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Isn't that sweet~? And there goes Holland...

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  1. That second panel! So cute! <3


      1. Agreed! :D


          This… is so freaking adorable. And here’s my future Cervian Husband again, hello.
          Also, hi Troublesometwin. Didn’t know you read this too. ^_^

  2. Dwaah, I love those first two panels!

  3. I see a face!

  4. T^T I don’t care if Holland is evil, he’ll always be my favorite XD


    2. I concur.

    3. True dat. True dat.

    4. even if he’s bad… he’s still good

    5. Eyup

    6. Why are so many of you assuming Jyaku and/or Holland are secretly bad guys? Jyaku saved Meela from a bounty hunter. I very much doubt he is ought to hurt her. She is obviously unaware of her special abilities and could hurt herself or others if it manifest itself before she can control it. Both Jyaku and Holland protect, and in Holland’s case, obviously care for her. And that lil Marketplace scene was Jyaku not wanting her to become a petty thief OR get in big trouble and call attention to herself (and unwittingly her bounty) by being taken in for stealing. …I just honestly don’t understand why anyone would believe otherwise…

      1. I Stongly Agree. The Fact that People assume Holland and Jyaku is weird and, based on facts form the story line, is faulty.
        Besides, Holland is the perfect ‘Protecter’ of Meela :3

        1. Well, I agree about Holland and Jyaku. But Holland’s not the perfect protector of Meela, Feral is! ^^

      2. ^ Ment to type “…Assume Holland and Jyaku are ‘Bad’ is Weird…”

  5. Awwwww~ Such a big brother~

  6. Holland!!! Nooooo!

  7. Feral really does has have a soft spot for meela. Though in the last panel, its hard to tell if hes shocked or just talking. I hope holland isnt going to turn on meela.. it would break me :( I wonder if shes going to wake up and hear them… maybe shell run away. I also wonder when her birthday is..

    1. At closer examination..i zoomed up lol it looked like he was shocked. Maybe Jyaku told him about her aura or the bounty, or he already knows. Idk I can’t wait till next friday!

  8. No words but maybe even more powerful!

  9. I have this terrible feeling that Holland knows about Meela’s bounty, and is maybe helping Jyaku, or perhaps Holland knows about her bounty that’ll come into progress on her next birthday, and is trying to help her by hiring Jyaku to watch her and maybe keep her safe from people like Visrial! I’m really hoping the latter of the two is right ; u ; cause Holland is way too amazing to be secretly evil or double crossing Meela and Feral.

    1. …if jyaku tells the truth to holand, holand doesn’t necessarily have to tell feral. for all we know feral could be leaving meela in holand’s care while he does his job, or permanently.

      I really can’t see feral trusting jyaku.

  10. This makes me want to see the next page so bad. It’s gonna be big I BET. OOr just another page to torture all of us. xD

  11. I completely love this webcomic. I can’t wait for the next page and I read all of it in one day. ^.^ I love Feral.

  12. oooooOOOOoOoOoOoO …this is close to being my favorite page!

    The shading, expressions, attention to detail, backgrounds, facial detail of 6th panel, and feral’s “soft-spot” is confirmed…

    OOOOO-I love your art-style :-P~~~

  13. Is anyone else shipping Feral/Holland? They are quickly becoming my OTP. The way they are with Meela, just like a cute classic slash couple. The three of them are so cute together, they give me this warm happy family feeling. Adorable. <3

    1. ok, maybe i’m clueless…. it’s not just you WillowMaid, other people are using the phrase “shipping” in reference to holland/feral…
      why don’t you guy’s just say you’re having NC-17 thoughts of them …hentai? (I cringe @ that idea) …or is it something else entirely just as weird? O_0

      OTP? Over time pre-occupation? One true past-time? org@$mic tight pants?

      you say “slash” I think KISS/Guns N Roses

      1. In all respects, I’m probably too old to understand what you’re getting at & I shouldn’t really ask for you to explaine yourself…

        In-fact, I would love for the administrators to delete my previous post and this one as well.

