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And we drop in on the middle of the conversation.

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  1. Jyaku~ you guys are good at making sexy characters that aren’t all the same. I love this webcomic!

    1. if there was a like button for that comment id be hittin it

    2. I guess he’s pretty hot… for a moose man.

    3. Uh… I’m pretty sure that Jyaku is old even though his age is unknown

  2. so much suspense! D:

  3. This is painful. Tell us what the secret is already! D:


      1. thats what want to know too!!!! XD

    2. I think Meela’s condition has been obvious for along time now – she is Adorable, with a capital a. Definately not a good mix for Feral – a flint-hearted loner with nothing left to lose. In theatres this summer!

  4. I just want them to kiss…

    I want plot. This is good plot giving Meela more depth to her character and at the same time commenting on Feral’s character progress.


    1. So much plot… and kissing… please…

    2. Lol. Yes. They should totally just kiss.

    3. Kissing IS plot… hee hee hurr hurr. 9v9

  5. poor jyaku is conflicted! hello boyfronds, it’s called training and conditioning! if you two know what’s up, you can be ready to channel her whatever (and piper can take care of any womanly needs for the poor kid) and voila! unconventional family! ~hopeful solution?~

    1. ::crossing fingers::

      1. ::crossing toes:;

        1. ::crosses eyes::

        2. *crossing lines*

  6. Wait, does this mean we might actually get some answers about Feral now too?

    Why can’t next week come sooner?!

  7. Why does every male character in this comic have to be so HANDSOME!?
    I go love mode every time <3

    Can't wait for next week :3

    1. you think the cat-hunter that’s after them is handsome? :: shrugs ::

      just checked, Holland is supposed to be 19 (maybe 20 now), so my weird thoughts of him & meela was not ThaT weird…
      Ferrel is 28ish? he looks a lot younger.

      1. Seriously, I thought feral was like maybe 22, so in my head early in the comic i was thinking feral+meela, but then I saw he was almost thirty and just felt like a creeper :c

      2. Okay I forgot about him so yeah almost every male character ;P

      3. to each his own :P
        Kitty’s pretty damn sexy in the “i’ll rip out your innards” kind of way
        Consider him eye-candy but don’t consider him as dating material? *shot*

      4. Where does it say Holland’s and Feral’s ages? I think of Feral as more like 22, just like someone else does too, but you and a few other people talked about looking up their ages. I wish Feral was younger, that way it wouldn’t be creeper-ish for him and Meela to be together…

        1. I feel you

          You can’t help shipping what you ship, especially when you ship something with morality issues XD;;

          But hey, this story is still young ,we don’t know what turns it’ll take :o

        2. actually I remember them saying there were no romantic connections between meela and feral at any point in the comic, and that she’s more of a little sister

        3. It says in the character page that he’s 28, just wanted to answer the question. Heh, the fact that Meela acts younger than 12 due to a life of coddling makes it worse…

    2. While I would never deny Jyaku’s badassery, he’s not really my type. For me, Tannor is actually the most attractive dude in the comic, both in terms of appearance and personality.

      Alas for poor Tannor. We hardly knew ye. =(

      1. it’s the beard

  8. thelightedDarkness

    I understand so much now. Like how she dreamed of his past and stuff…

  9. Ahhh, so in actuality it’s Feral he’s worried about. That makes more sense, though.
    Poor Holland, this is the second time we’ve seen that look of despair/shock on his face–very in contrast to his usual range of expressions.

    1. So this is probably because he’s a swan prince… o.0 But when I see that face all i can think is quack!!!!!

      For a more sane commit I completely agree, and I also enjoy the twists and depth in the plot… please start doing twice a week!!!! ^-^

      1. For some reason, the first comment I could think of reading this is that Holland’s mom is THE SWAN QUEEN.

        …*rolls to her lame corner*

  10. Damn, Jyaku is hawt.

    1. I like the “mysterious” mask look. Still under it you could just tell…::swoon::

      1. Now we all know why he wears a mask. Other wise he’d be swarmed with fan girls.

  11. Holland seems a little desperate there…

  12. Who is Jyaku that (Prince) Holland is pleading for sympathy from?

    Holland, the scheming mastermind that he is.

    1. XD! Personally, I believe his shock here is probably genuine…it’s a pretty hard thing to fake. However, what you’re suggesting is a perfectly valid theory, and I can’t help but suspect that he has indeed “put on an act” at least several times over the course of the comic in order to conceal whatever activities we know he’s engaging in behind everyone’s back.

