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  1. Apparently, sight works much like it does in pokemon. You must be directly in front of them for them to see you.

    1. Oh wow! I never noticed that! XDXD lol

    2. …it’s the standard anime hairstyle that does it, lol.

  2. hmmm… Why is Meela so worried about a random guy on the road when she trusts Feral so much?

    1. It’s the danger you know versus the danger you don’t know.

    2. It is the beard. Beards are scary.

  3. Meela you are so short <3

  4. I know how Meela feels; I’ll be 4 ft 7 for the rest of my life… Waah!

  5. Feral and Meela’s relationship kind of reminds me of Ellie and Joel’s from The Last of Us.

  6. She’s been hiding from people for so long hiding would be an ingrained response to this scenario.

  7. Hey,keenawolfwoman, I want to be short, I am 5 ft 8, and I am 13!!!you are lucky!

    1. Lol at least you don’t have to go find a tall person every time you’re shopping and can’t reach something!

  8. I do this when I’m not in the mood to talk, or walk by someone.

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