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  1. Now I don’t know if the blade is magic or if he is…

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      He is.

  2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s face in the second panel…..
    You do such an amazing job getting his emotions across. You have to be especially expressive when he doesn’t have any dialogue. I could never pull it off!

    1. Really now? … Expressions are pretty much the easiest thing to draw. Can pull them off with just a few simple lines. There are far tougher things demonstrated in this comic, y’know.

      1. They’re easy, if you have good drawing experience. People who can’t draw as well as some probably have difficulty drawing accurate emotions.

      2. Expressions are difficult to draw in how to get them to work well and portray the most/best emotion through them as well as get the right combination to work (emotions aren’t just smiley and frown-y faces and many can be quite complicated to get right or portray accurately). You can say any drawing or piece of art is just “a few simple lines” but you seem to forget how much thought is put into these things and how the smallest change in those “simple lines” (whether it be slight angle, length of line, bend, etc.) can completely change the emotion of the work/character.

        Yes, there are many impressive things demonstrated in this comic but that doesn’t mean you have to piss on the work put into the expressions, especially when one of the characters communicates almost solely through them. The fact that they use it so effectively is not something to be ignored and it isn’t stupid to point that out…

      3. Lee of Team Avatar

        Expressions are hard! You underestimate the effort it takes to get more than :-( or :-)

      4. Shut up, SotiCoto. you can only judge if YOU can draw and write such amazing stories, which I DO, so I can judge and not you. Also, if you don’t like the comic, THEN STOP READING IT. Same goes for the comments, don’t like the comments, STOP READING THEM.

  3. Second pannel the best XD

  4. For being mute, Feral’s expressions really show his mood in place of his tongue XD
    Nicely done!

  5. <3 feral's expression in the 2nd panel

  6. Yes, good sir, she is quite serious. XD

  7. omg the second panel, i’m really starting to get tired of this kid… XD

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