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Uh oh, somebody's not dead yet! And Meela's shoe must really stink. This concludes chapter 8! Next week is a 2 page update, so come back Thursday night for Chapter 9's splash page and Friday morning for page 214!

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  1. I’m kind of happy he’s alive o///o

    1. And I was right, he IS a panther!!!

      1. I he’s more of a melanistic Tiger, going by his tail, legs and ears ;D

        1. * think <- inbetween 'I' and 'he's'

        2. Good point. But, Jaguars has those markings too, so he may be a Jaguar?

        3. its a melanistic tiger, jaguars have spots.

          though u are tecnically right lare cats with the melanistic traits are called panthers by most people.

        4. no it’s a jaguar, tigers are are bigger and have thick fur.

        5. Plus the face looks nothing like a tiger… but I’m betting on it being some kind of leopard/tiger mix. It’s a fantasy world, it can do what it wants lol.

        6. his face if you look does also resemble a lions

      2. OMW!!! It’s Shiva!! Ok you people wouldn’t under stand… He’s a carrie from a RPG i’m in who happens to be a big black kitty like that.

        Panther is a black jaguar, it could also mean black couger, or black leopard.

        1. Shiva! Lolz, didn’t think of that! But of course, I know who he is! Shiva’s nicer though….

        2. its a melanistic tiger. and also a panther.

          a panther is a large cat that has the melanistic trait.

        3. Willow the Clever

          Alvara’s right; panthers are jaguars. My little brother did this huge ginormo report on jaguars for school one time.

        4. Willow the Clever

          What the heck does melanistic mean, anyway?

        5. To put it simply, they have an excess of black.

        6. A Panther is simply a member of the Panthera genus – hence why melanistic jaugars/leopards are called ‘Black Panthers’. And there is no scientific evidence of (truly) melanistic cougars. Reports; yes – authenticated evidence – not so much.

          @Willow: melanism == the polar opposite of albinism. Someone/something with melanism has an excess of melanin(a dark pigment) in their skin.

          As for what he actually is; this is a fantasy setting, as others have mentioned – he’s a large, black, feline with some striping. Does it really matter beyond that?

        7. Yup, totally Shiva. Kaelina’s right, he’s nicer though.

      3. Well, it doesn’t really matter what he is, anyway, since he is in a different world. So in a different world, the creatures would be different. I’d say, just by looks, (and this includes body structure) that he is probably more of a tiger-like thing, both with the stripes, and the brawn.

        1. panther means big black cat that has markings…

  2. YES! I wish it was Next week now XD

  3. O.o Whoa, did NOT see this guy returning, let alone seeing his animal form, which I like. Wonder what will become of this guy…

  4. Woah! It seems Feral’s job isn’t done yet…

  5. lol everyone figured something bad was going to happen because that shoe was left behind

    1. i didnt even notice she lost it!! XD

      1. Willow the Clever

        Me neither.

        1. sorry i tried to reply to you up there but it wouldnt let you.

          and it depends on where you come from. i look up shit like that for no reason at all :]

          a panther meaning only jaguar is ussually refered in in South and Central America. In Africa and Asia its a leopard. in North America its a cougar or mountain lion, and Black Panther is a black variant of leopard, jaguar, tiger or cougar


        2. Melanistic = Pretty much the opposite of being albino. Instead of not enough pigment it’s got too much.

  6. Well, that’s certainly a change of pace. Here I was hoping to see Holland and Feral.

    Back into danger we go!

  7. for some reason I thought that this guy was a monkey O.o

    1. i did too o_o

    2. me too o.O

      1. ME THREE! O_o Maybe he’s very monkey-esk. :P

        1. LOLZ!! you people are funny. That’s awesome…. He did kind of look like a monkey but he had wiskers that gave it away for me…. not to mention he didn’t like “lost little dogs.”

        2. Oh snap! I just read back, he doesn’t like little dogs! And he does have whiskers! WELL PLAYED SIR! WELL PLAYED! :)

    3. That’s okay, mate. I thought he was a bird, so when first I saw this page I was like, “WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!” ^^;

      1. Willow the Clever

        Ditto. ^-^”

      2. But he had a tail and whiskers…? Birds don’t have panther tails and whiskers…

        1. i agree with Ashen, i made the same mistake, so at first i had no idea who was this big kitty :p

        2. @Forbiddendestiny
          I’m a lady…. lol but you can call me that anyway…

  8. ….uh-ohhhhhhhhh…..

  9. …….UH OH…..

  10. Oh snap….

  11. He’s purdy <3 But where is his stab wound from Meela's knife? O_o Isn't it supposed to be in his left leg?

    1. We only see his right side right now, so we cannot see it anyway.

    2. I thought he got stabbed on his right leg?

      1. Yeah, I meant right. At my job we flip left and right and I confuse people outside of work all the time because it’s a habit to flip them.

        1. Willow the Clever

          That sounds interesting. What’s your job?

        2. I work as an orthodontic assistant and because we work in patient’s mouths we have to refer our left to their right and our right to their left. It can get a bit confusing at times but you get used to it.