      He’s a schemer, that much is clear–but to what end? Now THAT’S the million-dollar question! XD

  13. I love Jyaku’s hair in the back. If I could get mine that long, I’d do it up like that too

  14. I’m wondering if perhaps Feral and Meela have the same issue with demon magic? It’d maybe explain their odd connection in Meela’s dreams. Their dangerous magic looks kind of the same (the magic Feral used on “cat boy” and the magic that’s been escaping Meela). Feral was discovered with the eye patch when he was around Meela’s age (IOW, he probably got his red eye then).

  15. Well, at least we learned something important in today’s comic. Holland is *not* a backstabber. He truly cares about Meela and Feral. He’s being secretive to help both of them. Jyaku appears to want to help, too—though his motivation may still be something else.

  16. Remember what Meela asked Feral at the beginning of the comic? “Are you a demon lupian?!” Maybe that was foreshadowing and it’s going to turn out that ironically MEELA is the demon lupian.

    1. Oh! That would be a great use of foreshadowing by the girls! I never even thought of that statement as being serious, but now my mind is blown!


  18. What kind of condition does Feral have that Meela “isn’t good for him”? Even if they do get split up, I’m guessing that Meela would find some way to get back to Feral and Holland. Jyaku can’t make her leave, at least not permanently, that would be up to her; maybe he would be able to convince her, but ultimately I think Meela would stay with her friends.

    1. Although Meela did think, when she was in wolf form standing on the cliff, that she couldn’t stay with them much longer….

  19. So from what Jyaku is saying, it sounds like Meela is only a danger to Feral, not Holland or anybody else…. Interesting…. They must be even more connected than previously thought…
    Good to know Holland is not a traitor, and that Jyaku is looking out for at least someone in the group!

  20. It’s good to see Jyaku’s full face…. and he looks so sad in the last panel, like he truly wishes there was something to be done…

  21. What?! What about Meela?! Tell us…wait, Feral? What about Feral?! Feral’s condition? Feral secrets? Feral character development? More Feral?! Totally not a Feral fangirl….maybe a little….Feral… <3

  22. Arrrgghh!!So much suspence!

    1. I agree! *bounces impatiently* Can’t wait for next week!!!
      WHAT is WRONG with Feral and Meela???

  23. It *was* him in the marketplace! He’s so sneaky. I just assumed there would be other “deer-men” around. Yay, Mr. Jingles is back and as mysterious as ever….

  24. Hmm This is an interesting twist that she seems only to affect Feral.hmmm So t must be mainly only Lupians..

  25. Meela is totally part demon or something.

    1. HA! That’s exactly what I though. I actually read Really as Deadly xD

  26. So it is Jyaku. I was kind of expecting him to be an older guy (especially if he’s been around as long as a certain teaser image of holland and feral implies, but that very well could have been another character)

    1. J looks much older than F to me…

      I was thinking J wouldn’t be over 40… but he might be, ages well.


  28. In the last panel, it kind of looks like Jyaku knows of some way, but is relunctant to tell, like it might not be a good solution. …or I might completely misread the expression.

  29. HOLY MOLY….

    Manalope is… hot! {:-((………..

  30. This is the first time I’ve seen deer-guy’s face. It’s nice. Very nice. :)

  31. …I ship it.

  32. That’s right. Skip over the part about what she actually is. >:|

  33. You know who Holland reminds me of? Joshua from The World Ends With You. They even have that same “ohohoh, I know something you don’t and am scheming behind your back” thing going on.

    1. Yep and in this page he’s kinda dressed like him too ^^

  34. “There has to be some way! Please Jyaku!”
    Please offer to join the group! PLEASE offer to join the group!!
    To keep an eye on Meela and Feral…not just because of the entertaining Meela/Jyaku confrontation…

  35. ….mullet…he has a mullet…

    1. Don’t ruin it for us! D:
      His hair is awesome!

    2. deal with the mullet!

  36. Just say it already!!!

  37. Yeah, I’ve got it pretty set in my mind that Meela’s a half (or maybe 1/4th) demon/lupian. Feral might have acquired demon powers, but I think Meela’s the reason for the first 3 panels of this page: as well as the original “Demon Lupian” comment she made at Feral.

    1. Awww…that link got me nostalgic for Meela’s old outfit. But yeah, that’s what got me on the theory too.

  38. second panel, fem Holland :3

  39. My first reaction to this page was, “Face! FAAAACE!” XD I’m such a dork. So it seems that it’s not necessarily any bounty on Meela’s head that would cause a problem with Feral (it’s not like he’s actively pursuing Pyper’s bounty, either) but more like conflicting natures of their magics. Iiiiiiiinteresting! *strokes imaginary beard*

  40. please tell me you guys are going to update Jyaku’s character thingy. Also could you add heights? I’ve been wondering how tall everyone is for the longest time….