        The internet is fast becoming a place not safe for anyone to truly speak their mind… and I don’t wish to get anyone in trouble, or embarrass you…

        “If you can’t say something nice …don’t say nothin at all” ~thumper

        1. Shipping is just generally putting two people together as a couple :P it doesn’t have to be dirty or anything ^_^ not sure bout OTP…..

        2. Hell yeah, I can see both Feral chasing after Holland while on a job ‘cos the Swan Prince is busy goofing off. And all this while Feral looks super pissed and Holland is just grinning from ear to ear.

          And Holland doing household chores and rolling his eyes while Feral is confused at the newly arranged state of clothes, shoes and whatnot! :D

        3. Dee… That is the best mental image EVAR.

        4. OTP = One true pairing

        5. Next time you don’t understand a term, you could just look it up on Urban Dictionary.

        6. Relax, last I checked people will jump on you for racy things and other highly offensive things in the internet world. A question like this shouldn’t get you in trouble. If someone does yell at you for that question then ignore them because in my opinion they are acting like an asshole.

          Anyways, you can speak your mind.

      2. OTP (One True Pairing). I think Holland and Feral are cute but nothing like NC-17 thoughts… I’m personally all for Feral/Piper or Holland/Piper… Lol

      3. No zwann… *don’t* feel bad for speaking your mind. Being anti-PC is exercise in intellectual honesty… a rare thing these days.

        Just think of slash as the kudzu of fanfic’ing… pervasive, annoying (usually *badly* written), and generally clogging up FanFic sites.

        (I blame the on-line spread of yaoi and anime… and NO, zwann, you DON’T want to know what yaoi is… be happy in your ignorance.)

        1. Of course, a lot of regular fanfiction is badly written too (of course not all, and it depends on the fandom) like with the once rabid Mary Sue craze in Star Trek. It’s not that slash itself is bad or even necessarily over PG, but it is attempted by a lot of people that have no experience writing anything about romance and just want to go to the most extreme conclusion. This wouldn’t have to apply here :)

        2. Elitist as it sounds, the quality of fanfiction does tend to depend on the “average intelligence” of a fandom, I agree…though (sadly) I also don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to make the claim that the vast majority of ALL fanfiction on the Internet ranges from lackluster to downright unreadable. In the past, I’ve likened the process of finding “good” fanfiction of any kind to settling for the least smelly turds in a pile of dung–which isn’t an activity that I would personally consider worthwhile, but at the same time I would never fault those who still enjoy the stuff. Everyone’s definition of what is and is not “worthwhile” is different, and that’s just the way it is.

          However, contrary to popular belief, the slash genre hardly has a monopoly on the production of utter crap. They just take a lot of the heat for their massive presence and annoying image, which I’ll admit is understandable to some degree–heck, I’m bisexual and I do whatever I can to distance myself from slash fandom precisely because of how thoroughly embarrassing most of it is. Still, though, no one genre is synonymous with bad writing…and unless things have greatly changed in the fanfic realm over the years, most fanfiction doesn’t even pretend to be GOOD writing in the first place. So if nothing else, at least there’s not much in the way of false advertising. XD

          Anyway, while I don’t support Holland/Feral and haven’t really seen any subtext there in this story, at the same time it does kind of surprise me that someone didn’t raise the subject a hundred pages ago–this being the Internet and all. LOL.

        3. oh,…no I meant that I didn’t want any of my questions getting anyone else in trouble if they answered honestly…

          but yeah… I grew up listining to “Cheech&Chong”, eddie murphy, & George Carlin.

          I just think it would be a good idea to not intentionally/unintentionally get someone to say something they’ll regret.

