!! >.<

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