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Oh Holland, what are you up to now? And the next page ends the chapter :O

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  1. I like Pipers new outfit!

    Hmmm …. Meela saying she didn’t do anything wrong makes me think that SHE thinks thats its her fault the Bounty Hunters came. :(
    This only adds to my theory ;)

    1. Ahh! First! *does victory dance*

  2. Is Holland crying? o.o

    1. LOL No, that’s just his cheek from the angle.

      1. shame :3

  3. So many plot twists!! XDDD

    oh I love this comic. It keeps you guessing til the last minute.

  4. Hey, Pipper changed her outfit, didn’t she ?
    Poor Meela, she’s got an undead face =_=
    Why doesn’t it surpise me that Pipper isn’t good with kids ? u_u
    Holland, just don’t talk TOO much about this with Feral, okai ?

    1. Much more practical clothes.

    2. Yep, those clothes are different

      1. Yeah, a little less… revealing. ^-^”

  5. Here’s that guys! Holand is going speak with Feral! hmm…. I wonder what Feral has to SAY about having a talking too by someone far younger than him. But that won’t even be the bulk of their coversation! Meela Get well soon. Piper, love the new outfit!

    1. “Speak with Feral” LOL
      Try “Speak TO Feral,” why don’t you, Holland?

      1. Yeah, Holland can do the talking and Feral can do the wild gesturing.

        1. Too bad they don’t have sign language. That would help Feral’s case SO much!

      2. Feral doesn’t need to speak; his amazing facial expressions do it for him.

        This comic is AMAZING. I love it!

        1. I totally agree to that!

  6. I wonder what makes Piper think she’s not good with kids… But I’m glad to see her!

    1. Plus does anyone else think Meela’s ear looks kinda creepy when you zoom in? Or is it just my weird mind trying to find something freaky to satisfy it? ‘~’

      1. It looks a bit more elfin than Holland’s, and the ridges are placed in different areas. I figured it might be related to the fact that she’s a lupian and he’s a lyrian.

        1. Aw, yeah. That’s true but how come the fox people have fox ears and the wolf people have pointy?

        2. If I remember right from the forums, vulpians (fox-people) are more “playful” and therefore let their ears show; lupians (wolf-people) don’t. Also, vulpians don’t like to be confused with lupians. Don’t take my word on this, it’s been forever since I read those posts. Algy or Celesse, am I remembering right?

          …This has always made me wonder – could a lupian show his wolf-ears if he wanted to, or a vulpian hide hers? Could a lyrian show up with wings for arms? :)

        3. @She-Griffin
          if vulpians are playful, then shouldnt piper be GOOD with kids?!?! XD

      2. Willow the Clever

        Now that you mention it, they do look kinda weird. But I guess that it’s logical that other, er–species (for lack of a better word) should have different ridges in their ears. Wow, these guys are doing such a great job! I would NEVER have thought of that! ^u^

  7. Piper’s a vixen that’s good with manipulating rational people. Kids aren’t exactly rational at their age. Some things you say to a kid that you would an adult will land a completely opposite reaction (not to say kids can’t act older then their age though).

    1. P.S. Awesome comic! Just started reading and I’m already hooked! :D

  8. YAY feral will finally show up!!!

    1. Willow the Clever

      Finally! I simply HAVE to know how he’s been handling all of this! :D

  9. I totally forgot she was there until now.

    1. I dont think we knew she was there. For all we were aware of, Holland and Feral left her in the dust while she dealt with the guards. :P

      1. well, holland DOES own her a pendant…

        1. Willow the Clever

          Plus a new dress. You’ve got a good point there.
          (*owe, not own ;] )

    2. Willow the Clever

      I just figured that she took off.

  10. AWW Meela and Piper are sisters in bounties XP
    Now they can have bajillion giggly-girl talks together about how stupid bounty hunters are while feral is still in the room >8D

    1. Willow the Clever


    2. LMAO! Someone needs to draw that XD

      1. Seconded. That would be some hilarious fanart. XD

        Piper is awesome. I’ve found myself loving her more and more each time she appears. Then again, everyone is awesome in Strays, so that’s kind of like saying water is wet. =D

        1. Wait… are you sure it’s wet? It could decide to be dry water today… *jumps in a lake* never mind it’s still wet. Had to check… This comic, on the other hand, needs no check, ’tis always awesome to read!

  11. Perhaps Feral will know more….

  12. But wait, didn’t Meela at the start of this comic say she wanted to be a bounty hunter???? Why would you want to be something that was hunting you and your brother down?

    1. for the sake of being able to tag along with feral

    2. Willow the Clever

      Maybe she wants to become just as tough as them so she can feel like she has some sort of defense if they come knocking. We need more information before we can begin to understand her motives.