        4. Obakeinu–You’re being a bit…negative and a tad condescending. It’s not good to encourage ignorance. It’s not a bad thing to learn about different things, even if you find you don’t like them. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to say honestly if you liked something like yaoi and slash or not if you didn’t even know what it was. Anyway, most of all fanfiction is badly written, but the point is that it’s an enjoyable activity. Fanfiction doesn’t require amazing writing skills and tons of life experience. It’s just a fun thing for fans (some who aren’t writers) to do to show their love for a story and its characters. Fanfiction writing has a style and that style in comparison to real stories is just bad, but in fanfic world, that’s how stories are written, on purpose, sometimes even by talented writers. It’s certainly not accurate to blame things you don’t like about fanfiction on one section of the fanfic spectrum (yaoi and slash). All the fandoms and genres contain the things you say are “clogging up the fanfic sites,” (yaoi, slash, and smut I presume) and none of it is Dickens and the like, not even the straight fluff pieces, so really all fanfiction is clogging up the fanfic sites, which is what it’s supposed to do otherwise there wouldn’t be sites dedicated to it.

      4. Shipping doesn’t actually mean “imagining porn”. It’s thinking the two would make a great couple and thinking they should be together! The more you know~

        1. you mean good BFF/roommates?

          Chandler/Joey or Oscar/Felix

        2. No, as boyfriends, life partners. Honestly mate, I don’t think our ages has much to do with anything. It’s not a generation thing, it’s just about what you know and what you like. People my age either don’t know about or don’t like the stuff mentioned either. I doubt you’re too old. I’m not a kid myself mind you. To the other questions, well everyone’s already answered them kind of, but you asked me so I’ll officially answer. Shipping means you wish to see two people in a romantic relationship. Because I think all three of them make a cute family, I wasn’t thinking anything sexual in that moment. Honestly I ship all three of them as a family. Nothing weird or hentai-y in that. :)

          Also, Strays has already hinted at Feral having sex with Piper in the bushes, so shipping Feral/Holland just replaces Piper with Holland. That doesn’t change the rating of the comic just because it would have been two guys. :P OTP stands for ‘one true pairing,’ which means out of all the other fantasy couples I like, they are my favorite. And no, shipping doesn’t automatically mean you’re picturing over sexed hentai between the characters. In some cases people do and I don’t see anything wrong with that, but shipping doesn’t only mean “I want to see them bang.” haha Yaoi is male gay relationships and that doesn’t automatically only entail sex either. A lot of times, it’s just a simple love story. Same goes for Yuri (gay female relationships) just to add (in case you see that word around some time.)

          Anywho, Yaoi can be just as innocent/PG as any of these comics and stories, just depends on the story, the writer, the genre and that. And please, no worries about asking. :) I don’t mind explaining what I’m talking about because I totally agree on being able to speak your mind. I like to do that as well, so you don’t have to censor yourself to keep me from saying something I would regret. I never regret speaking my mind. I’m also not a fan of pointless internet fights, so I can explain myself without getting out of hand. In fact, at first I thought you were having a go at me, like trying to bash me for liking slash, shipping things and that, so I was ready to calmly defend myself, but I can see now that you were just curious so we’re good. Umm, I think all the questions have been answered now. So there you have it. :)

          P.S.- Fun fact: some people ship Chandler/Joey. It’s a popular pairing in the Friends fandom. Also, I love Eddie Murphy, especially 80s and 90s Eddie. 48 Hours and Another 48 Hours are my 3rd favorite cop movies. The Lethal Weapons and Die Hards being the first two. :)

        3. Another fun fact & the reason it’s not a generation thing: shipping, fanfiction, and slash has been around since the 60s. So whilst you were listening to your Cheech & Chong records, someone else had theirs on in the background whilst writng a story about Spock getting pregnant with Kirk’s baby. (That’s called mpreg.) Maybe that’s not your cup of tea, but it’s definitely nothing new or only for and invented by “the young people.”