    1. Heights have been added. :)

      1. awesome!! though I have no idea why I’m so excited about heights.

  41. i bet, meela’s father was a demon (of sort) and the red aura he saw before was because of her father. when holland says “it explains alot” i think he says that because of the random out bursts he saw meela having with transfering magic in her daggers. but the part about feral is interesting… maybe his eye, maybe around demons he can be dangerous? maybe taking her power? just thinking.

  42. “She will likely bolt.” I was not expecting that kind of vocabulary with Jyaku. XD

  43. cool name dude! now what are these “conditions” we be talkin’ about?

  44. hmmm… maybe i’ve read too many fantasy mangas, but i always thought of the dark energy that feral got from the panther guy made him kinda like a berserker. and that in his past, something friggin’ bad happened to him that caused the dark energy to incorporate in his soul/energy chemistry. and because meela had her father and brother murdered in front of her, she also has this dark energy as an unremovable part of her being. and then at puberty (13ish), their lupian nature goes a little whacko (like all our hormones do); and meela is pushing herself to leave because she’s terrified of what this combination will do to all of them when it’s unleashed. hmmm…
    another theory i had was that something demonic was in both their pasts and affected/changed them in some way, and perhaps it was the same thing. if you think back, it looks like feral got his injuries and red eye roundabout the time he was 13 (if you guess from the character pages and the panel of holland running away as a kid).
    this crypticness is *REALLY* frustrating!!!

  45. ohmygodJyakuIloveyou

    I really love his design. He’s an amazing character. Minus the fact that we’ve only known him for a short while, it’s long enough for me to realize just how intricate he is.
    Not too mention the plot line keeps thickening. I’m curious to see how Meela’s ‘condition’ reaction with Feral’s ‘condition’ works out.

  46. Am I the only one who thinks Jyaku and Feral could almost be brothers? lol that last panel just looks soooo much like feral to me….

    1. But Jyaku is a deer person, so they can’t be… :/

  47. Maybe she will get red eye like Feral? xD

  48. NO! I just started reading this today and got to the end….snap! I was really hooked by the story! Well done! I can’t wait for Friday!

  49. You should do a Q and A I have sooo many questions I whould love to ask fer…… ummm… never mind

    1. Oh and also dose anyone else think Jyaku whould look HOT in glasses (well more hot than he is)???

  50. I have to ask if Jyaku’s name has a specific meaning? It’s just been itching at me if it did or not…

    1. :nods: i’d like to know too…

  51. I’m supposed to be asleep. And I have the cold. >.< I can read a whole webcomic but I can't revise for my biology exam. What is this? I have too much ships T___T Meela with Holland, Holland with Feral, Meela with Jyaku(?), Holland with Jyaku. Way too much.

    1. as long as you don’t ship meela and Feral’s boss i think you’ll be fine… @ least no nightmares…

      1. Oh, I actually miss Kosher…(Wouldn’t ship him with anyone, but still.) I’m wondering if he’ll ever show up again–I mean, he is important enough to warrant a character slot, but he only had two small scenes…

  52. What if… Now, bear with me on this… What if the demon at the beginning of the series, the one that attacked them, somehow transferred it’s evil energy or something into Feral, and it just lay dormant for a while. Then, something running through Meela’s family (or something like that) is some form of demon curse, and the demon at the beginning is Meela’s mother? And that’s what happened to her, her energy was transferred, so she died, or dissipated, or SOMETHING, and the energy flowing through Meela activated the energy in Feral? And that’s why Jyaku is saying that she is won’t be good for his condition!

    I know, crazy and unlikely theory, but understandable and possible!

    1. How does Jyaku and Holland kissing factor into this?

  53. maybe Feral is like… leaking his powers into meela, which is why in general, her power is gold, but has the red lightning of like demony magic shtuff. Her past and everything make her raw and really receptice to stuff and Feral kinda is too, so they like do a bondy thing and accidentally share magic?? hrrrrmmmmmm… thoughts.. turns.. so much D= too much lack of knowledge!

  54. I sort of wonder if Meela is part demon lupian or something…

  55. Jyaku… is so HOT!!!! I mean he is really handsome to!!!

    1. He is so good looking it is confusing me.



  57. Oh Jyaku and Holland. What evil plots could you be brewing for Feral?

    Just kidding, I don’t think they’re trying to hurt him or Meela. I think they’re trying to help…In a meddling, nosy kind of way XD

  58. “She will not be good for his condition..” *cries*

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