    3. Outwitting the enemy, could often lead to becoming the enemy. The tactic of deception and betrayal.

  13. DOOD! Awkward moment for Piper and Meela! xD
    Ahw, man, this is so cool! x3

  14. These two pages are full of so much sadness! I can’t wait to see the chapter finale, I’m sure it’s going to be a doozy! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing such an amazing comic with us.

  15. Woah, poor little Meela, I just want to come and hug her.
    And Pip has a tatoo xD
    FERAL! I’m missing him. Go Holland tell him something we don’t know.
    Btw, I can’t wait to the next week and the end of this chapter.

  16. 0_o You are seriously leaving Piper with Meela?! Are You INSANE?! *face palm*

    1. Willow the Clever

      Ha ha! XD Maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

      1. Maybe better than leaving Meela alone and defenseless….

        1. she’d be better off

  17. Sorry haven’t commented in a while I won’t be able to see Meela’s wolf form till the weekend probably…..wanna see more

  18. Just now noticed those weird shadows on her face, where did they come from, the poison?

    1. Willow the Clever

      Well, she’s probably got dark patches under her eyes anyway, and she is lying down in a cave in the daytime. That’s got to cause some weird looking shadows.

  19. So the tree misfits become four… But in all truth I just wana see Feral again…

    1. Willow the Clever

      Yeah, me too.

      1. *four
        Meela, Feral, Piper, Holland.

        And ofcourse we want to see more Feral. ^^

        1. I think everyone wants to see Feral again. X’D
          (who wouldn’t want to see that adorable mute?)

  20. Aww…they all care. This is so touching.
    I love Holland’s face in the last panel.
    But I can’t help but wonder what will happen if Meela wakes up with Piper staring at her.

    1. Willow the Clever

      My guess is that she’d punch her in the face, not that she’d have the energy. X3

    2. She’ll probably panic, asking for Holland while screaming at Piper to get away from her. That’s my hunch anyways ^^

      1. I bet that’s how the next chapter starts xD

  21. Epic page as always! And I love Piper’s tattoo. Does it mean something specific, like a clan marking? I can’t really see her comfortably living within a group and it’s rules lol.

    1. Thanks! The tattoo is just decorative, she isn’t in a clan. Clan tattoos are usually located on the upper arms.

  22. If the Lupian & Vulpian characters have tails in human form then why doesn’t Holland have a little swan tail?

    (she says not actually having checked)

    1. Willow the Clever

      Because… it would look really weird? XD I don’t know. That’s an interesting question.

    2. Birds’ tails aren’t really a part of their skeletal structure whereas wolves’ tails are – at least that’s the way I look at it.

      1. Interesting. Although I’m not sure that it should be that simple.

    3. I think it’s cuz wolves and foxes use their tales for balance, while bird use it for steering. You really need a tail to steer when you’ve got two legs.

      1. Ah, but that same logic rules out foxy wolf tails too. Else all real life humans would have tails for balance. And we all know that apes don’t need tails.

        Hmm, I wonder if this is a world with ape/human people (don’t know what you would call them) or ape/ape as the case may be. Seems a little redundant, but I wonder.

  23. ;^; -feels bond with Piper- I don’t do well with kids either. They throw things at me when I try to be nice.

    1. Haha. I’m with you and Piper both. :)

    2. or in my case bite you xD

  24. Yay some man talk. BD
    I’d help, I’m good with kids! I teach em! >:V
    /rolls up sleeves

  25. You know.. I’m starting to think Holland would make an excellent father… :)

    1. Willow the Clever

      Yeah, Holland’s totally awesome! ^u^

  26. Oh this is awesome, and I can’t wait to see the last page for this chapter!

  27. AWESOME! this is the best comic.

    Meela looks so sleepy. and her ears are a little strange
    but it’s wonderful that Meela is gonna be okay.

    Piper’s clothes fit her and Holland looks worried.

  28. Haha, this is getting more interesting :)

  29. oh love this comic!!!! this is why i love fridays^.^

  30. I love Piper and I love Meela but I really hope the next page goes straight to Holland and Feral. I miss Feral so much xD

  31. OMG! Must read more! T.T

  32. Awesome page ^^ I love Fridays, it’s the start of the weekend and Strays updates WHOOP!

  33. Is it just me or does Piper look…concerned? Is that an emotion she can feel? What is she doing there anyway? Doesn’t she have looting to do????? *needs more*

  34. D: I can’t watch Meela like this… Feral needs to get his butt in here and help her.

  35. last panel: feral looks like a blond Beatle.
    am i the only one who sees this?