      5. Don’t feel bad about asking! It’s nothing bad and this is honestly a perfect place to ask about it.
        Shipping is not hentai. Putting it in the (somewhat) words of Detective Beckett from Castle, shipping is when “you invest in the emotional [romantic] relationship of two fictional characters.” Sex is almost always involved in romantic relationships, and involved in shipping, but shipping itself is about the emotions, love, issues etc. that the couple has. In other words, it’s about the relationship and not the sex. Shipping can be canon (true to the actual plot/story) or non-canon (the opposite of canon and not likely to happen). I would consider Holland/Feral non-canon as Feral appears to be straight and they seem to be just friends. But it could become canon if the author takes it in that direction.

        OTP means one true pairing, or your favorite couple in fiction. It’s used rather loosely, and basically just expresses that you strongly ship the certain couple.

        And lastly, slash is another way of denoting a gay or lesbian couple. It refers to the “/” that goes in between two names (Holland/Feral). Slash can be a noun to mean the type of story (like a genre. It means a story based around a gay romantic relationship), or it can describe the couple (a slash pairing = a gay pairing)

      6. One more thing, is that shipping does NOT mean the couple is gay. Shipping can involve any characters (ranging from hetero-sexual canon pairs to gay identical twins (and you thought the idea of hentai made you cringe)).
        To use the Friends example:
        -Joey/Chandler was a non-canon gay ship
        -Ross/Rachel was a canon straight ship
        -Pheobe/Ross was a non-canon straight ship
        -Carol/Susan was a canon gay ship.

        Also, shipping can be anywhere from PG to R and doesn’t have to involve sex at all. Some people probably even ship Disney couples.

  14. Holland looks very upset in the last panel.

    1. I mean check out his mouth and hands. He isn’t just talking. That’s the expression of someone getting terrible news.

      1. He’s probably getting informed that Jywhatshisface came into physical contact with Meela. All of this has been pretty dang secretive and he may be ticked off that that secrecy has been put in possible jeopardy. He might also be mad about the dude threatening Meela, but if said dude told him that, he’s an idiot. I personally don’t think that Holland is secretly evil, and I REALLY don’t think he’ll do anything to hurt Meela.

        1. Willow the Clever

          Maybe scratch that. Quoting a later comment: “oh god JYAKU IS GONNA SHOW HOLLAND WHAT SHE DID TO HIM NOOOOO”.
          That lightning stuff may have been some sort of previously dormant power, and it’s surfacing now, and perhaps Holland is going all, “This is too soon!” or something, and might get mad at (who I now see is named) Jyaku for provoking that. Heck I don’t know, I don’t pay attention. XD

  15. Is Holland walking in the mud with his socks on? Eww!

    1. I need a “like” button for this! XD

  16. aw feral!!! <3


  18. Ok, so what this page has is Meela in a hat being carried by Feral, Jyaku without his mask, amazing colors, and mind blowing shading!

    Also, I think Holland’s just shocked because this may be the first time he has seen Jyaku without is mask.

    1. “Also, I think Holland’s just shocked because this may be the first time he has seen Jyaku without is mask.”

      Hahaha- I like this theory!

  19. Aaahhh! It’s happening tonight?! I’m not ready! Meela hasn’t decided to abandon the group yet! Come back on her birthday, suddenly-maskless-Jyaku!

    Love this page, but I don’t know if that line’s getting old since I always do.

  20. OMG Jyaku doesn’t have his masks on!!!

    1. I agree on panel 2…….. I WANTS IT AS A BUTTON! OR A POSTER! XD XD XD

    2. we need a close up!

    3. It looks like jyaku was the one who was trying to keep meela from stealing that hat. Am I correct?
      and jyaku should be on a poster :)

  21. I want that cloak. I should make one.

  22. Holland in the first panel is so cute!
    4th panel… Holland’s like “ooohhhh cccrrraaappp….”
    Yay! Jyaku with no mask! Holland is making a strange face in the last panel…. wonder why…..?
    Can’t wait until next week!

  23. I’d thought Jyaku had just dressed down for the market, but now I guess he put his bells back on without the mask. Or maybe this is just the artistic way of confirming to anyone in confusion that the Stag in the Marketplace is also the Masked Stag-Ninja.