    3. His leg wound was healed with magic, much like Feral’s shoulder wound from the gunshot in a previous chapter.

      1. But how come Feral has all those scars, then? Does it leave a scar even if it’s healed with magic?

        1. The body can only handle so much forced healing with magic, and some wounds can’t be healed with magic at all. For example, Meela’s wound from the poisoned dagger couldn’t be healed with magic, so she will have a scar.

  12. think he enjoys the thrill of the hunt?

    1. Willow the Clever

      I think he’s mad.

      1. Willow the Clever

        As in angry.

        1. Willow the Clever

          Not crazy.

  13. Oooo! A black tiger!

    1. panther. black panther.

  14. No contest. This guy would have everyone for lunch in his animal form!

  15. … D8 Everyone is celebrating over his appearance with no thought that OH SNAP HE IS GOING TO TRY AND KILL MEELA. WHEN SHE ALREADY HAS BOUNTY HUNTERS AFTER HER.

    Meeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, watch ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… ;; Don’t let the kitty eat you, you’re tougher than that!

    1. Meela-chan better hurry up and get better, or she’s gonna be kitty kibble! D: …Unless, of course, Holland and Feral save her again. Who knows, maybe Piper will lend a hand/paw, too?

      1. Willow the Clever

        For Holland maybe. ;)

  16. Hey, now that’s not funny!!!! I espected to see Feral!!

  17. so thats what he was!

  18. Am I the only one that went back a few pages to find when the shoe fell off? XD

    Ah! I’m excited for next week! I anticipate a big showdown between him and Feral soon. I’m scared.

    1. I did it too. I should have paid morea attention to when they fell out of the tree the first time. Poor Meela.

    2. I totally missed the shoe.
      I was wondering whose shoe that was.

      but where i the only one to go back to see who that jaguar was???

      1. Lol, I’m sure you weren’t. But I think most of us remembered the guard from the party/ball thingey.

      2. Willow the Clever

        I read the comments to find out who he was.

  19. Poor Meela. Holland and Feral better get back in time to help Piper fight that guy off!

    I love his animal form though. When lookng back to find when her shoe fell off I noticed the HUGE hint that was given about his form though. The way he held his poisoned knives was like claws, very catlike.

    1. He had a tail and whiskers too…. that was my hint, though I did notice the claw-like daggers too….
      I had a feeling he would come back, because people who make it on the covers of volume pages tend to be important….

      1. lol I didn’t think about the splash cover part. And with people saying monkey I didn’t mention the tail, because it could have been translated wrong to some people but I did miss the whiskers again. I do know I thought cat when I saw him the first time though.

    2. Willow the Clever

      Yeah. That kind of reminded me of Wolverine. ^-^”

  20. IT’S THE SHOE!! XD I knew that was going to come back and bite them. <D This page is so exciting!!

  21. I knew that shoe was going to be used.

  22. Uh oh!
    Looks like the protagonists are up for another fight… looks like the guy from before, keep your eyes peeled guys, it’s gonna get rough.

  23. wow i thought “drawing his energy” would have killed him. guess not. Then again… he’s a cat so he’s got like 9 lives, right?

    1. I really, really hope not.

      1. Willow the Clever


    2. I don’t think Feral wanted to kill him, at least not that way. I think Feral was just hoping to subdue him long enough for Meela to not be the guy’s target.

  24. Well… Crap.

    1. Willow the Clever

      XD I wish you could ‘favorite’ comments.

      1. u just say seconded!

  25. Uh-oh…. You better get training in Meela, otherwise you’ll almost die again… ._.

  26. Bwauugh! It’s the cat dude! D8

  27. Whoa, he sure healed up fast o.o

    1. Willow the Clever

      Meela better break his record or she’s toast.

  28. Oh my gosh it’s Chekhov’s shoe!

  29. *Gasp* Quick! Somebody shove catnip up his nose! Perhaps that will hold him off!

  30. Oh no! But Meela’s still in recovery! Can’t wait to see the next two pages :}

  31. thelightedDarkness

    Uhh, i hope a swan a fox and a bounty hunting wolf are enough to stop that one…. but why wouldnt they????
    Also, how come drawing energy didnt stop him? did feral not draw enough?
    And i knew the falling shoe was important.

  32. Willow the Clever

    Everyone keeps saying, “I knew the shoe was gonna be important” and I’m like “Shoe? What shoe? I don’t remember any shoe. Hey, isn’t that Meela’s?” XP

  33. Owh, Kitty is not happy, the return ! OxO
    Run, Meela and cie ! Run !

  34. Something told me yall wouldnt show feral and holland….

  35. OMG! I think I know what will happen! When that kitty-guard guy attacks them she get the power to transform to her wolf form! :D And sorry for my bad english…

  36. Woooah man. Somethin’s going down.
    Can’t wait for next week! New chapter, new chapter!

  37. I though he was a monkey O.o

  38. i like this comic, can’t wait for next week :)

  39. Aw crap! I thought for sure he was dead. I cant wait to see what happens next!

  40. Oh, wow…the return of Visrial! :D

    Loved the use of the shoe, too. XD

  41. Now Meela should walk barefooted.

  42. Shouldnt he have a big gash in his leg from Meela stabbing him?

    1. Differnt leg

    2. His leg wound was healed with magic much like Feral’s shoulder wound from the gunshot in a previous chapter.

  43. AAAK Feral get your tail back to Meela! Holland, stay where you are!
    … Anyone else wishing that they were in the story so that they could help??