    1. Haha, that’s Holland. XD

  36. Nice…cleavage window she’s got there. ^^
    Already waiting for the next page.

  37. Is that “Please don’t tell Feral bounty hunters are after me” or “Please don’t tell Feral I admitted *I* needed help”?

    1. I interpreted it as the former, but it could very easily be the latter, come to think of it…nice question! :)

      1. I think it might be she doesn’t want Holland to tell Feral about the dreams, but she fell asleep before she got that far.

        1. or it could be that she feels that feral will think that she’s been using him for protection. That’s my hunch anyways ^^

  38. Somehow, I’m getting the impression that this isn’t going to go half as well as Holland thinks it will…

  39. Holland…..I can seee your belly buuuuutton~~~

  40. I wonder how Piper stalled those guards…..
    But I want to see Feral first!!!
    Gosh, I love this comic…
    I have an independent study first hour at school…. and I have access to a computer. I always seek a few moments every Friday to read the new page! I love Fridays…. :)

  41. Okay, just shooting up ideas, but maybe Meela’s whole ability to see Feral’s past is a hereditary sort of magic thing that her clan was known for, so someone offered up a bunch of money for all of them to be killed?…. Just an idea…. where’s FEEERAAAL????

    1. that’s a cool idea, sounds plausable

  42. thelighteddarkness

    I think piper should bond with meela and then they could be like sisters. ( one shrouded by mystery and the other a klepto….) Oh,and Algy, i love your music tastes. Lovly page, as always. :D

  43. New reader here who just marathoned through the whole thing. Really enjoying it and can’t wait to see more! <3

  44. Aww. She’s soo cute But *sniff* i feel soooo sorry for her.

    Piper if you tried to like her you shall like her.

  45. D’awww poor Meela! Get better sweetie!
    Finally! Does Holland draw out the truth from Feral? Somehow?
    …Somebody get a pen and paper, Feral’s going to need it xD

  46. wait, didn’t that old guy near the start of the comic – that feral was after… didn’t he ask Meela why she was with a bounty hunter? Or am I imagining things?

    1. You’re not imagining things. He did.

  47. Wait… When is that little jingle from page 170 going to be explained? Was there already a clue and I just missed it?

    1. Actually it will be explained soon, after a few pages.

      1. Ah, thanks! =D

    2. I was wondering about that, too. Thanks for asking for me! X3

  48. Okay, by Meela saying it’s not her fault, it means it probably IS her fault, or that she THINKS it’s her fault. Either way, the guilt will soon be eating away at her. Now I really REALLY want to know how her father and brothers died. And what ever happened to her mother? I noticed a while ago that they never said she died, they only mention Meela’s father and her two brothers, they don’t say anything about her mother.

    1. Meela’s mother is a different story. It will be addressed in due time.

  49. Piper, your shirt is about to tear….

  50. What beautiful eye and hair texture! I have to say, the artwork has significantly improved over the course of this comic. I love the postures and their respective emotions.

  51. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much plot!

  52. Is it so wrong … I dunno why I just simply don`t like Piper ….

  53. Poor Meela. Get some rest. I wonder if it would be best to tell Feral. I don’t think he would do anything to her.

  54. Wait….Speak with Feral? Is that some sort of sick joke? XD


    *has heart failure*
    *gets resuscitated*
    *takes deep breath*
    MUSSSSST KNOOOOOOW MOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. YOU ARE A ZOMBIE NOW [gets shotgun]

  56. ohmagosh luv this series

  57. Love this series need MOAR


  59. I’m new to the comic, and I must say I’m completely hooked! I’m definitely adding this one to my list of comics to follow. =3

  60. So much amazing plot and foreshadowing I can’t even.
    This comic is addictingly amazing already xD

  61. um why hasn’t there been an update today?

    1. They usually upadate at a set time unless there is a problem.
      I’m not sure about you, because of the time differences, but I’m in Australia and the updates usually come at around 6pm.
      Hope this helped :)

  62. O.O just had a thought! what if the jingle Meela heard (pg 170) was the messanger hawk looking for Feral to deliver a new mission, and what if that mission is to hunt down Meela?!?! that could explain why Feral isn’t with Meela now and why Holland has that weird look on his face!!! and what is Holland going to say to Feral?????? AHHHHHHH I want the new page!!!!! I really hope I’m wrong

    1. nvm, I just looked back and the messanger bird didn’t have any type of bells… but still what’s going on… where is Feral?

  63. Speak to feral.. hm hows that ganno work?

  64. ha! holland: i dont know but this gets more interesting by the day.i totally agree!

  65. Alrighty holland. When Feral replies tell me ok?

  66. lol, totally off topic, but I just happened to notice that Holland’s belly button is pokin out from under his shirt cx

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