  24. Looks like Holland is mad at Jyaku. Now, is it because he was untactful, or because he tried at all?

    1. I also think Holland is angry, perhaps because of what Jyaku said/says? As if Holland would want to believe he is lying.


  26. AWWW! Second panel soooo cuuuute! And *gasp* is that JYAKU without his MASK??? Gah! Can’t wait for the next page!

  27. Your comic gets better and better. Can’t wait to see what’s going on with this..

  28. Ya know, I forgot how tiny Meela is compared to Feral

  29. Lol, Holland has a D: face.

  30. Does Jyaku not have his mask on in the last panel? I NEED TO SEE HIS FACE!!!!

  31. Man, jyaku is TALL! I never relized how tall he was, either that or holland is just short, lol.

  32. Yay!! Piggyback rides!! =D

  33. Lookit Hollands face in the last panel, I bet jyaku is tellin’ on Meela…xD

  34. Hey, I have a question. Did you make up the speices yourself or find it somewhere on the internet? I just want to know :3

    1. I just made them up.

      1. Cool, is it okay that I use the species names you made up in this book of mine? I promise to give credit to you! I’m planning to just use lupians and cervians so it’s not going to be much…

      2. Cool! Is it okay that I use the species names you made up in this book of mine? I promise to give credit to you! I’m planning to just use lupians and cervians so it’s not going to be much…

      3. Cool! Is it okay that I use the species names you made up in this book of mine? I’m planning to just use lupians and cervians so it’s not going to be much. I promise to give credit to you! :D

        1. What the? Sorry! My computer screwed up! DX I really don’t mean to spam!

        2. I would actually prefer you didn’t since I took the time to research the species latin names and changed them myself. To be more original and unique for your own story, I recommend you design/make up your own words.

        3. Okay! Sorry to… accidently spamm your comment page DX so embarrassing…

  35. Why must I wait a whole WEEK before the next page? I want more now!


  36. ahhhh, what are you doing Holland?


  38. Plus, Jyaku has awesome hair. Nobody with awesome hair can be that bad.

    …That statement was entirely untrue, but let me have my dreams.

    1. However untrue, every girl can dream…. Right?

  39. I have to admit, I’m notorious for always reading the space or yaoi comics. However, I /really/ love your work and I don’t plan on giving up this addiction any time soon. ^~^

  40. All Shall Cr-r-rumble

    lol At first I was wondering why Holland was so short in the last panel, stupid me. And he doesn’t look like he’s very happy either. Maybe he figured out how mean Jyaku was to Meela hehe.

  41. My theory is that Holland had been employed to care for Meela until her birthday, and that Jyaku is the employer, or even perhaps the messenger?
    I can’t wait to find out! >w< Even if Holland is bad, his epicness makes up for it.

    Also, I don't know whether others have the same problem, but when I click on the 'New Page' link from my bookmarked page, it takes me to page 258 instead.

    1. I was thinking something like this too–only for me, Jyaku would be more like a friend (previous guardian? He was an adult with younger!Holland in the voting incentive) calling on Holland for a favor rather than an outright employer. He might have intended to just leave after meeting with Feral and getting the documents, but Jyaku told him to keep an eye on Meela.

  42. One has to wonder if Holland true motives are as they seem or well-hidden behind a playful grin.

    1. Like Fai D Flourite… XD


  44. The last panel, where he reminded her of her upcoming birthday, reminded me of the one where she was running through the woods in her wolf form crying. Still wondering exactly what she is, to be worried about her birthday like that.

    1. I meant the last page, not panel.

  45. That is a brilliant slack jaw look of horror on Holland. Something just rocked his world. Thank you for that.

  46. I’m glad to see Feral mellowed out towards Meela finally. X3 Quick question, you guys going to AWA? I might be able to go if I save enough money up.