  44. OMG, maybe Evil Kitty and Feral will fight in their feral forms!

    1. I second this awesome.

  45. Hes fat compared to his human form……..

    1. He’s not fat, he’s just…well fed. :D

  46. I like him better this way. Can we keep him this way?

  47. So ther WAS a reason for Meela to lose her shoe!!!!! How strangely convenient! XD

  48. ah man! he’s back? i though he died :/ and i was just wanted to see the Holland and feral talk…. damn… that shoe, hmmm i wonder what going to happen now

  49. but i think there will be a reason for that battle of that dude………..

  50. The plot thickens! Pondering if he’s been ordered to track the group down or if he’s just out for revenge. [Or maybe a bit of both.]

    Loving Visrial’s feline form, especially the stripes on his extremities.

    1. i think he is on a mission, but he’s also on a personal vendetta

  51. Owo I had thought whats-his-face would just be a plain black kitty. Guess they don’t let housepets be guards in here xD

  52. I wonder if Meela will notice that she lost her shoe!X33333 lolz

  53. wow….. ok, now i go to wolf form and nom some kitty

  54. He should have a wound on his back left leg tooo *tries to peer around* damn you 2D!! >.<

    1. The leg wound was healed with magic, much like Feral’s shoulder wound from the gunshot in a previous chapter.

      1. but scars are always funny when they were made by a little kid XD

      2. Love how she can just copy & paste this comment ;}

  55. Hey, so I’ve been lurking here for a while now and I have to say I LOVE this comic. Aaaand, I would totally skip spring break to have the next page. Just saying…

  56. Okay Feral you should come back now and REALLY kill this guy to save Meela(again) D: Can’t wait for next week!

  57. Okay couple things, how is he able to track them after three days and a rain storm, and yes he was stabbed in the right leg, if I skew my vision and stare close to the screen i can see a slight discoloration of his right hind leg just behind the knee which may be due to a mistake, my lack of sleep, or it could be a stab wound.

    1. His leg wound was healed with magic, much like Feral’s shoulder wound from the gunshot in a previous chapter. And yes, the rain washed away their scent trail, but her scent is still on her shoe, so he can remember the scent and go tracking to try to find it again.

  58. Hmmm. He doesn’t look anything like a tiger, so… Gonna settle my guess on “stripey jaguar thing”. Although the longer I stare at him the more I want to say “lion”. xD

    1. I know~ However, the body does look like a tiger. The head looks like a lion’s though. Tiger’s heads are like……. Squarer and fluffier :I

  59. Hmmm…Wonder who this is? X3
    Yeah, he looks like a mixture between a bunch of big cats. Mostly tiger and jaguar.

  60. The big kitty cat’s gonna kill MEELA!!

  61. Yuuuuup! We called it! It’s a shame when Feral drained his energy, it wasn’t ALL his energy, thus killing him. Dangit.

  62. o.O woah I did NOT see that coming

  63. Anybody ready for sarcasm? No? Well, here it is anyway~

    OH MY GOD FERAL! And here I thought you were a wolf! You talented boy you! You have more than one form! But why so angry? You mad?

    -insert trollface here-

  64. Poor Meela, not only stabbed but poisoned too. Also I wonder what Feral’s doing right now.

  65. @ Celesse Aside from looking great, why did you do stripes instead of spots? Personally I think it looks nicer than spotting. It’s simple and doesn’t detract from his face, or the scene.

    1. Thanks! I chose them because stripes look more imposing than spots do.

  66. Skeeva da Argoniin

    The scar looks like one from Predator vs. Aliens. LOL.

  67. *^=^ goes to strays cominc to see new page >:D *
    *checks lates page(: *
    *sees page * and wonders umm . o_o who’s that . . ?
    >_> i didnt see this coming . T_T

  68. Finally, I finished reason up to date! I just started reading this comic yesterday. And I agree with everyone else, that guy makes a pretty menalistic tiger/panther/whatever you wanna call it…

  69. I know it sounds odd, but I don’t want that Visrial dies :( Wish he could turn into a good guy or something… -_-

  70. Oh hi Vesuvius

  71. Or visrial or whatever his name was

  72. Raaaaaaagh I’m so ready for the next pages. DRAMA LLAMA! :D

    I had to go back to when he first appeared before I remembered who he was XD

  73. I’m happy the kitty is back. I liked that character and was hoping for more of him. Any possibility of him becoming a Token Evil Teammate?

  74. I think I’m a little confusedddd. Is this the guy on the roof who poisoned Meela?


  76. …how do I look now?…STILL GOOD!
    Anyone else see the resemblance to ‘Cat’ of Red Dwarf?

  77. Is that Visrial?

  78. Damn, that pussies still around!

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