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  1. I love how Feral’s manager keeps all of his important assignments in a note pad.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      And how he starts to explain himself before noticing that it was to someone he doesn’t know was there.

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Oops… someone he DIDN’T know was there.

      2. Not to mention someone who can actually ask questions…

    2. mine ussualy keeps it in his head he rememmbers everything

  2. Instant thought? I’M GUNNA KICK YOU IN THE HEAD! from Kid History :P

    1. ^^ That is win.

    2. YES! I’m so glad you know that. That episode’s my favorite. “Yeyo gwapes.”

    3. YAAAAS

    4. I’m in a watta twouble…

  3. lolz
    “You’re not going to kick him in the head too, are you?”

  4. Meela’s first thought is that Feral is gonna kick him in the head? XD Love the manager’s face when he first sees Meela.

  5. how come her first thought wasn’t “you’re not gonna hit him in the head using me again, are you?”

  6. “You’re not going to kick him in the head too, are you?”
    That question….хDxD

  7. !!!NOTICE!!!
    [seriously, not even in panel 6?]

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