Volume 1

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Please note that the artist comments for pages 1-160 were somehow lost along the way.

Updates Resume Next Week

Sorry guys, we forgot that the “no update” post got removed when we changed the site ^^; There’s no page this week because we spent our time rehauling the site. Updates will resume next week. And we’re glad to hear many of you approve the layout change :) We understand the few small dislikes (like how the latest page is displayed) but things are this way because they need to be for everything to work properly. We hope you understand!

Look how Shiny!

And welcome to the new site layout! :D We’ve finally updated to a system that will auto archive our comic and allow us to manage the site more easily, but the best part is it allows comments! Woo hoo! Have a look around, and if anything is acting funny please let us know so we can fix it. We expect a few bugs in a new layout. Enjoy!