Look how Shiny!

And welcome to the new site layout! :D We’ve finally updated to a system that will auto archive our comic and allow us to manage the site more easily, but the best part is it allows comments! Woo hoo! Have a look around, and if anything is acting funny please let us know so we can fix it. We expect a few bugs in a new layout. Enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Look how Shiny!

  1. Shiny! :)

  2. Great new look!

  3. Whoo! Comments! I can’t say how much I absolutely LOVE your comic!! Please keep making more! I’d love to read these during(If I have time or) after I get back from Basic Canadian Military Training!!!

  4. Update today?

  5. i have been fallowing this comic for god knows how long. love the new layout! can’t wait for a new page and thinking of ordering volume 1 <3 ~(º*3*º~) WOOT!!!!

  6. i like the ability to leave comments. first comment, when you tell us you’re NOT going to be updating, i actually appreciate that. it’s better than not knowing and checking back for no reason. please do let us know what’s going on? thanks!

    also, the more we learn about meela the more interesting the story gets. the prince seems to feel bad for her and knows her from the past – i wonder how.

  7. Hooo Hooooo!!
    Very nice :3
    i congrats you on knowing how to do this sort of thing XD

  8. Oooooh, it is very pretty! I do like how the vote icons are at the top, much more easy to see and support the comic :)

    Though, I almost missed the comic page thats tiny to the left. I do like the large sliver that it used to be, it was visible and right in my face (in the middle), and it sort of “teased” to make you wonder what was going on in that page :)

    Awesome art.

  9. I meant on the right* Just woke up :<

  10. Oooooo I like~!

  11. Hey! It looks good!
    almost missed the ‘latest page’ though b/c its small and off to the side.

  12. although i’m not sure about how i like the new layout, for me it’s a matter of getting used to. I’m the kind of person who dosn’t like drastic changes to what i’m already used to. but other then that i think it looks nice.

  13. I approve!!! Nice job with the site :)

  14. Aww, so nice we can comment now **

  15. Very nice work! I love the changes to the layout and I had no problem spotting the preview on the right. Good job :)

  16. Yay! I like this new site layout! It looks so much better, and of course, I love the comment option C:

  17. Awesome new webpage design! I like the look, the style! It’s nice, organized, and clean. I especially like the title banner. ;D

  18. Yay! Comments! I have wanted to share theories so badly but I’m too lazy too go and make an account on the forum lol I wonder if meela will ever have a love interest? Or if she will grow up in the comic, like skip years to where she us older? And possibly trained by feral… Anyways I love the new look! :D

  19. Might I offer a suggestion. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you click on an image in the gallery, it doesn’t come up in a pretty little box within the webpage, but instead takes you to that image. I think you can restore that old functionality with the fancybox plugin: see http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fancybox-for-wordpress/

    1. Thank you! We’re still in the process of reviewing helpful plugins, and that’s definitely one we need.

  20. WICKED !! looking awesome guys XD

  21. I don’t like that I can see the entire newest comic page before I’m actually looking at it. Kinda spoils anything that would be down at the bottom, I preferred the original new page shots. The rest of the site looks great

  22. Omg, I love this comic!! And the site does look better. :3

  23. Awesome new site is awesomely new. XP

  24. Normally, when a website updates their server and their look, it makes people unwilling to continue on. It scares people because they don’t like the look and they don’t know where everything is.

    You, dear people at Strays Online, have not done that to your readers. Congratulations! It’s very beautifully done and I love how simple yet elegant the whole thing looks.

    Looking forward to reading some good comments, good luck in the future with the webcomic and I will be back next Friday!

  25. Shiny shiny new layout. I especially like that header. :) I’ve enjoyed Strays for a while now, having found it through DeviantArt.
    I just wanted to agree with spas on the updating issue (please say something if you know you can’t update) and Spizzy on the full view of the latest comic –little spoilerful… but as you said, it is the way it has to be.
    Anyhow, just wanted to give you feedback. Keep up the good work!

  26. I like what you’ve done with the site ^,^ I seems like so many things are easier to get to. Plus, love the comment section ^, ^
    (Strays is soooo awesome! Love love love all the detail you guys put in :)) There. I’ve always wanted to say that :)

  27. Know what would be epic? A plush of the teddy Meela’s brother made for her.

  28. Love the new layout, especially where the newest page and the first-time reader links are. Best of all, like you said, is the comments option.

    Keep up the great work!!

  29. Love the new layout! :D

  30. Nice new Layout! I think the comment addition was a wonderful idea!!

  31. um, other than the VIEW THE LATEST PAGE sidebar next to the comic pages (it’s distracting), the rest of the layout looks fine.

  32. Where’s dah shiny!? TT.TT

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