    1. Yep, we’ll be at AWA once again this year (in the dealers room)!

  47. Well, crap. Now I’m CONVINCED that Holland has something to do with whatever plan’s being hatched. Poo…

    On a happier note, it is so very nice to see how Feral is starting to warm up even more towards Meela. He’s definately starting to act like the bossy, secretly over-protective big-brother type. D’aww. :)

  48. Awww, Feral and Meela, so cute!

  49. In the dark of the night, the creepster will find you!


    And I've been lurking this comic for YEARS NOW and I've always meant to draw fanart, but I just never did…because I wanted it to be perfect…but nothing I do will ever be enough to communicate how much I love this comic, how much Feral had grown on me, and just how much I adore Meela and love to see her grow and expand her horizons..

    So I suppose this will have to do for now: ;w; Thank you ladies both, for making such a lovely story. <3

    1. So cute!

  50. I really hope Holland doesn’t find out about Meela attempting to steal something. (I know, out of all of the things I could choose to worry about, of course I worry about that)

  51. This is such a GREAT story line! I try to read it every three weeks so I can have more to read!! But… sadly my will power is poor and I read it every weak. THEIR!! Their it is!! MY COMPLAINT FOR YOU / THIS STORY!!! You made it to well!! It is a addictive story!! Thanks for giving me something to look forwards to. (PS. This was a real bad week for me and this made me feel SOOOOOOO much better.)

  52. OMG that 2nd box is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute <333333 That should be a button….. I would buy it –huggles–

  53. Methinks Jyaku will be shedding light around the mystery of Meela and the bearer of bad news.

  54. I don’t know why but the scene in “Bambi” with his father coming to get/protect him right after the -big emotional gut-wrenching- “mishap” won’t get out of my head…
    i’m thinking maybe that Jayku will be Meela’s protector.
    He could teach her more… either that or I’ve got a soft spot for deer.

  55. every time i see meela i give a little squee of joy inside.

  56. They have the comfiest-looking sleeping bags ever… i’m jealous. i want a sleeping bag that’s more like a portable mattress!!!!

    i love this comic so very much! all the characters fit together so well, the mystery keeps me coming back week after week, and… it’s just plain PRETTY!!!

  57. ♥ Can’t wait for more *murrs*

  58. I absolutely adore the background art in this comic.

  59. Meela is soooo small! Her legs are thinner than Feral’s neck!

  60. Shit be going down.

  61. Mwaa.! So cute. I want a little Meela. I wouldn’t mind my own Feral either.;)

  62. By the shock on Holland’s face, Jyaku must have told him about Meela. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  63. NEED….MORE!

  64. NEED….MORE! It is such an addicting story!!

  65. …Refresh …Refresh …Refresh come ON! MOAR STAYS PWEEEZE

  66. Huh, I thought I commented on this :o

    Fffff Meela and Feral are just so adorable, I can’t handle it. I love the growth in their relationship as it’s so painfully slow, these moments are so satisfying.

    With all the stories I’ve read recently that include some sort of time-skip and/or some people frozen in time for a while, and all the talk of shipping above, I’m half hoping it’s incorporated here if only to help my inner conflict and struggle with my morale for the ships I can’t help but ship ;w;

    (at least Holland and Piper are okay… =w=;; )

  67. the next/last page button are not “on” they are “off” (i know there is another page…)

    1. They seem to be working for me. Have you tried clearing your Internet cache?

      1. Well it is there now, but at the time the buttons were “off” like this was the last page, when it wasn’t

  68. Feral and Meela… If their ages were closer together, they’d be an amazing couple!

    1. If he was like 19 or something just like Holland, it would be possible but Meela still needs to be a bit older then.

  69. It would be cool, I feral and meela had the same age then it would be piper vs Meela

  70. The second panel is just too cute!

  71. There is not a single word on this page

  72. I love the bond that has grown between Ferral and Meela and how Ferral and Holland treat her like a little sibling im still intrigued by this plot

  73. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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